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World Water Day

Today is World Water Day! It is also the United Nations Year of International Recognition of Water Cooperation. The object is to raise awareness of water cooperation's initiatives and the challenges faced in many countries around the world.

World Water Day began in 1993 to promote the importance of fresh water to those who live without it around the world. They focus on issues such as cultural, religious, scientific, social, political and education to be able to best execute water cooperation. A common understanding of the needs and challengers regarding water are addressed.

Beginning in 2003 the UN-Water has been responsible for selecting a yearly theme for World Water Day. In the past, some topics have been addressed such as Water for Cities, Clean Water for a Healthy World, Sanitation, Coping with Water Scarcity, and Water & Culture.

Take a moment today to see how you can get involved in World Water Day. Many communities hold events but even if your town is not, you can work with charities such as Charitywater.org, Givewell.org and Waterforpeople.org.

Wishing you a world-class day!