How to Know if You Need Edmonton Cracked Pipe & Damaged Drain Repairs

A cracked pipe full of tree roots, dirt, and other debris, which has been dug up for repairs and replacement.

Damage to your plumbing system can be caused by a variety of factors. And, that damage can impact both your water supply and waste removal system. These two systems work together to keep your Edmonton home safe and comfortable.

Cracked pipes and damaged drains can cause serious problems on your property. Cracked pipes can leak water throughout your home, staining walls and ceilings. In the worst-case scenario, broken water lines may lead to flooding.

Meanwhile, damaged drains can cause a slew of problems as well—from backed-up toilets and clogged sinks to issues with your home’s foundation.

Suffice it to say, issues with your plumbing system can cause serious headaches, property damage, and incurred expenses. The best way to prevent cracked pipes and damaged drains is by recognizing the warning signs before it’s too late. By heading off the problem before it escalates, you’ll be able to quickly call a qualified plumber—preventing further damage to your Edmonton property. The costs of bursts and leaks go up every minute the problem goes undetected, and clogs can result in expensive repairs and replacements. The sooner you get help from your local Edmonton cracked pipe and damaged drain repair pros, the less likely you are to be affected by rising water costs and expensive complications.

To help you know whether or not you have a cracked pipe or damaged drain in your home, our expert Edmonton plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton helped put together the following guide. We’re here to help with all aspects of Edmonton's cracked pipe and drain repair, from building awareness to providing repair services.

6 Signs of a Cracked Water Pipe in Edmonton

There are many signs that could point toward cracked water pipe problems in your home or business. By familiarizing yourself with those red flags, you can prevent serious disasters like bursts, flooding, and property damage. Additionally, we recommend that you frequently go through your home (especially your basement), so you notice water leaks early. For homeowners with mobility issues, ask a family member to do a walk-around check whenever they are over for a visit.

1. Incredibly High Water Bill

Have you noticed your water bill has skyrocketed recently? While there are many plumbing problems that can be attributed to a high bill—such as a running toilet—a sudden and dramatic increase in your water bill most likely indicates a leaking pipe. Should you notice your bill looks a lot higher than usual, it's worthwhile calling your local Edmonton plumbing professional to take a look at your system. If not, you'll only continue to lose money—and your home will be continuously damaged due to the leaking water.

2. Rumbling or Hissing Noises

Some noises are normal to hear as your plumbing system provides clean water and safely removes waste from your property. For instance, the sound of flowing water while the system is being used, such as running a faucet or flushing the toilet, is completely normal.

What's not normal is to hear hissing or rumbling in your lines, especially when no one is running water in your house. Hissing, whooshing, and rumbling sounds are signs of cracked pipes. Usually, the hissing noise will be static—illustrating the leak is constant.

3. Clanging or Grinding Sounds

While clanging and grinding sounds don't necessarily indicate a leak, they can mean a leak may be imminent. If your lines are loose, it's possible they could rub and bang against each other. This creates a clanging noise. That tension and friction can in turn cause damage that will need to be fixed by Edmonton cracked pipe repair professionals. That damage may lead to a small hairline crack, or it may lead to something worse, like a burst pipe.

4. Puddles and Water Stains

A clear sign of damaged plumbing is if you notice puddles or pooling water beneath a sink or tub, in your basement, or by your main water line. It’s possible that damage to your system has caused puddles to appear in your home.

Likewise, water stains and damp spots in your drywall and/or ceiling indicate water is leaking from somewhere. Should you notice damp areas or brown stains along your walls and ceiling, it's important to call a professional plumber immediately. Your home can face extensive damage if you don’t make a timely inspection and repair appointment with your Edmonton cracked pipe repair pros.

5. Poor Water Pressure

If your water pressure suddenly dropped, there’s a good chance you have a leak somewhere in your home. Good pressure means that your plumbing system is working as it should be because all the water in the system is being directed properly when you turn on a tap or hop in the shower. But when that pressure seems a shade of its former self, the most likely cause is a leak. Since part of the water is being diverted by the cracked pipe, less of it gets to your faucet. Thus, you have lower pressure.

6. Bad Water Quality

A possible sign of corroding or contaminated lines is if the water from your faucets is suddenly brown, foggy, filled with sediment, or smells metallic. There are other potential causes of water quality issues like this, but either way, you’re going to need a plumber.

8 Signs of Cracked Sewer Pipes in Edmonton

Your water supply lines are not the only part of your plumbing system that may crack over time. Sewer lines can also corrode, clog, and break, and it's important to know those warning signs as well. Should there be a problem with your main drain line, then it's paramount you call an expert plumber as soon as possible. Flooding sewage can cause devastating damage to your property and is also a serious health risk—and only licensed Edmonton cracked pipe repair professionals have the necessary tools and knowledge required for fixing sewage lines.

1. Sewage Backups and Clogs

Just like how clogs can eventually cause serious damage to your supply lines, blockages can also create serious sewer problems. All your drains eventually lead to the main sewer line, so usually when you have multiple clogs or notice sewage backing up when you flush the toilet, that's a clear sign the sewer line is blocked. It is important that you have a professional inspect the sewer after the clog has been removed so you can determine the cause of the clog. Often when there is a clog there is a need for drain repair.

2. Sewer Gas Odour

If you smell sewage in your home, it's very likely there’s a crack somewhere in your sewer system. In a sewage system that’s functioning normally, you should never smell sewage gas. If you notice the smell of sewage wafting throughout your home, that means it’s time to call in an Edmonton cracked pipe and drain, repair expert.

3. Bad Smells in Sinks and Drains

Unpleasant odors often indicate that your drain system may not be working as it should. While clogs are common in Edmonton depending on the period of time spent in your home, if left unattended they could worsen over time. Clogs create pressure on your plumbing system by inhibiting the proper flow of wastewater. Given enough pressure, that waste will come up somewhere else. This may cause backups in your sink, tub, or even washing machine. While clogs won’t usually cause a cracked pipe, that wastewater will definitely drain out through a crack in the pipe.

3. Slow Moving Drains

Slow-moving drains are a common sign that you need Edmonton clogged drain service. Drain blockage inhibits proper flow. In turn, this may lead to serious clogs and cause damage to your drains and sewer line. If you've tried to clear the slow-moving drain to no avail, then you could have an issue like a cracked drain pipe or tree root intrusion on your hands.

4. Green Patches in Your Yard

One of the most commonly overlooked signs of a cracked and leaky main drain line is green patches or lush areas in your backyard. When your sewer line is cracked and leaking sewage, it usually flows into your yard. This acts as fertilizer that may make certain areas near the line appear more lush than usual. You may think it's just your expert gardening skills, but this is not necessarily the case. If the patches become marshy or smell, then you have a serious leak on your hands and need to call a professional plumber right away.

5. Dips in Lawn

Does your lawn or backyard look less even than usual? When leaking sewage infiltrates the ground, it softens. As the soil begins to erode, your once pristine lawn may start to sink and appear indented—and your patio or other paved areas could even crack as a result. Usually, this indentation appears above where the main drain line is buried in your yard.

6. Foundation Cracks, Sinkholes, and Settlement

In some severe cracked pipe situations, properties start to have foundation issues such as cracks, settlements, and even sinkholes. Should the main line running under your slab develop a leak that you don't notice for a long time—thus going untreated—it's possible that a void may develop under your foundation or in your yard. This destabilizes your property and could lead to foundation problems like cracks that stretch from floor to ceiling—or something worse.

What Causes Edmonton Cracked Pipe Problems?

There are numerous factors that can cause cracked pipes and drains in Edmonton. Freezing is a particularly common issue for Edmonton homeowners, but there are several other causes you should know about. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Pipe age and material: Like anything else in your home, the older your pipes are the more likely they are to break down. For example, water lines that were installed prior to 1980 in Edmonton were generally made out of copper or galvanized steel. These days, water lines are almost exclusively PEX—a type of plastic—while drainage lines are made out of more hardy plastic materials like ABS or PVC.

  • Corrosive soils: Some soils are more acidic or corrosive than others. Pipes that are made out of certain materials have a tendency to break down more easily if installed in such soils.

  • Expanding and Contracting: Pipes are always subject to the environment they are in, which causes them to expand and contract. Fluctuating temperatures are usually the most common culprit—especially in a city like Edmonton which has freezing cold winters and blistering hot summers. As the surrounding ground freezes and thaws, it causes pipes to expand and contract. This puts wear on the material, which may crack over time.

  • Settling ground: It's natural for the earth around your property to settle as time goes on. Nearby construction could also cause soil to shift. That can put a strain on your plumbing system. If that stress is significant, it may cause cracked pipes and drains.

  • Tree roots: One of the most common causes of sewage line cracks in Edmonton is tree root infiltration. Tree roots have a way of sneaking into your pipes, and they particularly like the fertilizer-rich main drain line. As the roots grow, they put pressure on lines and eventually break them.

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