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Blog Posts in March

  • Text: Root Cleanup; Image: illustration of a tree and a sun

    Root Cleanup

    Have you ever walked down a street and noticed the sidewalk cracked, with roots pushing through? Roots continue to travel out from ...

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  • Mr Rooter logo with plumbing tools surrounding it

    World Water Day

    Today is World Water Day! It is also the United Nations Year of International Recognition of Water Cooperation. The object is to ...

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  • Text: 5 Easy to Make Kids Recipes; Image: Young girl smiling with plate of food in front of her

    5 Easy to Make Kids Recipes

    Kids who are interested in their food and how it is made usually have a healthier relationship as an adult. Get your children ...

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  • Text: Running for Ronald!, red and yellow striped background, white text

    Running for Ronald!

    We are a company that likes to give back. From the corporate level to each location we support, one of our favorite charities is ...

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