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A leaky faucet in Edmonton with a droplet of water ready to fall from the spout.

Your Edmonton Leaky Faucets Guide

Do you get night terrors from leaky faucets in Edmonton? Okay probably not, but does every drip sound more and more like something was dropped in the sink? It can be alarming if you can hear your dripping faucet even when the bathroom is two doors down from your bedroom. On the other hand, some people don’t find it bothersome at all and barely notice it until they see a high utility bill. Leaky plumbing fixtures can cost you over three thousand gallons of water per year! That’s almost 200 showers that you didn’t take.

Even though these are minimal plumbing problems, it’s important to know about all the ways that inefficient, worn or broken plumbing fixtures could affect your utility bill or cause moisture damage. Taps are part of daily life for everyone in Edmonton, and most people certainly couldn’t imagine a day without them, so it’s important to make sure they’re always working properly.

If you have older plumbing fixtures in your home, your local Edmonton plumber is happy to give them an inspection as well as check on your drain lines to ensure they are in decent condition. Our experts at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton pride themselves on excellent workmanship and outstanding customer service. Our uniformed specialists arrive on time and approach every task with a can-do attitude.

The Anatomy of a Faucet

Depending on which type of taps you have, many essential components we’re about to list may be evident. Taps are made of many small parts, but the most important pieces that are known to contribute to an Edmonton leaky faucet include:

Faucet Spout

This is the tube or lip that water flows from. In recent years, it has taken many shapes and forms, but many Edmonton homeowners are sticking with their preferred old-fashioned tube-style spout with an aerator fitted at the mouth to control water flow.

Lever, Handle, Knobs

Levers, handles and knobs work in accordance with their valve mechanisms, allowing you to control temperature and flow. Mixing faucets have one handle for all, whereas two-handled taps are defined by separate hot and cold water supply valves

Cartridge Valve

This valve is a cylinder-shaped device made of either plastic, metal or ceramic to control water flow and temperature. It’s usually located inside the faucet body attached to the handles.

Faucet Body

The body is essentially the water supply pipe that carries water through the spout. It is the main part of the faucet.


This is the flat metal piece that protects and covers the gap around the faucet’s base. It also hides any imperfections left behind from installation and adds some aesthetic flair. Not all faucets will have an escutcheon plate.

O-Ring, Gaskets

O-rings are used differently in different designs, but they are usually used as a means to seal 2 parts of the faucet together without leaking.

Washer Ring

This is a small black rubber disk that sits on the compression couplings, keeping the joints tight to avoid leaks.

Valve Seats

These are another part of compression mechanisms that sit at the bottom of the faucet valve. The washer ring presses against the valve seats to form a seal. .

Shut-Off Valves

Both hot and cold water lines should have a shut-off valve under the sink, which enables you to perform repairs safely.

Edmonton Leaky Faucets – Common Causes:

Generally, it’s easy to fix leaky faucets as long as it has been caused by a part of the faucet which is replaceable and it is a part that can be bought. Often, the only part available to repair a faucet is the cartridge; other parts often aren’t available. There are many possible issues that could be creating your constant drip, so it’s important to know about all the common causes.

Old or Damaged Cartridge Valve

When it’s old, corroded or suffers from sediment buildup, your cartridge can cause a leaky faucet. Edmonton, AB homeowners that suffer from this problem often only need a clean and general inspection to prevent a leaky surprise, which is something that your professional plumber can make sure gets done right.

Corroded or Stripped Valve Seat

If lots of hard water runs through your supply line, minerals will build up over time and corrode the valve seat, triggering a leaky faucet. If you notice inconsistent temperatures or flow, you might have corroded valves, which is a problem that can be solved by your licensed plumber. Note that not all seats are removable, or easily repairable, so it might even be cheaper to upgrade to an entirely new fixture in these situations.

Worn O-Ring

This is a crucial part that prevents water from oozing around the spout, and it will eventually suffer from wear and tear that results in leaks. A simple o-ring replacement can often solve the issue.

Worn Washer

This is another common culprit for leaky fixtures. The washer creates friction against the valve seat whenever you run the water, leading to inevitable wear. As joints become loose and your washer wears down, you slowly develop a leaky faucet.

Excess Moisture

Some Edmonton homeowners might not be aware that excess moisture around the sink area can be problematic over time. Whether you have a drop-in sink or a farmhouse sink made of stainless steel, copper or granite, it’s the surrounding areas that you need to be worried about. Excess moisture can lead to many problems that could cause parts of your taps to fail, such as rust, mildew and mineral buildup.

Edmonton Leaky Faucets: Do They Affect Water Usage?

Did your water bill increase because you haven’t dealt with your Edmonton leaky faucet? Over time, it will. If you put an empty bucket in your kitchen sink overnight and come back the following day, you will see how much water your kitchen faucet has wasted.

All those small drips will really add up over time, so it’s important to get that problem fixed as soon as possible. The way that drips affect utility bills is similar to how many people track spending in general—every cent counts. Plumbing issues like leaky faucets are a quick fix, and repairs could help you save up to 10 percent on water consumption, sometimes even more. Fixing a leaky faucet will also help protect the environment by reducing waste.

Benefits of Edmonton Leaky Faucet Repair

Faucet repair is something your experienced plumber could do during an extended lunch break. It’s not like repairing a burst pipe or defective hot water heater. The sooner it’s done, the more you can look forward to the benefits.

  • Save money on your utility bill

  • It protects you from potential water damage

  • Wave goodbye to your leaky faucet and think of upgrading your fixtures

  • Save money in the long run

  • You protect the environment

  • No more constant dripping!

Looking For a New Faucet Installation in Edmonton, AB?

Not many people are aware, but a good-quality faucet’s lifespan is between 15 and 20 years, towards the end of which you will probably have to get Edmonton plumber repairs to fix one or two issues with a leaky faucet. Edmonton AB homeowners that suffer from those constant problems should think about treating themselves to an upgrade.

We’ve listed some high-quality, modern options for replacement, so you can determine what suits your needs best. You might want something efficient that also matches your home’s design or something functional for the kitchen because you wash your hands a lot while cooking. In fact, replacement is a common solution for solving many other common kitchen plumbing problems in Edmonton homes.

Leaving water leaks behind is easy, but choosing the right upgrade might not be. Here are some pros and cons for the common types of faucets used in modern homes:


This type is probably the oldest version you will find in most homes, and rightfully so; they’re cost-effective and reliable. Compression faucets rely on a small washer ring to limit flow when not in use.


  • Affordable

  • Easy to use and install

  • DIY friendly


  • Prone to leaks over time

  • Washer ring wears out fast

  • Need frequent repairs/replacement


These systems are visually similar to compression varieties, but they’re much smoother during operation. The design of a cartridge faucet creates smooth, even water pressure from the point it’s turned on until it’s turned off. Most modern faucets are cartridge style.


  • More leak-proof

  • Easy to repair


  • More expensive


This is one of the first washerless, single-handed versions out there. A ball faucet is controlled by a metal ball in the handle that adjusts the temperature.


  • Affordable

  • Easy control of temperature


  • No reliable cartridge

  • Prone to leaks

Ceramic Disk

This type is a tougher fixture than the others, characterized by its durability in handling extreme temperatures and going for years without repairs.


  • Withstands hot and cold

  • Crack-resistant

  • Ceramic lasts for a long time

  • Easy lever/handle use; suitable for people with disabilities

  • Some types allow you to preset temperatures

  • Flow-adjustable cartridge that helps conserve water

  • Easy maintenance and repairs


  • More expensive than other types that use rubber-based washer rings

  • Ceramic disks erode over time

  • Can be sensitive to hard water and may need a filter to limit the effects of mineral deposits.

  • If the discs do break, you will need to replace the whole cartridge

While a drip is an easy fix in most cases, there are many options available for replacement too. The choices might be overwhelming because you were used to using your old plumbing fixtures all this time, so when this leaky device inspires you to do kitchen or bathroom remodeling, we are here to help you with picking and installing plumbing fixture upgrades!

Edmonton Leaky Faucet FAQs:

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Leaky Faucet in Edmonton?

Prices vary slightly depending on the solution required, such as whether it’s a cartridge replacement or a completely new installation. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton, we always offer transparent pricing with no hidden fees. For simple jobs like faucet repair or replacement that usually take up to two hours, you can rest assured that we’ll provide quality service and honest, upfront estimates. Give us a call to learn more about our small repair services!

What Tools or Materials Do I Need To Replace a Cartridge Valve?

You will generally need:

  • Flathead screwdriver

  • A new cartridge valve

  • Hex key

  • 1/8 inch Allen wrench

  • Stem and cartridge wrench (or any adjustable wrench)

  • Pump pliers, needle nose pliers

  • Utility knife

  • Cleaning cloth

  • Silicone grease (to install o-ring)

  • Plumbing grease (for the new cartridge)

Important: Remember to turn off the shut-off valve before you proceed with the repair. If there is still liquid in the supply line, empty it in the sink. Then stuff the sinkholes with a rag, so you won’t lose any parts down the drain during your repairs.

Why Do I Have A Leaky Faucet Right After Turning It Off?

This temporary leak indicates a couple of potential issues. The most common is a dirty aerator, which is the screen at the mouth of the spout or a loose washer ring, but there are a few other potential issues that could be affecting you. Your expert Edmonton plumber has the tools to find out for you within minutes!

Why Do Some People Deliberately Let a Drip Run Overnight?

Opening your taps to let out a small drip is an effective way to prepare your pipes for upcoming cold weather. Minor drips are a preventative measure to avoid frozen pipes in unfinished basements, garages or crawl spaces. If you’re worried about cold weather affecting your pipes, you can ask your plumber about other specialized ways to avoid freezing, such as pipe insulation techniques.

Need a Plumber to Fix Your Leaky Faucet in Edmonton?

If you have a leak, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton has the professional plumbing services you need! You can always hire your local Edmonton plumber for Edmonton plumbing repairs—and drain cleaning services to help keep your systems clean and clear.

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton, you will find highly trained professionals with many years of experience working on a wide range of projects. We have the skills and qualifications to troubleshoot any plumbing problems—from leaky faucets to corroding pipes to a clog deep within your sewer line. Not only is our work exceptional, but we also pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer service to all our clients in and near Edmonton.

Give us a call at 780-429-3600 to chat with our friendly and respectful customer service reps about any concerns or questions that you may have. We've brought our outstanding service to clients throughout Edmonton and nearby areas, including Mill Woods and St. Albert.