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Text: Going Green One Step at a Time; Image: over head view of plant in a pot

Going Green One Step at a Time

We all want to do our part for the environment. As consumers we think about ways to go green and align ourselves with green products and companies. As parents we want to make sure the products we use in our homes are safe and not harmful to family or pets. Sometimes it's the small everyday things that can make the biggest difference.

Did you know that BioChoiceES® is an environmentally friendly product that reduces drain backups and odors? In fact it is approved by the EPA. I use it as a welcome alternative to conventional drain cleaners that contain sodium hydroxide, which can release poisonous gases and are extremely dangerous to keep around the house. This drain maintenance product is naturally occurring and biodegradable. After being poured into the drain, the live vegetative cultures begin consuming grease, oil and other organic waste build-up. Unlike other products it does not emulsify grease or oil but instead it consumes all oil, grease, and organic matter. So, BioChoiceES® can actually help improve wastewater quality. Think of it like a Pac-Man gobbling up what they find in front of them.

I rest easier knowing my drains are being maintained without the harmful chemicals used in many products. Saving the environment seems like a monumental task. But if we each do a few small things to contribute, we'll be amazed at what can be accomplished. If you'd like to learn more about this naturally safe way to help keep your drains clean, contact your local Mr. Rooter franchise. Here's wishing you a world class day!