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Most Common Problems a Sewer and Drain Company Can Help With

There is no good time to have a sewer and drain emergency in your Edmonton home, and these problems usually crop up at the worst times. Your home is full of Christmas or holiday guests, and the wrong kind of flush could send everything backing up into the home, on a cold Winter's eve.

You'll rarely run into those problems when you are having a quiet day, and have oodles of time to talk to professionals with. Some sewer and drain issues can be prevented or maintained on your own, but for most, you need a sewer and drain company committed to getting you the best solution at a good value.

Discover here, what the most common problems are for your sewer issues at home, and learn how to avoid ongoing plumbing bills that will keep you up at night.

How Sewer and Drains Work

If you are wondering about the plumbing in your home, it can feel overwhelming. You think you may have an issue with your plumbing, but you don't know where to start.

That's what professionals are for.

A sewer and drain company looks at the plumbing in your home as if it were a tree. You start with one main branch or root. Then you have multiple branches stemming from that that drain water and waste from various parts of your home.

Often problems in one of the tree’s branches won’t effect the rest of the tree, but an issue in the trunk of the tree (the main drain) will effect the whole tree and all its branches. Clogs, cracks, and matts of roots are going to lead to expensive problems.

Where to start? It's overwhelming, but not for a professional Edmonton sewer and drain company.

They can usually isolate the problem and help you return your "tree" or home to working condition.

Signs You Have a Sewer Problem

Sometimes the problem is on the main line, which would be the main "trunk" of the "tree" of the plumbing system of your home. That will cause drainage problems everywhere in the house.

You'll have backed up kitchen sinks, and problems in the bathroom, or in any water basins in the home. You may have problems in all of the above. Often though, main floor fixtures will seem to drain fine, but everything you send down will come up at your floor drain, or a basement tub, shower, or toilet.

But you may just have one secondary line impacted, in which case you have a smaller problem that a sewer and drain company can isolate and resolve quickly.

Often these smaller problems can be difficult to isolate, however some homeowners get them figured out and solve them on their own. If you are handy this might be a good option for you. If the problem ends up being beyond your skill set you will know who to call.

This is all you need to know when you call your sewer and drain company for plumbing diagnosis and inspection. Here's what to expect with the most common problems in sewer lines.

Sewer Line Clog

There are a few different kinds of clogs to deal with when it comes to your home's plumbing. You could have a simple fixture or branch drain clog, which is a very easy and affordable problem for your sewer and drain company to resolve.

And then there are sewer line clogs, which are clogs in the main drain that removes sewage from your home. Any kind of clog here has the potential to result in considerable damage.

The most common sign of a sewer line clog is water backing up out of some plumbing areas. You might see dirty water backing up at the basement floor drain, a basement shower, tub, or even toilet - or all of the above.

An odd gurgling or bubbling sound may also be a symptom. Some plumbers say that sound is similar to that of a coffee pot running, but it certainly will not smell as good.

You'll notice these strange sounds when you start running something, like a dishwasher or a laundry machine. When you try to plunge it, the water goes somewhere else, like up through your bathtub.

If this sounds all too familiar you will have to call a plumber or drain and sewer company right away. There are some cities, like Syracuse, where this is a common problem, with over 4,000 sewage backup problems happening every year.

They are very common problems on the Eastern seaboard.

Clogged Drain

Clogged drains are among the most common problems faced by sewer and drain companies today. In many cases you can resolve this problem yourself, through a snake that you purchase at the hardware store, or through plunging the problem away.

Snaking a drain can be tricky, sometimes you might have some luck but sometimes you’ll likely need to call a plumber.

A snake is a long coil that you use to push through the drain, to move the clog down the pipes and through the main lines. In Edmonton our plumbing code requires that pipes get bigger as they join with other pipes progressively through your home. So, if you can get the clog out of the pipe its in and into the bigger one that will usually do the trick.

In this case, prevention goes a long way towards the cure. Toilets should only be used for flushing toilet paper and then of course the obvious. Toilet paper is made of a special material that dissolves faster than other products such as tissue, paper towel, or sanitary napkins which reduces the chances of it causing a clog.

For the kitchen, grease should never be sent directly down the drain. Even small amounts build up over time to form a clog.

If you have a clog on a drain for a single fixture then you are in luck, as this is usually one of the least expensive kind of plumbing problems to have. Even so, having this problem is an annoyance, as this rarely occurs at a convenient time.

You don't want to have a clogged drain right before you fill the dishwasher after Thanksgiving dinner, for example.

Search for a reliable sewer and drain company in Edmonton that will be available 24/7 for this plumbing emergency.

Gnarly Trees

Gnarly trees around a sewer line are not the kind of gnarly that make you feel like you are having a chill and relaxed time. Trees wrapping around or growing around sewer lines are a very common problem for homeowner's plumbing.

Tree roots damaging a sewer line will cause a clog over time, and often a broken sewer pipe will have tree roots directly in it. It is one of the most common problems faced by homeowners today when it comes to sewer issues.

Look for that gurgling noise in areas like your toilets and shower drains. If it sounds like your toilet is trying to make coffee, you'll need a professional to investigate the issue.

The roots will need to be contended with before they damage your system beyond repair. Tree roots can grow around the mainline, crush it, clog the pipe either partially or completely preventing all flow of sewage from leaving your home.

Having gnarly trees damage the sewer line can be expensive, but it isn't always. Sometimes you will need a camera inspection to assess and investigate the extent of the problem, and this often runs for a few hundred dollars.

Removing the tree root is likely to cost over $500, but could be more depending on the company and extent of the gnarly roots.

Broken Lines

A broken sewer line is often the most troublesome sewer or drain problem, because a repair could be a horrendous inconvenience and cost. These are often issues that can not be prevented, as there is nothing you can do if your ground shifts or a flash freeze impacts the integrity of your sewer line.

If you are having plumbing problems inside the home, you’ll want to be vigilant in watching for signs of a backup or leak. Sometimes older pipes crack or corrode to the point where they start to leak into your home.

If you have a septic system, you want to be sure that you are getting it inspected at least every three years.

A broken pipe is a broken pipe and the only thing you can do is repair or replace it. These breaks are often caused by corrosion due to age or weather exposure.

But a shift in your ground soil or added pressure on the ground above the line can all lead to sewer line problems.

When it comes to the "tree" of the plumbing system in your home, this line is the mainline and a repair will be costly. But you may just have a break in one of the smaller lines.

Again, your sewer and drain company will perform a camera inspection or investigation to determine exactly what the problem is. But don't freak out.

There are multiple options to sewer line repair that may work well in your budget and needs.

How Much Will These Problems Cost?

The plumbing industry in Canada is a ten billion dollar industry, but that covers both businesses and residential areas alike. These problems can be costly, and the earlier you tend to them the less expensive it will be.

Costs to repair or replace sewer lines damaged by weather, age, or trees, can run fairly high. You are usually looking at over one thousand dollars to repair or replace major plumbing.

If you have an entire line that needs to be fixed, the cost is calculated by the foot, but you also have to pay for the plumber's time.

Sewer line problems are pictured with extensive digging in your yard, a big mess, and a big bill. These problems are usually invoiced by the foot, with sewer line repairs and replacements running anywhere from $50 to $250 a foot depending on a lot of different factors.

The decision to repair or replace damaged lines is something you need to discuss with your sewer and drain company, and this is why you want someone that you can trust. These costs can run into several thousand dollars if you have a lot to repair, or even if someone just tells you that you have a lot to repair when you don't.

Add to that the time the company is on your site, as they will charge you by the hour. These are problems that generally take a long time to resolve.

Homeowner Tips

When you have a major plumbing problem in your home, it will be very easy to get overwhelmed quickly. That's called being human, and know you are not alone.

But it is very important that during these times that you try to stay calm and clear headed while you are seeking solutions. You may have damage in your home that you need to contend with, insurance issues, and lack of running water.

Running around to clean up a mess can be exhausting and stressful, and you may not be in the right space of mind to do what you need to do to save time and money with a plumber.

Insurance Company Tips

Many major plumbing or water problems in your home can be handled by your insurance company and your homeowner's policy. Many homeowners forget this, but you pay every month for home insurance, make sure you use it when you need it.

Usually it is best to have a plumber assess the problem so you can get an idea of what you are up against. Make sure to ask lots of questions of the plumber because your insurance company will likely have lots of questions if you do decide to go that way.

At the same time, insurance companies will say, take pictures of everything immediately. Photograph all damaged items, and before and after photos of the problem and the repair.

Your insurance company may need them. But your plumber may also want to see them as well.

Avoid Potential Health Risks

After you take pictures, get as much as you can cleaned up right away, for health purposes. We recommend using professional restoration companies for this, however if you decide to tackle it on your own please wear masks, gloves, and use shop-vacs to clean up excess water. You’ll want to disinfect the contaminated area, and ensure it is completely dry afterward.

Sewage flooding can lead to health problems, as it emits a gas from waste that could include disease-bearing organisms. Chronic exposure to this can lead to respiratory issues, nausea, eye problems, and even dizziness.

Again, professional cleaners may be needed if the problem is extensive. Try and keep a clear head when working on this problem, as it has the potential to be both hazardous and expensive if you are not tending to little details that could turn into big things.

Contact Credible Professionals Today

It's never a good day when you start talking about sewer line repair or replacement. But if you have water problems in your home, that doesn't necessarily mean that you are in for a repair that is going to cost you thousands of dollars.

At the same time, we all worry about what is going to happen after we call that plumber or that sewer and drain company that somebody told you to call. If you've never used them before, your biggest fear is usually that they are going to gouge you for every twist of the wrench. Make sure they are up front about what the costs will be, and what that does and does not cover.

Take a simple tour of the water features in your home, in each of the rooms that is using a running line. If you have problems everywhere, you may have a main sewer line problem that could cost you by the foot to repair or replace.

If that is where your journey goes, you want someone you can trust that is available 24/7.

If not, it could be something very simple like a clogged drain that will be unclogged by a competent plumber quickly and efficiently.

Stop worrying, and contact the sewer and drain company that Edmonton is raving about. Contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton today!