It may be an urban myth that seer gators once lived beneath the city’s cold, dark and damp sewage system. But as a homeowner, experiencing an emergency sewer backup in Toronto is all but too real. A sewer backup is the be-all end-all of your home’s plumbing problems and is usually the result of something blocking the flow of wastewater from your home to the city’s sewage disposal system. And this can cause dirty sewage to back up into your home. A sewer line is your home’s lifeline as it expels all of your household’s waste from your toilets, bathtubs, showers, and sinks into the city’s wastewater outlet, where it’s safely sanitized. 

Mr. Rooter Plumbing technician using hose to drain sewer backup in Toronto

It can be puzzling to deal with a sewer backup because every little plumbing repair you were complacent about over the years accumulated to the point of a crisis sewer backup. Toronto homeowners need not be repulsed from standing in an ankle-deep kiddie pool of discarded and polluted wastewater and can instead rely on a certified, licensed, and fully insured Toronto plumber from Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Toronto for sewer backup services.

Our professional plumbers offer quality workmanship, courteous customer satisfaction, and prompt, efficient service adjusted to your flexible schedule. We understand that no Torontonian wants to deal with the frustration of a clogged sewer line and the inconvenience to their daily routine, so the sooner you leave it to the experts, the better.

About Our Toronto Sewer Backup Services

Nobody wants to transform their home’s basement into a boggy swampland by exposing their property to the floodgates of sewage wastewater. The most likely reason for a sewer backup in Toronto is a broken or collapsed sewer pipe, which usually results from a pesky clog. A stuffy clog slowly erodes at your sewer lateral, the pipe that connects the city’s sanitary sewer to your home, and eventually causes it to deteriorate and weaken, so it’s more susceptible to leakages.

Surprisingly, sewer line backups are quite common, and the best thing you can do as a homeowner is to remain extra vigilant about what you flush down your drain lines and boycott tossing paper towels, hair, and food leftovers down your drains. Thankfully, our skilled plumber is proactive and result-oriented with all plumbing repairs, installations, and maintenance, so you won't ever reach your wit's end. Here are some of the verified and foolproof methods our Toronto sewer backup experts utilize after performing a plumbing diagnosis and inspection to clear away any drain line blockages and restore your sewer line to pristine condition. 

Clogged Drains

You’ll inevitably face a drain blockage at some point, as it’s the most common household plumbing emergency. Clogged drains tend to emerge both in your sewer or wastewater disposal lines and freshwater supply lines when an extensive amount of pressure becomes concentrated in a specific location of your drainage pipes, usually due to accumulated debris. So, if you attempt to toss anything down the sink, don’t be alarmed if it hurls out your garbage due to your drainage pipes being suffocated. Our Toronto plumber is well-equipped and has the dexterity and tactics to uncover the root cause using a wide variety of industry-grade equipment, from using a drain auger to snake out the clog, performing a video camera inspection, infrared detection to create a thermal map, to using acoustic listening to uncover the location of leaks. The sooner you get clogged drain services, the less likely you will experience an uncontrollable sewer backup. Toronto plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing will make sure of that.

HydroScrub® Jetting 

After navigating your sewer lateral and pinpointing any troublesome spots for the nasty clog, we’ll proceed to a hydro pump away any blockages. Hydro jetting is what we use for our popular sewer cleaning and drain cleaning services. It utilizes steaming high-pressure jets, up to 3500 psi, and 68 litres of water per minute to pulse away any obstacles in its path and pushes the blockage through your wastewater lines into the city’s sewer disposal system. Our trained technician will carefully insert the nozzle into your dewar drain and continue rotating the head and manoeuvring the cable along the bends and crevices of the pipeline to break down tough and stubborn clogs. By default, it also rids your pipe’s interior walls from clung-on residue, which makes it difficult for clogs to readily emerge anytime soon and ensures your wastewater disposal lines remain long-lasting. 

Tree Root Intrusion 

If majestic trees with overhanging canopies happen to border the outskirts of your Toronto home, they’ve likely been there for a while. And although they provide tranquillity and add a sense of grandeur to your home, they can also be a culprit for clogs. If the tree roots branch deeply underneath your home’s foundation, they can make contact with your sewer lines only to wrap around and puncture them by infiltrating your drainage pipes. Worst yet, these roots will slurp on the confined water and use it to sustain and nourish themselves to continue growing. Plus, the humidity and moisture in the pipe enclosure will allow the roots to spread further out. But no frets! Your home’s plumbing system isn’t a goner just yet as your agile technician will blast it all away with a HydroScrub® Jetting and effortlessly snap and cinch off these roots, leaving your pipes spick-and-span. Plus, we’ll even rectify your sewer lines by fixing any leaky spots.  

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Or Replacement 

Sometimes we’ve tried hydro jetting to no avail and have no choice but to get our hands dirty with an actual repair, especially if your drainage pipes have just been pierced by sharp and scathing tree roots. Or it can have nothing to do with the whomping willow in your backyard and all to do with a shifting house foundation that has featured your pipes. At this point, our trained technician will go down deep beneath to uncover your buried lines that are broken. But be rest assured it’s likely we won’t have to dig an awful gash and wide open ditch just to access the drain lines. Mostly, we will proceed to reline the existing pipe using an inflatable sac or smash away the broken pipe parts and tug a new pipe into place using the same bloated sac to forge a new pipe. 

Backwater Valve Repair 

So after scouring your drain lines every nook and cranny to suss out the problem, we may not encounter a clog at all but instead uncover an inordinate amount of extra water. A backwater valve installation is responsible for redirecting sewage wastewater away from your home so your basement doesn’t flood. If a thunderstorm rolled in with heavy rainfall or a flash flood, it could result in a sewer backup. Toronto homeowners whose backwater valves are busted will no longer be able to remove excess water or prevent pipes from overflowing. During a sewer line inspection, your Toronto plumber will proceed to correct your backwater valve or even install a new one from a wide selection, including double-check valves, flapper valves, ball floats, butterfly valves, and swing-check valves. 

Why Mr. Rooter Plumbing Is the Tactical Choice For Toronto Sewer Backup Service 

Sewer backup affecting drain in a Toronto home’s basement

Many inexperienced contractors wouldn’t bother showing up last minute to help you with a sewer backup. Toronto residents get the peace of mind that our experienced team members at Mr. Rooter Plumbing are available 24/7 for emergency services and can anticipate help from a licensed plumber who’s had extensive training on advanced techniques and can handle any curveball you toss at them. Don’t be hesitant to reach out, as we’ll dispatch our technician right away, so you won’t have the unfortunate circumstance of taking a field trip to the marsh that is your home. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Sewer Backup | Toronto, ON

What Are Some Warning Signs I Have A Sewer Backup?

Toronto homeowners may be able to handle the odd clog here and there, but what if it returns or affects a different drain? Our Toronto plumbers recommend that you pay attention to these telltale signs:

  • Toilet gurgling or bubbling
  • Water backs up in the kitchen sink or shower
  • Foul smells
  • Standing water in plumbing fixtures
  • Slow drains
  • Wet patches on the lawn
  • Overflowing basement floor drain
  • Leaking cleanout

What Causes A Sewer Backup?

Toronto homeowners may be familiar with clogged pipes issues in their household, which are usually the result of tossing down problematic items or leaks due to broken or collapsed sewer lines. Here are items you should boycott from flushing down the drains:

  • Paper towels
  • Hair
  • Fats, oils, and grease (FOG)
  • Feminine products, including napkins and tampons
  • Pads cotton swabs
  • Dental floss
  • Food leftovers, including rice, pasta, flour, coffee grounds, tea leaves, eggshells
  • Medications

These items are major culprits for drain backups and, over time, could result in a sewer line clog. Though only human waste and toilet paper are meant to go down your toilet drain, they can also lead to clogs over time if you don’t book regular maintenance. 

Besides bad household habits, there are also natural disasters that could lead to a sewer backup. Toronto weather may not always be predictable, but bad weather conditions and tree root intrusion are common causes.

How Do You Deal With A Sewer Backup In An Emergency?

If you already see that sewage is being upchucked in your drains, toilets, bathtubs, and showers, your sewage backup is already in motion so the very first thing you should do is shut off your home’s main water supply and contact your professional plumber, so you don’t experience the full-fledge wrath of the sewage. 

Am I Eligible for Toronto Sewer Backup Insurance?

That is a good question! But it highly depends on your current home insurance policy and provider. Many home insurance companies only cover some water damage and perhaps some repairs, as long as you have taken the necessary precautions to keep damage to a minimum, such as relying on a functioning backwater valve and sump pump. But in the event of basement flood, they don’t normally cover water removal or restoration. Our plumbing team recommends going through the details with your insurance agent.

Marshland No More! Our Tremendous Toronto Sewer Backup Team Is Your Saviour! 

By relying on our experienced team members at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Toronto, you can avoid the worst-case scenario of a sewage backup. Toronto homeowners should know of the disastrous effects of contaminated water on their health. It is full of microorganisms and pathogens that can make people ill just by exposure and inhaling the toxic fumes. 

With Mr. Rooter Plumbing, you don’t have to be anxious about raw sewage invading your home. Whether you’re in East York or another part of the Greater Toronto Area, we’ll be happy to provide a consultation or service appointment at your earliest convenience. 

Reach out to us today, and our customer service representatives will answer your questions, comments, and concerns as they eagerly await your response.

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