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Do You Need Drain Cleaning in Edmonton?

Let’s face it, talking about drain clogs doesn’t paint the prettiest of pictures. With most clogs containing bits and pieces of hair, soap, dead skin, and who knows what else in both the kitchen sink and in the bathroom tub, it seems to be a topic most people tend to avoid as much as possible. Let’s change that! Why? Well because drains are an extremely important component for all Edmonton homes! By learning more about drains and by spreading the word - we help prevent damages and costs while strengthening your homes integrity, and families safety.

If you notice that your drain isn't doing its job and you need help, it's never too late to ask! Your trusted Edmonton plumbers know all about Edmonton drain cleaning and the unique characteristics of Edmonton homes. This means all questions, maintenance, or repair services you request - will be addressed by local professionals who knows what they're doing.

When you call on plumbing professionals, you won't need to rely on cleaners or tools that have the potential to eat away at drain pipes or only do half the job you require. Ask questions - we encourage it! Learning as much as you can about your Edmonton home helps prevent future problems. And working with a professional helps extend the life of your plumbing components.

Prevent Small Problems from Turning into Big Plumbing Emergencies

Calling a professional is the best thing to do if you notice a small problem and aren't sure how to handle it. While many folks hold back, thinking they'll get charged for something they can fix on their own, it's better to let a professional plumber provide an expert analysis and service.

That's because plumbers know how serious seemingly small issues can be. They're also aware of what happens when they aren't handled correctly. Another major benefit of trusting the experts is that your plumber can find other items that need fixing, or see where a problem is beginning, even if you haven't noticed it yet.

If you're having issues that include water taking too long to heat up, slow drains, leaks or need other professional help from a local Edmonton drain cleaning plumber, choose the one that knows how to fix these problems - the first time. A trusted, professional Edmonton plumbing company won't need anyone to come out repeatedly, allowing you to save money on plumbing services.

Don't stress about trying to learn how to fix plumbing problems on your own. Instead, let a professional help.

Save Money with Fixes That Don't Damage Your Drain

When it comes to drain clogs that won’t quit, drain cleaners are a go-to method for many people. Some folks favor them due to the ease of use and supposed safety and results. But did you know chemical Drain cleaners cause more problems than they solve? They can be a deadly tools for your pipes, pets, and even family members..

Some of the issues with using drain cleaners include:

  • Damage - slowly eroding pipes when used too often/improperly

  • Health Issues - using these chemicals can cause health issues - especially when used in a small, enclosed space

  • Uselessness - these chemicals don't solve the problem when there are physical items in the toilet or drain, such as a child's toy.

  • Non-selective - chemical drain cleaners don’t only try to dissolve clogs, the acids / bases in these products eat everything they touch including sinks and drain pipes

Although a cheap bottle of drain cleaner sounds like the solution to your problems, Edmonton drain cleaning is the superior (and proper) solution to your homes drain problem. Drain cleaning service involves using a plumbing snake or other professional tools. These are designed to get in deep and remove the actual object causing the problem - without damaging your pipes.

Remember that anything created to chemically break something down won't just affect the object it was intended for. Play it safe and keep your pipes around longer with the help of a professional because replacing your drain pipes can be a costly and invasive task.

Prevent Water Damage from Occurring with Proper Edmonton Drain Cleaning

Sometimes water damage occurs before you even realize it. You might be flushing your toilet or using your sinks, unaware there's a leak causing serious damage to your home.

Although it sounds like something obvious, if you're busy or don't know where to look, water damage quickly becomes an issue. Normal wear and tear in pipes along with equipment and parts that were not installed correctly can lead to water damage. That’s why it's always best to use a professional.

Problems associated with water damage include:

  • Rotting floors

  • High water bill

  • Mold

  • Damage when water seeps into the room below it

  • Unsafe flooring and flooring that buckles if the damage isn't caught soon enough

A professional plumber knows what to look for when inspecting a home for water damage. In addition to Edmonton drain cleaning, many plumbers check for common problem areas in Edmonton homes to detect leaks and water loss.

When left untreated, water damage becomes a severe issue. After a costly emergency plumbing service to stop the leak, you'll need to call in experts to fix your floors, carpets, and systems. As you can see, expenses will quickly start adding up.

Let a professional who's skilled at managing leak problems review how they can help you check for leaks when you schedule your Edmonton drain cleaning maintenance service. You'll save money, and know that everything is in the hands of a professional who knows what to look for.

Discover Cracks and Openings That Cause Potential Problems

Cracks and openings in your drain lines can cause leaks and other problems when not handled correctly. When scheduling a cleaning, folks have the chance to include a line inspection and see if there's an underlying issue they're not aware of.

During drain cleaning, you have the choice to let your plumber go into your main sewer line with a camera. The camera looks for anything that is causing issues or could cause them in the future.

This includes cracks in the pipe that you wouldn't see without the aid of a camera and internal damage that results from digging, tree roots, or changes in the ground. For a job like this, it's important to let a professional assist you in checking your sewer line.

They'll already have the equipment and experience, and they'll know exactly what to look for. Many plumbers who perform drain cleaning service are happy to show you what they see to help you gain a better understanding of the work you need.

As mentioned earlier, having a head start on detecting problems pays off in the long run. You'll avoid developing a serious issue and having to pay extra money to correct the problem.

Keep Tree Roots and Scaling From Ruining Your Drains

As mentioned earlier, it's important to take a look at your sewer line and find out if there are problems related to cracks and root infiltration. Did you know tree roots also play a role in ruining pipes?

When having your drain cleaning and sewer inspection, your plumber should take the time to look at tree roots that are around your pipes. When your first home inspections were held, it was likely that young trees didn't have long roots, and weren't causing issues related to your plumbing.

Unfortunately, sewer pipes facilitate growth for tree roots in many ways. The loose soil around the pipe makes it easy for the roots to grow into it.

Tree roots are stronger than most people realize, and can push into a pipe and grow in there as they get older and stronger. This is especially true if the pipe is old and starting to rust or break down.

The constant flow of water makes the pipe an appealing spot for many trees. They get a steady water source and continue to grow and become prolific.

Scaling is another issue in plumbing that homeowners find ruining their pipes. If you have hard water, you'll notice that calcium deposits can build up quickly.

This isn't great for everyday household use, such as washing your clothes or brushing your teeth. What's bad for you isn't good for the pipes either.

Avoid these problems, and let a professional check everything out and make suggestions for you. You'll extend the life of your pipes, and find out how to plan around the hard water issue.

Don't Get Hit With a Whiff - Get Rid of Odors Today

It's no secret that plumbing pipes don't smell the best. After all, waste from your kitchen and bathrooms travel through these pipes.

It is common knowledge that your drain pipes don’t smell very good, this is why they are vented out your roof and not in your home. When you get a sewer like smell in your home that is a sure sign that something is wrong and it’s time for professional help.

There are quite a few different reason for these smells to occur but our local Edmonton plumbers are familiar with these types of problems and will find the source so it can be fixed for you. The source of these smells are many, but here are some examples: bad toilet seal, clogged P-traps, dry P-traps, plugged vents, sewage backup, sewage leaks, and many more.

Sometimes smells can arise from your water supply, not just your drains. There are many potential sources of water smells as well. Odors and discolored water can signify problems in your pipes or water heater, or water source.

Some of the issues you may experience with this are:

  • Staining in your fixtures (toilets and sinks)

  • Unpleasant smell and water not palatable enough to drink

  • Possible growth of bacteria when left untreated

  • Pipe damage depending on what kind of piping gets used

Trying to diagnose and fix the problem yourself appeals to many folks because they think it saves them money but these problems are often very complicated and are beyond the scope of the average do-it-yourselfer.

It's important to have a professional check everything out and make sure you're not dealing with problems that can compromise your health. If you're noticing a smell that lingers and doesn't leave after the water runs for a minute or two, it's time to call a professional out for an inspection.

Get in the Habit of Regular Drain Cleaning

Just like anything else you do for your home, annual inspections are important for drains. Having an annual inspection keeps problems from developing into major emergencies, and allows you to find out what's going on in your home.

If you suspect there's an issue with your plumbing, your fears get put to rest when a professional helps you. There are other benefits too, such as:

  • Developing a positive relationship with a professional you trust

  • Performing regular maintenance by drain cleaning and preventing build-up

  • You'll know what potential issues could come up, and develop a plan with your plumber to work around them

  • You’ll catch problems early on

  • Avoid an emergency plumber call and the cost that comes with it

Annual cleanings mean you aren't required to do anything other than scheduling an appointment and learn what your plumber has discovered. With no additional stress on your part, you're given control of your home so you know what's best for your plumbing system.

Dealing with problems related to your drain is frustrating when at your wit's end. Let a professional work with you and discover the best solution for your home no matter what you're experiencing.

Together, you can combat your Edmonton drain cleaning problems and find out how to extend the life of your pipes depending on your situation.

Learn More About How a Plumber Can Help Your Drains

Taking care of plumbing is something that shouldn't be neglected. Doing so leads to problems with emergency calls and issues that have to get solved right away.

When you try to correct the problems yourself, this comes at the expensive of your pipes, which can develop issues with drain cleaners and other forms of DIY fixes. Plumbing can even get affected by trees, depending on how old the pipes are and where the roots are in relation to them.

That's why it's necessary to find a local Edmonton drain cleaning service that is dedicated to helping you. If you still haven't found the right plumber to take care of your pipes and everything in your home, let us help.

Contact us for help with Edmonton residential services, and see how we can serve you. We can start with an annual inspection, or address another issue going on in your home, such as the ones stated above.

You'll be in good hands, and you won't have to worry about problems with your plumbing when we're here to serve you.