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11 Signs That Indicate It's Time for Edmonton Drain Cleaning Service

Indoor plumbing is such a common part of homes today that we take it for granted. You turn on the water, and you just expect it to come out.

You also expect your drains to work properly and allow the used water to flow down them, but this isn't always the case.

Drains can act up at the most inopportune times and when this occurs, it can be a huge inconvenience in life.

If you're struggling with a drain problem right now, Edmonton drain cleaning services are just what you need.

A company that offers these services specializes in treating any type of drain issue, whether big or small, and preventative services that are designed to help keep your drains functioning properly in the future.

Here are 11 signs that now is the right time to call a drain cleaning company to come to your home to check, evaluate, and clean your drains.

1. Your Drain Is Completely Clogged

One of the worst problems to have with a drain is a complete clog. A complete clog refers to a drain that will not budge. When you run water in this fixture, the water just sits there in the fixture and will not move down the drain at all.

A pipe that is completely clogged needs professional drain cleaning services. There must be something really big or a huge amount of greasy sludge that is blocking the entire line to the point where it is completely preventing water from flowing through it.

When a pipe is completely clogged like this, there is a good chance that there were red flags prior to this that might have alerted you of the problem.

Now, you're stuck with a clogged drainpipe, and you'll have to find a way to get it fixed if you want to use this fixture again.

There are some common things that cause clogs in drains. Grease, for example, can be a huge enemy of a drainpipe due to the hardening nature of it. Hair is another good example of something that commonly causes clogged pipes.

2. The Drain Is Moving Very Slowly

One of the red flags you may have noticed before you experienced a completely clogged drain is slow movement in the drain.

If you currently have a drain that appears to be very sluggish but allowing water to go down over-time, this would be considered a slow-moving drain.

When a drain begins creating delays in the way it allows water to move through it, you can be fairly certain that there is a reason for this. There must be something inside the pipe that is restricting the flow of water.

A slow-moving drain is a sure sign that you need drain cleaning services. In fact, if you decide to just ignore it and hope it gets better, you will probably wish you hadn't. A slow-moving drain will eventually turn into a clogged drain, which can turn into an expensive plumbing emergency.

Drains typically develop clogs very slowly and a slow-moving drain represents a clog in the line that is slowly building over time.

3. There Are Strange Smells Coming From It

There may also be times when you detect a strange odour coming from inside your drain. If this occurs, you'll want to call an expert for help. A drain should not permeate strange odours like this.

There is definitely something wrong with your pipes if they continue to give off “less than pleasant” odours.

It's hard to know what could be causing bad odors from a pipe, but there's a few common possibilities. One is food. Could there be some food caught inside this pipe that is rotting in there?

Human waste is another option to consider, and this is a common thing for a toilet that is clogged. Human waste doesn't generally form a clog on its own, but it can if there is an issue in the pipe that won’t allow it to flow away.

There's also a chance that the odour you smell is actually the scent of sewer gases being released in the room. When the smell is that of sewer gases, it is generally the result of a dry pipe or a blocked plumbing vent.

You shouldn't just ignore a bad odour, though, as it could indicate a bigger problem. In fact, if you are smelling sewer gases, you should call for a plumber right away as these odours are harmful to your health.

4. You Hear Gurgling as Water Goes Down

It's also a good idea to have a drainpipe checked if you hear or see water gurgling as it's going down. Gurgling water in a drain often indicates some type of blockage - whether it be in the pipe itself or related to the vent tied to the fixture.

Have you put anything into your pipes that doesn't belong there? For example, some people pour coffee grounds down their kitchen drain. This is an example of something you should never place in a drain.

When you put things like this in a drain, it can create a blockage. If it does, this could be the reason you are hearing gurgling sounds coming from your drain. A clogged vent also leads to gurgling sounds primarily because the vent helps air escape.

If the vent is clogged, it's like trying to pour the juice out of a can that has only one small hole in it. The juice cannot come out because air cannot get inside to replace it.

A plumbing vent works just like this. It needs to allow air to flow freely from the fixture through the vent. If it can't do this, the air comes back into your home.

5. A Particular Drain Keeps Getting Clogged

Do you have a drain in your home that seems to suffer from minor clogs all the time? When this happens to the fixture, do you use a home remedy to fix it?

A lot of people use home remedies to fix problems like this, but if the problem keeps occurring in the same drainpipe, it might be a good idea to have it checked out.

Each time you fix the issue yourself, you might simply be forcing the trapped debris further down the pipe. While it may seem like you are fixing the problem at the time, you could potentially be creating a bigger problem. It’s always best to have any clogs looked at by a professional to determine the best course of action and to solve the problem right away before it turns into a costly procedure.

6. Water Is Bubbling Up Through Your Drains

If you ever experience a time when water is bubbling up through your drains, you should also have the drainpipe examined by a professional. Water bubbling up often appears as gurgling, but these two actions are very different.

Water that is bubbling up actually comes back up through the drainpipe and into the fixture when you're not even using water in that fixture.

When water bubbles in a pipe, you can almost guarantee that there is a problem with your home's main sewer line or with the septic system.

This issue presents a huge problem because the water that backs up into your fixtures will be wastewater. This type of water will contaminate the fixtures and can be harmful to touch or be around.

7. You Have Multiple Drains With Problems Right Now

A big problem to have in your home is one that involves problems with multiple drains in your house. If multiple drains start experiencing clogs all at once, there is a bigger issue going on.

You might not feel shocked if you have one drain acting up but what about if you have two drains acting up? Or, what about if all the drains in your home are acting up?

A single drain acting up is generally due to a problem directly with the pipes for that drain. When all the drains in an entire home act up, it probably indicates there is a problem with the home's septic system or the main sewer line.

The only reason every drain in your home would act up is if none of the drains could allow water to pass through. Generally, the only thing that would cause this is a septic problem. Either your septic tank is full or the main sewer line is clogged.

8. Your Water Pressure Suddenly Decreased

When you think of drain cleaning, you might only think of the drainpipes that transfer waster water out of your home, but these are not the only pipes your home has.

Your home has another entire set of pipes that are there to provide clean, fresh water to each fixture. While it's less likely you'll experience problems with these pipes, there is always a chance you might.

A sign of a problem with the clean water pipes is a sudden decrease in water pressure. Did you recently notice that your water is just not coming out with as much pressure as it once did?

There is a chance that your freshwater pipes might also be clogged. This problem can happen from minerals in the water or for a number of other reasons.This is common in older pipes that are made of galvanized metal.

9. You've Tried Everything to Clean Your Drains

If you often attempt to fix your own drain problems but are currently unable to fix the problem you are currently dealing with, call a drain cleaning company.

You may have tried using a plunger to clear a line, or you might have tried drain cleaning products (even though you shouldn’t!). You may have even shoved a hanger down the drain as an attempt to clear it out.

If nothing is working to free the clog, you might not have the right tools or equipment to get the job done.

10. Your Pipes Are Really Old

At some point it might be wise to evaluate the age of the pipes in your home. Pipes can last a long time, but they don't last forever.

If you suspect your pipes are made of cast iron they might be getting ready to be replaced. Cast iron pipes do corrode away over time, especially in places where water has been sitting in the pipe for long periods of time.

11. You Haven't Hired an Edmonton Drain Cleaning Company in the Last Couple Years

Finally, if you haven't hired an Edmonton drain cleaning company for at least an entire year or two, why not hire one now to perform some routine maintenance?

A frequent evaluation of your drainpipes is a great form of preventative care, and this is something you should consider doing whether you're having problems with your pipes or not.

Here are some key benefits of getting frequent drainpipe inspections:

  1. It will help you find out potential issues and risks
  2. It includes cleaning services for your pipes
  3. You'll experience fewer problems with your plumbing system for the next year
  4. You'll learn tips that may help you care for your plumbing pipes in a more effective manner

You can either wait until problems happen with your plumbing pipes to call for services, or you can aim to prevent problems with them by choosing to have an annual plumbing inspection completed.

One tool used during an annual inspection is often a plumbing video camera. This is a device inserted into a pipe that can see exactly what the condition is of the pipes. This is a tool that is extremely helpful for detecting problems before they become big problems.

How to Find the Best Solution for Your Drain Problems

For the sake of your home (and wallet), don’t ignore these drain cleaning signs! It is best to tackle an early problem, or sign of a potential problem, rather than waiting for an expensive plumbing emergency to unfold. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

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