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What’s the Difference Between HydroScrub® Jetting & Plumbing Snaking?

Clogged drains can mean a great deal of frustration for homeowners. Materials can get stuck in your toilet, sink, shower, tub, and other drains, or build up over the years until your drains simply won’t drain. While a plunger is often the first resort to remove a clog, there are times when you need something a little more powerful. When your drain is overflowing and you call our Edmonton plumbers, they’ll use one of two methods to break up clogs and clear your drains: pluming snaking or HydroScrub® Jetting.

What is Plumbing Snaking?

A plumbing snake, also known as a plumbing auger, is a device that is fed down the clogged drain to remove a clog. A long, thin metal tube is at one end of the cable, which is pushed through your pipes until it encounters a clog. At the end of this tube is a corkscrew, which can be worked into the clog so it can be removed. Plumbing snakes come in two types, which are meant for different types of drains. Augers with straight tubes at the end are intended for sink or shower drains, while those with J-shaped tubes are designed to be used for toilets.

What is HydroScrub Jetting?

Over time, hair, oil, soap residue, grease, and minerals can build up in your system, creating nasty clogs. Our special HydroScrub jetting treatment can clear away the buildup and blockages, leaving your system like new. This treatment does more than simply unclog your drain—it turns back time on the debris and sludge that builds up. It can even be used to clear tree roots from your pipes.

Our Edmonton plumbers use a high-pressure hose to shoot water through your clogged pipes, washing away anything that could lead to a blockage. We’ll help you handle your current clog and keep new ones from forming. We can even use a safe Enzymatic Drain Care treatment afterward to prevent soft deposits like fat and grease from building back up again.

Which Method is Best for My Clog?

The answer depends on the cause of the clog. While either method can be used to break up clogs, snaking is usually an easier option for minor clogs that only slow your drain, or when objects, such as toys, end up falling down a drain. Snaking can also reveal more serious problems, such as tree roots in your system, which can indicate damaged pipes.

HydroScrub jetting, on the other hand, does far more for your system than simply clear up the current issue. It can clean your entire drain pipe, blasting away soft deposits that can lead to later clogs. It does take specialized equipment to perform and can be damaging to your pipes if not performed by an experienced, trained professional. When you call our plumbing experts for a clog, we’ll always inspect your pipes for damage before recommending a treatment.

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