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Do I Really Need a Plumber to Clear a Clogged Drain?

When it comes to working around the house, many of us like to consider ourselves handy. However true that statement may be, some things are better left to the professionals. For your own sake, hiring a professional, certified plumber to handle your clogged drain really is the best option. While you may be confident you can handle the issue yourself, the truth is unless you are a trained plumber, you could cause more harm than good.

You Could Bend or Break Your Pipes

Plumbing can be delicate work, and if you exert even a little too much pressure, you could cause major damage to your plumbing system. If you make a mistake snaking the drain or using another method to forcibly remove a stoppage, you could crack, break, or otherwise damage your pipes. Issues like these can end up costing you much more than it would have to call a plumber in the first place.

Drain Cleaners Aren’t Good Long-Term

Although chemical drain cleaners may seem like the best and easiest solution, they could cause long-term damage. Using a drain cleaner will not harm your pipes if used sparingly, but if you rely on chemicals to fix clogs regularly, it could damage your plumbing permanently. Chemical drain cleaners contain extremely harsh chemicals in order to effectively eliminate clogs, but they could also contribute to erosion and cut down the lifespan of your current plumbing system.

Your Problem Might Be More Complex Than It Seems

Plumbers are trained in a variety of effective, safe methods for unclogging drains. Chances are, whatever home remedy you have in mind, it isn’t the best approach. Even if you think you only have a small clog, you might be facing a more serious issue that could worsen if you attempt to fix it in the wrong way.

In any case, it is best to leave plumbing to the professionals. If you have a clogged drain, whether minor or severe, our plumbers can help.

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