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Boxing Day title next to image of hand holding small present

Boxing Day

I am sure you have heard of Boxing Day, but like most Americans are probably not totally sure what it is. It is a tradition that began in Europe the day after Christmas that typically was the act of "boxing" up items to give to the less fortunate and is celebrated each December 26 th. While there are many different stories as to the beginning of Boxing Day, some traditions point to it being the day servants and employees were given gifts by their employees. Other theories suggest it was the day children who had received new toys, games and books would pack up their older items to give away. Originating in the United Kingdom, the date has been labeled Boxing Day in that country as well as Canada, South Africa, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and other commonwealth countries. In some of these countries, including Canada, Boxing Day has been treated as a shopping day where great discounts available. Similar to the US Black Friday, people will line up overnight to gain deals on items from electronics to clothes and everything in between. Boxing Day in some countries increases the celebration of the holiday allowing for more travel time to visit family, as well as many doing Open Houses this day to see friends. Here's wishing a world class day!