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If your home or business features a septic plumbing system, you know how difficult it can be to keep up with its repair and maintenance. From pipe clog repair to septic pumping, Victoria B.C. properties can experience a variety of septic-related problems. The biggest problem with septic systems, however, is that it can seem almost impossible to determine if there is an issue with the system until it’s too late. For this, Mr. Rooter offers customers a variety of different repairs and preventative maintenance techniques for septic systems in Victoria. Before your system fails or your property becomes flooded, contact Mr. Rooter of Victoria!

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Septic Pumping for Victoria B.C Homes

The most important maintenance for septic tanks is septic pumping. As sinks are drained and toilets are flushed, the wastewater passes through the septic tank. Debris and waste settle at the bottom of the tank, while water is filtered and streams out. Eventually, the amount of waste becomes overwhelming and the tank must be emptied. It is recommended that you have your tank pumped every 2-5 years, but this frequency can vary depending on water use and number of members in your household. If you can’t remember the last time you had septic pumping performed, it’s time to get your tank inspected.

Septic Restoration

If there is an issue with your septic system, Mr. Rooter technicians have a few options to get it back to full working order. If the issue is a result of clogs, buildups, and blockages in your pipes, HydroScrub drain cleaning may be the option for you. HydroScrub uses a custom-designed high-pressure water system run through a hose-like system to break down these blockages. As the hose runs through your pipes, waste it sent down to municipal sewer lines, and your pipes are kept clear. If your septic issue is due to poor lawn condition, Terralift will help to loosen the ground below and oxygenate the air.

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Septic Service with Mr. Rooter

Keep your Septic Systems in Victoria Clean!

No matter the problem with your septic system, having a clean and well-maintained system will help to avoid almost any emergency repair. A well-maintained system will get rid of sewage sticks, and wet spots on your lawn, and end up saving you thousands of dollars!

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