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Prevention is Better Than a Cure

At Drain Doctor, our UK counterpart, they know the value of prevention when it comes to your plumbing. Much like our health, what we do to maintain has more of an impact than just trying to cure or fix a problem once it has begun. Eat properly, get plenty of sleep, exercise. Those tips can help with your home and business plumbing as well.

Make sure to be careful what you put down the drain, have regular maintenance and check-ups done and conserve water whenever possible. Around 65 percent of blockages in a year are caused by the build-up of fat solids and grease in the drainage system in commercial businesses.

Drain Doctor's blog this month talks about advising customers how to avoid these problems. In many restaurants and retail stores these blockages can be costly and lead to higher water bills, as well as lost business. "At Drain Doctor we advise our customers to be proactive in the management of their grease systems in order to avoid blockages and reduce the amount of water they waste and therefore reduce their water bills."

Check out our website for more tips on maintaining your pluming system in both residents and commercial business. Still worried? You can contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing for a plumbing check-up.

Here's wishing you a world class day!