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Our Sister Company Mr. Appliance®

Mr. Rooter Plumbing has six sister companies that are in the home services industry. Since I have all this information at my disposal I want to share it with you. Each month you will have the opportunity to read a guest blog from one of the below companies:
  • Aire Serv® provides heating and air conditioning services.
  • Glass Doctor® provides glass repair & replacement services for auto & homes.
  • Mr. Appliance® repairs household appliances.
  • Mr. Electric® provides electrical services.
  • Rainbow International® specializes in fire, water & smoke restoration from, as well as carpet cleaning.
  • The Grounds Guys™, our newest sister company, provides lawn care & landscape services.
The first guest blog is from Mr. Appliance's PR Specialist Lillyan Baker.
Dinnertime is more than sitting down for a quiet meal with your family. Once the cooking and dining is finished, you still have to pre-rinse, load, wash and sometimes rewash your dishes. Why not make your dishwasher work for you and give yourself a relationship with your family, not your dishwasher? "Most people make dishwashing into a much larger job than it should be," said Doug Rogers, President of Mr. Appliance® Corp. "The dishwasher should make your life easier, if you use it correctly." Follow these easy tips from Mr. Appliance to keep that sparkle in your dishes:
  • Eliminate a step from your cleaning process- no more pre-rinse! Dishwasher detergent is dependent on food particles to do its job. By having no food to attack, it usually moves to glassware, leaving your dishes cloudy with permanent etching damage.
  • To get cleaner dishes, make sure your hot water heater is set between 120 and 125 degrees. The hot water will help break down stuck-on food particles and prevent clogs.
  • Choose the correct cycle. Use short cycles and save the normal cycles for your dirtiest dishes. Avoid using the "rinse hold" setting, since it uses three to seven gallons of hot water for each use.
  • It's better to use granular soap than gel soap - and more is not merrier. Overloading on soap won't get your dishes any cleaner, and it will cause buildup inside the unit that can damage it over time. Use the right detergent and use it the right way.
  • Once a month run the dishwasher empty with a cup of white vinegar to leave your dishwasher smelling clean and to eliminate food residue buildup, which can cause clogs and strain.
Incorporate these tips to spend less time with your dishwasher and more time with your family. This is one break-up that's easy to do and good for the environment, too. Don't forget to have your dishwasher inspected annually by an expert to keep it running strong for years to come.
For more information, you can visit www.mrappliance.com. Here's wishing you a world class day.