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Residential Plumbing Repairs in London & St. Thomas

Mr. Rooter provides the best plumbing repairs London has to offer. We pride ourselves in fixing and repairing plumbing problems before they become an emergency or a larger expense. Even seemingly small plumbing problems are important to fix right away, as they can turn into a catastrophe and cause damage, loss, or make your home inhabitable. We’re experienced with common residential plumbing problems and we want to make sure you get the most of your plumbing system.

Have you noticed any plumbing problems lately? They may seem subtle, but check for these common problems: Plumbing Checklist

  • Leaking faucets and taps
  • Toilet is always running, or does not fill with water
  • Sinks are slow to drain water
  • Garburator motors hums, leaks, or is noisier than usual
  • Pipes are leaking or frozen
  • The basement floods
  • Water is backing up in the pipes
  • Mould and mildew forms
  • An increase in water bill charges.

Common Causes of Plumbing Problems

In order to stay on top of your plumbing system, Mr. Rooter provides checkups and diagnosis by inspecting kitchen sinks, showers, tubs, toilets, washing machines, laundry tub, water heaters and boilers, sewage systems and more. We find that common plumbing problems are caused by pipe blockages, clogs, overwhelmed sump pumps, power loss, cracked or damaged pipes and build-up of minerals and debris.

When to Call Mr. Rooter

Try fixing the plumbing problem yourself whether it’s with a plunger, plucking deposits from drains, or using natural home remedies. If your system is still not performing at its best, Mr. Rooter offers plumbing repair in London 24/7. We use advanced diagnostic equipment to detect the problem and use methods such as HydroScrub®, septic rejuvenation and system care to return your plumbing system to new again. We can also upgrade, install, fix and repair pipes, sewer lines and other residential plumbing problems.

Contact Mr. Rooter for any plumbing problems, anytime of the day or night. We will arrive on time and will explain the best method to get your plumbing system working at its best again. Call for more information, or schedule an appointment.

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Customer Reviews

  • “Very thorough and informative on the step by step process.”

    - Mo H.

  • “I was very happy with the fast service!”

    - Caeol G.

  • “An exceptionally wonderful job!”

    - Gary W.

  • “Showed up promptly, was kind courteous and very professional.”

    - Autumn V.

  • “Mr. Rooter is, and always has been, my go to for plumbing issues in my home.”

    - Brenda H.

  • “Promptly, friendly and professional.”

    - Jody F.

  • “I highly recommend your company and will def. contact you for any future plumbing problems.”

    - Kenneth C.

  • “Not only did they do a great job but they were a pleasure to talk to as well.”

    - Jonathan O.

  • “Went above and beyond our expectations - Highly recommend!”

    - Tiffany H.

  • “Would definitely use and recommend again!”

    - Mary P.

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