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The Top Signs You Need Drain Repair in Toronto, Ontario

If you have a problem with the drains in your home, there's a good chance that you aren't going to notice right away. Even after you do notice, you might not feel like it's serious enough to call a plumber. The plumbing industry in Canada is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Most homeowners don't want to add to that bottom line by calling a plumber over every little drain or plumbing problem, adding more time between the first time you notice a problem and contacting a professional.

Trying to save money by staying away from the plumber may only make your drain problem worse. Avoiding the plumber could also make your problem more expensive when you do finally pick up the phone to get help.

When it comes to plumbing problems, your problem will always be less expensive the sooner you call a professional. Read on to learn the top signs that you need drain repair in Toronto.

Costs for Drain Repair in Toronto

Since most of our plumbing systems are underground, it is almost impossible to tell there is a problem when the problem first starts.

The signs that you need drain repair could range from simple wear and tear to flooding and sewage backup. Even the most experienced homeowner may not know there is a drain problem until a flood has caused thousands of dollars of damage and insurance costs.

The average drain problem in Toronto can cost anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. Waiting to call the plumber until the problem has gotten worse is only going to increase the cost of service.

Testimonials and customer reviews will often give you a sense of what you can expect from your Toronto plumber.

The bigger the problem, the longer your plumber will be on-site to repair it. Catching a problem early lowers the amount of time that it takes a plumber to fix it, meaning you'll cut your labour fees and save money.

Having your drain cleaned out could cost as little as $200 if you call the plumber early enough. The problem is that it isn't always obvious when you need drain repair.

Use this guide to pinpoint the earliest signs that you have a drain problem in Toronto.

Bad Smells

Having a kitchen or bathroom that doesn't smell right is one of the first signs you need drain repair in Toronto. There could be several reasons for this.

You may have a clogged main drain that is backing water into the pipe, thus causing a buildup of sewage, waste, and water. Sometimes the smell comes from sewage leaking, and sometimes it comes from water that has been sitting in a pipe.

Bad smells related to drain problems may not always be in the home. Even strange odours around your home could be a sign that you have a drain problem.

Before the problem gets worse, call a plumber to help you identify the odour and take care of it before the situation gets out of hand.

Slow Drains

The last thing you want before a special occasion like a Thanksgiving dinner or birthday party is to realize that your dishwasher isn't working or your sink isn't draining. This is often one of the first signs you need drain repair, but it doesn't mean that the problem has just begun.

A sink or bathtub that won't drain is often a sign of a clogged pipe, but it could also be a sign of a bigger problem like pipe damage. In some cases, tree roots can even cause the blockage, but you won't know this until you call a plumber to isolate the source of the problem.

In addition to a sink draining slowly, you may also see backed up water into the sink. That points to not only a drain problem but a sewage problem as well.

Check out these other signs of a clogged sewage drain.


The most obvious sign that you need drain repair is a leak, which can happen anywhere in your home. When you begin to suspect a drain problem, look underneath the sink with the water running slowly to see if you can spot any leaks in the pipes.

In most cases, you can. Even the smallest leak needs professional and immediate attention or it will turn into a waterfall-sized problem.

It's important to get to the leak right away before more water builds up, or you could begin to see mould in certain areas of your home near the leak.

If you have a leak in the home, begin the cleanup process immediately. Take before and after pictures of the leak and any corresponding damage.

Make sure you get any valuables away from the leak before you call a plumber.

Corroded Pipes

Any kind of metal is corrosive and susceptible to rust, and it is only a matter of time before metal will corrode. When the metal is being used to move water from one place to another, such as in a drain, the corrosion process speeds up.

Iron pipes will rust and copper will corrode when exposed to chlorine and formaldehyde, both of which are chemicals found in house water. As time goes on, corrosion will weaken a pipe to the point where it will leak or burst.

This problem is easier to resolve with early detection. If you have any kind of drain problems in the house, check for corroded pipes and call a plumber as soon as you can.

This type of problem will lead to flooding. You will have the expense of a plumber, house insurance rates increasing, and will likely also have to replace lost valuables after a flood if you let this problem go on too long.

Water Pools

Anytime you see water pooling in or near your home, there's a good chance that you have a drain problem. Pooling water is not supposed to happen with normal working pipes.

You might see water pooling in your lawns or spots around the basement of your home.

When a sewage line or tank leaks, it will result in a water pool. The water will then rise to create more pools around your home.

Call a plumber as soon as you can to investigate the source of this problem before your pool becomes a flood.

Yard Changes

When you begin to suspect a drain problem, take a look at your yard to see if you can spot any changes.

If you have a section of your lawn that appears greener or more lush than usual, that could be a sign that your lawn is using sewage water as fertilizer. These spots will look like patches that are greener than other areas of your home.

This happens because sewage water contains fertilizer, and fertilizer, of course, feeds your botanical wildlife. You may see this all over your yard or only patches of improvement in your lawn.

If you notice your plants, lawn, or backyard appears more lush than usual, you may have a drain problem that's releasing sewage.

More Wildlife Than Usual Around Home

If you see more wildlife than usual around your home, it could be a sign of a potentially serious drain problem. Insects and rodents are particularly fond of sewage, as they feed off of it to survive.

Seeing a mouse or rat around your home where there were none before is a sign of a major drain problem. You don't want to add an exterminator bill to your plumbing bill if you can avoid it. Call a plumber in Toronto to fix the problem before it becomes worse.

Water Stains

There is never a good time to have extra water in the home. Sometimes, this may show up as a backed-up drain or a water pool, but you may also see water stains in the lower level of your home.

This happens when water backs up, drains, and then backs up again. There is usually an unusual odour attached to the stain.

If you ever notice these types of stains in your basement, it's time to call a plumber. Be sure that you clean the area entirely and remove all belongings from the area before you bring in the professionals.

Water Bill Changes

You should always pay attention to your water bills and make note of any changes that happen. If your water bill is going up at a steady rate, it is often a sign that you have a water problem somewhere in the home.

You'll need to call a professional if you see sudden water bill changes.

That problem could be anything from a waterline repair to a leak somewhere in the pipes. If your water bill suddenly spikes, then you are losing water somewhere in your home.

The problem could be anything from a slow and steady leak to a massive pool somewhere on your property. A sudden water bill change is only one of the many things to look for when troubleshooting plumbing problems at home

Check Your Home Insurance

The best time to ensure that you have homeowners insurance is before you have a water problem. Today, water problems are a leading cost of insurance claims.

Before you think you need a plumber, check your homeowner's insurance to determine if you have the right coverage in the event of a water catastrophe. Insurance coverage on everything from overland water or a sewage problem is available, but not when it is too late.

Water problems are one of the leading causes of home insurance claims, and an unattended water problem is going to cost you more in several ways. From replacing water tanks to overhauling a plumbing system, to cleaning up a massive water mess, a drain problem always starts small and ends up being expensive unless it gets fixed immediately.

One study notes that in 2011, 48 percent of home insurance claims related to water damage, with the remainder of 2011 claims divided into theft, fire, and other loss damage. Water damage is something you can not usually fix when it comes to lost personal effects.

You can add overland coverage to your home policy for as little as $30 a month. You can also add a backup sewage protection rider to your policy for as little to protect you and your home's contents from a major water problem.

The worst time to call for this coverage is after you've already had to call a plumber for drain repair in Toronto.

Contact Drain Professionals Today

The average cost of a water problem could be as low as a few hundred dollars, or it could run into the thousands. When the homeowner has let the issue slip for some time, the issues get larger and end up spending more money in the long run.

Also, you may see your home insurance rates increase, your deductible increase, and have the added cost of replacing belongings in your home. If you get a big rain or snowmelt in Toronto, your slow leak will quickly become a flood.

The bigger the problem, the more expensive your plumber will be, as you will be charged by the hour for them to investigate the source of your problem. From soaked floors to dangerous mould, water damage is the one problem that will only get bigger and worse with time.

Before that happens, contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Toronto when you need drain repair in Toronto.