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Protecting Your Child at Halloween. image of young girl dressed in Halloween costumes

Protecting Your Child At Halloween!

Did you know many Halloween injuries are caused by falls - often from shoes that are too big or costumes that are too long? While Halloween is a great day to allow our children's imaginations to run wild, we need to do our best to make sure they are happy and safe trick or treating. Here are a few safety tips.
  • All costumes should fit properly. Smaller children should not have high-heel shoes, long dresses or capes to prevent them getting tangled and falling.
  • If your child is not going trick-or-treating with a parent make sure they are with a group of at least three friends. Teach them to watch out for their group and keep every child in their group visible.
  • Give your child a flashlight to light their path as they walk between homes and down under-lite driveways.
  • Try to avoid masks - use non-toxic make-up to create the look your child requires.
  • Plan out a route for your children and make sure they stick to it so you can find them if you need to.
  • Put reflective tape on the costume and the candy bag.
  • Make sure kids stay on the sidewalk and use caution when crossing the road.
  • Don't allow children to approach houses that are dark.
  • Make sure costumes only have plastic accessories.
  • Don't let your children sample treats until you have had a chance to go through them
  • Always have a curfew for kids going out on their own and make sure they have a watch!

Homeowners have a role to play as well - make sure to make your driveway/walkway is well-lit and clutter free. Have any other great Halloween safety tips? Send them in to us. Here's wishing you a world-class Halloween!