Safely Thawing Frozen Pipes

Safely Thawing Frozen Pipes; Image: Frozen outdoor faucetIn a perfect world, you've already taken the necessary precautions to keep your pipes in tip-top shape through these colder months, but most of us never think of it until we're facing the unfortunate disasters of frozen pipes. Now is the time to prepare yourself - well before problems arise - so you won't have the panic of dealing with a flooding home.

Warning - warning! Never use a blow torch or any kind of open flame to thaw your pipes! Plastic pipes can be melted. Copper pipes, if heated too quickly, can burst and if any pipe is overheated and the ice turns to water then boils you may damage the pipe or cause it to explode. Just don't do it!


Here are some tips if you have to deal with a frozen pipe:

Step 1: Turn all faucets connected to your frozen pipe on - this allows the pressure to release as you begin to work on your ice-dammed pipe which helps to avoid breakage.

Step 2: To thaw, you may use a blow dryer, heat lamp, space heater or iron. The key is to not thaw too quickly as it can cause a break. Another method, though admittedly messy, is to wrap your pipe in a thick towel and pour hot water over it - make certain to NEVER pour the hot water directly onto the pipe.

Step 3: Know when to call an expert. When water turns to ice it expands and often that expansion is enough to burst your pipes. Melting the ice and removing the blockage will not repair the damage - if your pipes have cracked, give us a call! We're here to help 24/7

Stay warm and here's wishing you a world class day!