North York Sewage Ejector Pump Installation

The basement is one of the most treasured levels of a home in North York. It either creates space to rent and earn extra income or acts as an additional family room for entertaining and movie nights. However, if you use your basement, it likely has a bathroom, and nearby that bathroom lies a sewage ejector pump. It’s responsible for escorting wastewater to the main sewer line located on the first floor of your home. When it’s broken, you may come face to face with basement floods or sewage backup in your downstairs shower. But whether you’re dealing with a plumbing emergency due to a broken pump or are making a second bathroom in your basement, you’ll certainly be searching for a reliable company to help with your sewage ejector pump installation.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of North York is the efficient pick for the job, with extensive experience in the trade, having installed countless pumps across the GTA. We’re the reliable North York plumber you can call for this type of service, along with a wide range of other popular plumbing services.

About Our Sewage Ejector Pump Installation Services

Ejector pump installation is a unique service that’s carried out during the construction of a bathroom on the lower level of your home. Typically, your main sewer line will be situated on the main floor of your home, and if you build a bathroom underneath that floor, you’ll need the pump to eject the raw sewage up to meet the main line so that it can be carried away from your home. Sewage ejector pump installation can also be considered part of a replacement. If you have an existing pump that has broken or is very old, we can remove the old one before installing a brand-new unit.

On average, a home will get up to ten years of use from its ejector pump, but they’ll need to make sure regular maintenance is completed. Not sure where to start when it comes to ejector pumps? We can help. We have extensive experience in their installation and can help you find the right one for your home. It’s important that you pick the type of pump you would like before the basin is dug, as it will need to sit inside it snugly. If you already have a pit, we’ll need to look at it before recommending viable options. In terms of your options, most of your decisions will be based on which material you would like to choose.

Typically, you have the following material options:

  • Aluminum
  • Cast Iron
  • Thermoplastic

Be on the lookout for technical characteristics such as the horsepower and gallons per hour of the pump as well. Keep in mind that ejector pumps live in wastewater. That means the more durable they are, the longer they’ll last. After hearing about your needs and budget, we’ll give you an array of options to choose from, then we’ll get on with the installation. As mentioned before, if you do not have a pit already, we will need to dig one and seal it correctly so that no odors escape into your home and the indoor air quality of your home is preserved.

Hire Mr. Rooter Plumbing of North York for A Sewage Pump Installation

Sewage ejector pump installation is not something local homeowners can do themselves. The sump pit needs to be dug and sealed in adherence to municipal regulations. If it is done incorrectly, your home may begin to smell like a sewer. Also, if your ejector pump is installed incorrectly, you may even experience a sewer backup in your home. That’s the value of choosing a professional plumbing company for this particular job and any other plumbing problem, for that matter.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of North York has a team of licensed and professional plumbers ready to tackle the job. With our comprehensive range of services, our plumbing experts can take care of routine maintenance and 24-hour plumbing services. Offering convenient appointment times and arriving on time, we’ll efficiently resolve the problem you’re facing and update you through every step of the process. Our upfront, flat-rate pricing promises no surprise fees, while our workmanship and parts are fully guaranteed. Call our knowledgeable customer care team today to learn more about our expert crew and the many quality services we offer! These include regular drain cleaning, drain repair, water softener installation, and sewer system backup services. Trust our certified plumbers to help you plan ahead and protect you from any plumbing disaster.

Sewage Ejector Pump Installation FAQs

What is a Sewage Ejector Pump?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked about this particular service. A sewage pump isn’t something that all homeowners think about unless they have a bathroom on the lower level of their home, so it makes sense that not everyone would know what it is. A sewage ejection system pumps sewage out of your home’s lower level and transports it to the main sewer pipes. It has a float switch that activates the pump when the water level is too high to remove wastewater and protect your basement from flooding.

What Are Some of The Most Common Issues With Sewage Ejector Pumps?

A sewage ejector pump is a simple yet incredibly important device in your home. Throughout its lifetime, it can experience numerous issues that are the result of wear and tear, improper use, and incorrect installation. These include:

  • The unit is clogged
  • Float switch malfunctions
  • The sensors/float valve is set incorrectly
  • The discharge line is frozen
  • The unit has never been maintained
  • The switches are dirty
  • Proper drainage is compromised

What's the Difference Between a Sewer Ejector Pump and a Sump Pump?

A sewage ejector pump and a sump pump operate similarly to prevent water leaks, pools of water, and extensive water damage such as foundation cracks. After all, they are both pumps. However, the main difference between them is that a sewage ejector pump pushes sewage into your main sewer line, whereas sump pumps remove excess water from heavy rainfall or flooding from around your home’s foundation.

During a sump pump installation and an ejector pump installation, a pit will be dug, but in the latter, the pit fills with wastewater (not heavy rainwater) before being pushed through a discharge pipe and into a septic tank. Both of these devices, along with backwater valves and weeping tiles, are very important for North York homes.

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