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Text: 5 Easy to Make Kids Recipes; Image: Young girl smiling with plate of food in front of her

5 Easy to Make Kids Recipes

Kids who are interested in their food and how it is made usually have a healthier relationship as an adult. Get your children involved by assisting with planning and preparing dishes. Below are some recipes you can teach your children. Best to supervise when the oven is in use, but your older kids will be proud to know they made these by themselves!

Pizza Bagels


4 sliced bagels

1 cup pizza sauce

2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese

Variety of favorite toppings - veggies, pepperoni, pineapple, etc.

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Lay cut bagels open on a baking pan and coat with sauce. Sprinkle cheese and additional toppings over the bagels.

Cook for 10 minutes or until cheese is melted and slightly browned.

Dessert Tortillas


6 Soft Tortilla Shells

1 tbsp. Sugar

1 tsp. cinnamon

6 tbsp melted butter

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. In a bowl mix sugar, cinnamon, butter. Brush on tortillas. Cut in to pieces and bake about 10 minutes - until crisp. Let cool on a rack before eating.

Chicken Strips

Ingredients: Boneless, skinless chicken breasts cut in strips

1 cup breadcrumbs

½ cup Flour

2 Eggs Dip of your choice

3 bowls

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Put flour in one bowl, breadcrumbs in one bowl, eggs in one bowl. Beat the eggs. Place a rack on a baking pan. One chicken strip at a time, roll in flour, dip in the egg mix and then cover in the breadcrumbs. Place on the baking tray. Repeat making sure the chicken pieces don't touch.

Microwave Mac and Cheese


½ cup macaroni noodles

½ cup water

¼ cup milk

¼ cup shredded cheese

dash of salt

Put the noodles, water and salt in a bowl in the microwave for 2 minutes, stir and repeat until the pasta is cooked through. Add the milk and cheese and microwave for 30 seconds. Stir and repeat until blended.

Tuna Sandwiches


Can of tuna

4 slices of bread


Celery - chopped

Pickles - chopped

Salt and pepper

Open the can of tuna and drain. Add to a bowl. Stir in mayonnaise - one spoonful at a time until mixed to the consistency you prefer. Add celery, pickle, salt and pepper. Stir again. Layer on 2 pieces of bread. Top with remaining bread slices and cut in to triangles.

Once your kids are comfortable with these easy to make recipes, they may be interested in taking on a few more difficult dishes. By the time they are teenagers they can even be given the task of cooking dinner once a week.

Have a world-class day!