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Text: Drip Calculator; image: drip of water coming out of faucet

Drip Calculator

Do you ever wonder how much water a leaky faucet wastes? If so, you should check out the drip calculator on our web site. You may be surprised to see how much water is wasted with a slow drip on just one faucet in your home.

Just enter the number of drips per minute into the box and the amount of water wasted daily, monthly and yearly is immediately calculated. The results you are fascinating. For example, I typed in 15 as the number of drips per minute. It's hard to believe that equals more than 2 gallons of wasted water a day.

If you've ever wondered why your water bill is climbing, now is the time to check this cool tool out. I really like this feature, and think it can be a great resource for you. You can find our drip calculator here. Here's wishing you a world class day.