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New Year's Bathroom Revamp title next to revamped bathroom

New Year's Bathroom Revamp

Do your ugly bathroom fixtures have you feeling down in the dumps? You've set new year's resolutions for self-improvement; why should you leave your bathroom out of all the fun? A new year's bathroom revamp could be just what you need to boost your home's wow factor - and add value to your home in the process. The first step in tackling your bathroom remodeling ideas is adding new bathroom fixtures, namely a new shower head. Did you know you can change out the dismal old shower head for a sparkling new one without the help of a professional? As long as you have the right tools and a few minutes on a Saturday afternoon, you can install a new bathroom shower head with no outside help at all.

  • Start by gathering all the necessary tools. For this project, you need a wrench, sealant tape (also known as pipe threading or Teflon tape), a rag and the replacement shower head.
  • Shut off the water to prevent taking a shower before you even get the new shower head on. The easiest way to do this is to turn off the main water supply valve outside your home.
  • Now it's time to remove the old shower head. Place a rag over the neck of the old shower head to protect it from scratches as you remove it with a wrench. Turn the wrench counter clockwise to loosen the shower head.
  • With the shower head loosened, set the wrench and rag aside and continue unscrewing the shower head by hand until it comes off completely. You'll probably see leftover tape or built-up gunk in the threads of the wall pipe. No need to fret; simply clean off the threads and dry off any residual moisture with your handy rag.
  • Cover the clean, dry threads with sealant tape. Starting at the base, wrap the tape clockwise around the threads about three times. It's important to wrap the tape clockwise so you eliminate the risk of unraveling the tape when you screw the new shower head on. Cut the tape and press it firmly into the threading to ensure good adhesion.
  • Align the shower head neck with the wall pipe and screw it into place by turning the shower head clockwise. Tighten it as firmly as possible by hand. Then switch to the wrench, using your protective rag again, to ensure a snug installation.
  • Run back outside and turn the main water line back on.
  • Angle the shower head away from you and turn on both hot and cold water to make sure the new bathroom fixture is working properly.

That wasn't so hard after all, now was it? Your new shower head is just the beginning of your new year's bathroom remodel. What bathroom remodel idea will you tackle next? It's all up to you! For more plumbing tips and tricks, please contact Mr. Rooter® today.