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9 reasons to make Mr. Rooter your valentine title next to painting of heart

Nine Reasons to Make Mr. Rooter Your Valentine

Have you chosen someone to be your Valentine yet this year? Mr. Rooter has everything you're looking for: he's courteous, professional, clean and respectful of your home. He might just be the best Valentine you've ever had!
  • Your mom will love him. Introducing your Valentine to your parents is often the trickiest part of any new relationship. Fortunately, you can trust that your mom and Mr. Rooter will get along just fine.
  • He actually fixes things instead of making them worse. Dealing with a self-proclaimed fix-it man who has no actual handyman skills grows tiresome very quickly. You can trust Mr. Rooter to fix that leak, install that new faucet or unclog that drain without a single mishap or emergency trip to the hardware store. What a relief!
  • He's polite and courteous. You'll never hear a dirty word leave his mouth. Instead, you'll hear, "please" and "thank you" and other words spoken by a courteous gentleman. Mr. Rooter is so nice to have around, you may find yourself sabotaging a part of your plumbing system just to have him stop by again.
  • He's always on time. You can appreciate how important this quality is if you have ever waited on your Valentine as dinner got cold. If Mr. Rooter says he'll be there at 5:00 pm sharp, then by golly, he'll be there. He even calls to let you know he's on his way.
  • He maintains open communication. Unlike Valentines you may have had in the past, Mr. Rooter doesn't mope and pout and hide what's really bothering him. Instead, he communicates openly and lets you know what's really going on with your plumbing system.
  • He cleans up nicely. Has your Valentine ever embarrassed you with his ratty old t-shirt, unkempt hair or saggy jeans? Rest assured that Mr. Rooter always arrives at your door dressed professionally. He even wears a belt to prevent... well, you know what...
  • He's clean and respectful of your home. You know those dates that show up late, eat all your food and leave the living room a mess? You won't ever experience anything like that with Mr. Rooter as your Valentine. He wipes his feet on his own mat and wears protective shoe covers to avoid tracking mud or dirt inside; he treats your home with the same care and respect he gives his own; and he cleans up after himself to leave your home cleaner than he found it.
  • He's a pro, but he won't talk over your head. It's not very fun to be around someone who's particularly good at something and wants the whole world to know it. While Mr. Rooter is knowledgeable and experienced about everything to do with plumbing, he won't use confusing jargon just to prove it. Instead, he'll use terms you can understand so you know exactly what alterations he's making to your plumbing system.
  • He has nothing to hide. Open honesty is hard to find these days. You don't want a Valentine with baggage or horrible secrets haunting him. Mr. Rooter can prove he has nothing to hide by divulging all your options and pricing details before he starts any plumbing work.

As these traits of Mr. Rooter clearly confirm that they call him "Mr." for a reason. You couldn't find a more qualified Valentine anywhere. But don't take our word for it! Contact a Mr. Rooter professional near you for all your plumbing needs and try not to swoon too much over his courteous and respectful behavior.