The Benefits of Pipe Bursting Service in Toronto

Multiple colored pipe valves

Were you told that your old pipes need replacing? Feeling a little sick to the stomach when thinking about the cost, time, and mess digging out that old water or sewer line will cause you? It is understandable.

While a plumbing emergency is never cause for celebration, you can feel better knowing replacing underground pipes has gotten cheaper, safer, cleaner, and a lot quicker with "pipe bursting" technology.

What is pipe bursting, and how does it work? What are the benefits of a pipe-bursting service? Our Toronto plumbers have provided the answers - read on!

The Benefits of Pipe Bursting Service

Before pipe bursting, replacing underground pipes was a colossal headache. Removing the old pipes required digging trenches. Surveyors needed to map out electrical and gas lines and other potential dangers before breaking ground.

Then the real work began. A team of dirt movers with heavy equipment would come in and tear apart the property to get at the pipes. With the new pipe in place, the job was only halfway done.

The property would then need extensive landscaping work. The land required levelling. The grass needed reseeding, and the excavation aftermath needed cleaning up. The entire process could take weeks.

Thankfully there is a better way. Replacing pipelines with a pipe-bursting service is a superior solution in many ways. First off, pipe bursting is a trenchless process. There is no need to dig up the old pipe at all. Here is a breakdown of the many benefits of a pipe-bursting service:

Better for the Environment

Disturbing the earth wreaks havoc on the environment. Excavation of a property can unearth dangerous moulds and toxic substances such as asbestos.

When replacing a sewer line, much of the dirt around the leak will be a contaminated mess. Digging the trench brings all that filth to the surface bringing with it toxic fumes. The burning of diesel fuel to run heavy equipment like backhoes and bulldozers pollutes the air in and around the property.

This process reduces a beautiful green living space to a messy mud pit. It can take a year or more for the natural environment to return fully.


Traditional underground pipe replacement requires huge trenches to be dug, scaring the land and destroying all the grass, trees, flowers, and other vegetation in the way. Pipe bursting gives homeowners a way to save themselves from a big eyesore and the extended time, money, and effort required to restore it to its former glory.

Pipe bursting service is a trenchless process. There is no need to destroy the property by digging wide trenches with heavy machinery. Only a small access pit is needed with modern pipe-bursting technology.

Less Labour Needed

Labour costs for traditional pipe replacement will cost you a lot more money simply because there is much more labour involved. Even before breaking ground, there is considerable labour involved.

You will need to hire surveyors to map out underground electrical and gas lines. In most cases, you will need city permits for the excavation, which means inspections will be required. A job site that utilizes heavy machinery can expect strict local government oversight.

The digging out of the old pipe itself is labour-intensive. If you opt to dig by hand, you are looking at hiring a whole crew of ditch diggers. It could take hundreds of working hours to dig the ditch, remove the old pipe, and bury the new pipe.

Once the ground is restored to its former state, landscaping of the property begins. The land may need extensive tiling or flattening. Your grass will need reseeding or sod laid down. You also may have to build or repair retaining walls or planters.

The pipe bursting method can replace up to 200 m of pipe a day with only a crew of a few well-trained professionals. The technology allows for fewer workers for less time, significantly reducing the labour involved.

Superior Materials

One of the most significant benefits of pipe bursting service is higher quality pipes. The technology uses seamless pipes. The joints in piping are weak points that often leak or break. Pipe bursting eliminates these weak points in your plumbing.

Pipe bursting incorporates thick plastic pipes of the highest quality. The smooth surface of the material is especially effective at removing sewage and reducing the risk of clogs and the backing up of wastewater.

On account of these superior materials, pipe bursting services often come with a lifetime guarantee.

Easy on the wallet

Pipe bursting slashes the cost of replacing your pipes by thousands of dollars. A small crew of highly specialized plumbing professionals can do the job in a day or two.

The savings in labour cost is considerable. The advanced technology of the pipe-bursting machinery does the majority of the work.

Pipe bursting destroys the old pipe and forces it into the walls of the pipe cavity, effectively removing the old pipe from the equation. There is no need for costly and labour-intensive breaking up, loading, and hauling off of the old pipe.

Another considerable saving comes by minimizing the cleanup work needed. Pipe bursting requires little in the way of cleanup. The pit (or pits) dug need to be refilled, but that is about it. Minimal damage means more savings for the homeowner.

Encourages Technological Innovation

Improved technology provides cheaper and better alternatives to pipe repair. When you insist on a pipe bursting service to repair your old pipes, you support the innovation that made it possible.

Burst Pipe Repair

Experts will intentionally destroy the old or broken pipe using special pipe-bursting machinery, and the new pipe is pulled through to replace it. Bursting the pipe and destroying it is an efficient way of replacing it.

Two small pits are dug at the start and end of the pipe that needs replacing. Machinery is set up in the front pit where the pipe goes into the structure. The pipe burst from there to the end of the pipe on the opposite side.

A professional will attach the bursting head to the front of the new pipe. The old pipe is burst into pieces, and the bursting head clears the pieces into the dirt walls expanding the pipe cavity.

Once the old pipe is out of the way, the new pipe is attached to the bursting head. The machine then retracts back through the cavity it just burrowed, pulling the new pipe into place. This simplified process most certainly saves time and money.

Pipe bursting uses high-quality seamless pipes built to last a long time. Many plumbers will give a lifetime guarantee for pipe bursting service.

Septic Tank Repair and Service

If properly maintained, septic tanks can last generations, but nothing lasts forever. Servicing your septic tank and making needed repairs early can save you from sewage backups and the cost of replacement before it's time. Be on the lookout for the signs that your septic tank needs to be serviced or repaired and call in the professionals before the problem becomes a huge stinky mess.

Septic Tank

A septic tank is an underground concrete or plastic cavity where sewage is stored if it isn't flushed away through a city sewer system. Septic tanks are mostly found on properties in rural areas.

Sewage is a hazardous material, and the proper disposal of it falls under the responsibility of the homeowner. Talking about human waste isn't the most attractive of subjects, but it is important to understand the basics of how your septic tank works and the common things that could go wrong with the system.

Pipes carry wastewater to the septic tank. Most septic tanks have two chambers that serve to separate the solid sludge from the water. The septic tank breaks down solid waste as much as possible. It filters the wastewater and sends it out of the tank through a series of pipes known as a drainage field.

The hazardous material stays inside the tank while the rest is absorbed into the soil of the surrounding area.

Septic Tank Service

Your septic tank will eventually fill up with sludge and need emptying. There are many factors to how often a septic tank needs to be emptied, such as the size of the tank, and the amount of waste going through the system, among other factors. Toilet paper is one of the biggest problems causing your septic tank to clog or fill up.

When purchasing a home or building, it is wise to ask when the tank was last pumped and when it should be done again. Some septic tanks need to be emptied every few years, while others may need emptying every 10 to 20 years or even more.

The pipe carrying waste to the septic tank may become clogged and begin to back up. When this happens, an expert should either snake or pump to clear the blockage and restore the system to working order.

Septic Tank Maintenance

If you notice that draining water from toilets, sinks, or tubs has slowed or stopped, this is an indicator that the pipes to your septic tank may be beginning to clog up. You should call a plumber to assess the situation and take action before a more serious stoppage develops.

A foul odour in the home is always a warning sign of sewer system issues. If you notice a bad smell coming from the drains when you flush or use the water, there is likely an issue with either the septic tank itself or the pipes running to the septic tank.

Septic tank repair and replacement is a dirty and expensive business. Ongoing and frequent maintenance of the septic tank and pipes increases the lifespan of the septic tank and lowers the risk of serious problems developing.

Sewage Pipe Burst

Are there puddles in your yard or places where the ground is sinking? Is there a distinctively foul odour? When this occurs, it is most likely a broken or leaking pipe.

When a sewage pipe bursts, it is essential you repair it immediately to avoid contamination to the environment. The longer the pipe is leaking sewage, the worse the potential damage to the property and the greater the cost of service to repair it.

Why Do pipes burst?

There are several reasons why pipes burst, and pipe bursting can occur without warning at any time. The most common cause is the weakening of pipes from prolonged freezing and thawing.

Tree roots growing and wrapping around underground pipes are another common cause. The ground shifting into boulders can also cause pipes to burst. Other times the pipe weakens from age and is unable to withstand the water pressure and then bursts.

Better Is Better

With so many advantages, the question becomes, "What are the benefits of NOT using pipe bursting service to replace your old pipes?" You will be hard-pressed to find any reasons.

The lifeblood of any home or building is its plumbing. Special care to service and maintain these vital systems will see your investment protected and minimize the risk of costly water or sewage damage to your property. If you ever need to replace broken or leaking pipes, going the way of pipe bursting could potentially save you a significant amount of time, hassle, and money.

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