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Should You Post Your Children's Pictures on Social Media? Image of young kid with glasses on making a funny face

Should You Post Your Children's Pictures on Social Media?

I am grateful my children did not grow up in a world where their childhood memories were posted for the entire world to see. Last year CNN reported that 66% of parents post pictures of their children on Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram. But as a grandmother I am also grateful that I can watch my grandchildren grow-up from afar. Friends can acknowledge milestones with children in their early years.

Everyone loves to see children in cute posts - in a school play, playing soccer, or doing something adorable with the family pets. While it seems an easy way for family members to feel more connected to each other, there can be potentially negative consequences. You are not just sharing personal family photos with your social media contacts, but with their contacts as well if your privacy settings are loosely set. Society is divided between those who figure the risks are minimal and those who believe you should keep your family photos private.

Regardless of your stance, I do encourage you to remember that pictures can end up anywhere. Just because you post it on your Facebook doesn't mean others besides the intended viewers won't see it, or even be able to take that picture to post on other sites. While I am happy to be able to see my grandchildren during every stage of their life at the click of a button, I use caution in trusting the internet, and everyone on it. Let's keep our children safe! Here's wishing you a world-class day.