Top Signs You Need Main Sewer Line Repair in Ottawa

A dirt pit and a pipe underneath a concrete slab that has been broken apart to facilitate Ottawa main sewer line repair.
A flooded basement is one of the worst events to happen to your Ottawa home. Sewage backups leave houses foul-smelling and pose a safety hazard to you and your family. Not only do main sewer line backups cause damage, but they can also be dangerous due to electrical outlets or circuits in your basement. Instead of waiting for a pipe burst or your sewer backup to finally say, “Told you so,” there are ways to identify certain warning signs way in advance!

If you notice any warning signs mentioned in the article, we recommend calling a professional plumbing service company ASAP to prevent further damage and safety issues. Plumbing emergencies can happen at any hour. That’s why you need a reliable Ottawa plumber who is available 24/7 to help. The expert plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ottawa have years of experience using specialized equipment to perform main sewer line repairs.

Our sewer inspection services are capable of finding the root cause of bad smells and preventing major structural damage caused by leaks or burst pipes.

Signs You May Need Ottawa Main Sewer Line Repair

Sometimes, needing plumbing services isn’t always as clear as water pooling up near your plumbing fixtures. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of warning signs to look out for.

Flooded or Foul Odour Yard:

This is the most noticeable sign that your main sewer line needs to be repaired. Sewer pipes located closer to the surface that break can quickly pool water that seeps through the grass, becoming visible on the surface. A foul odor is also indicative of needing Ottawa's main sewer line repairs as the sewage will start to smell before it hits the surface. Taking action in advance will save you from more extensive water damage.

Draining Problems:

If there’s a blockage in your main sewer line, chances are you’re going to notice a few or multiple drains in your home beginning to have problems draining properly. Toilets may make strange gurgling sounds as the air gets pushed back up the line. If you’re noticing draining problems across multiple fixtures or frequent, recurring clogs, it may be time to call a professional plumber in Ottawa for drainage repair services.

Water Damage in Your Home:

Problems with your main sewer line could result in pipe leaks or main breaks within your Ottawa home. These leaks can cause water damage that may be hidden at first but will quickly become apparent. Mold will spread in areas where water is leaking, making it easier to pinpoint the problem. An untreated leaking pipe can cause serious damage to your home.

Causes for Needing Main Sewer Line Repair in Ottawa, ON

If you feel like you've had to call an Ottawa plumber too often in the past months, it could be a bigger problem. Recurring clogs indicate undetected causes that you must investigate. Addressing the issue right at the root with main sewer line repair can save you numerous visits from plumbers.

Tree Roots:

A common cause of main sewer line problems in Ottawa is tree roots. These roots follow sources of water as they grow. A leaking sewer is a beacon for attracting tree roots that will wrap around and break into your lines. This results in clogs and sometimes even breaking the pipes. Clay sewers are the most vulnerable to damage from tree roots. These roots are capable of causing extensive damage to the entire sewer line. Main sewer line repair will involve cutting away tree roots and pipe rehabilitation.

Corroded Pipes, Wear and Tear From Ageing:

Over time, pipes have a high risk of corroding from calcium and magnesium build-up. Regular wear and tear will also cause build-ups and corrosion. Untreated corrosion will leave your lines susceptible to leaks and cracks; we recommend having an experienced plumber in Ottawa look for corrosion during your annual inspection. While repairs are still possible, you will likely be looking at replacements.

Clogged Drains From Debris and Foreign Objects:

Materials such as fats, oils, and grease are the biggest culprit for plumbing problems. There's a reason they have their own acronym in the plumbing industry: FOG. Many people believe that FOG is ok to go down the drain because they're in liquid form. The opposite is true; as it cools down inside the pipes, it will solidify into a mess that will attract more waste to grow the blockage even further. Making sure these substances aren't going down your drain will have a big impact on the health of your sewer line and keep the need for Ottawa main sewer line repair at bay.

Extreme Temperatures:

The climate in Ottawa is considered extreme. During cold weather, frozen pipes can burst caused of expanding ice or high water pressure. Clogs are also common unless you check the insulation system during winterization.

Ottawa Main Sewer Line Repair Solutions

Different problems require different Ottawa main sewer line repair options. The material of the pip and the extent of any corrosion will determine which methods can be used and which aren’t a good fit.

Pipe Lining:

This is the simplest of the two methods of Ottawa main sewer line repair. As long as the damage to your sewer line is minimal, we can perform pipe relining. It’s done by inserting an inflatable tube covered with epoxy into your main sewer line. Then, the tube is inflated to press against the existing line. The epoxy will then cure and harden against the original pipe, repairing any leaks or cracks. Once completed, the inflatable tube will be removed from the pipes. The installation process takes a few hours to complete; the curing process takes up to 24 hours, during which you may need to monitor your plumbing system. A well-installed lining will remain durable for up to 50 years, ensuring that your plumbing system in Ottawa continues to work well for many years after you repair it.

Pipe Bursting:

If your main sewer line is too damaged for relining, a slightly more invasive method must be used. Luckily, this method is still trenchless, meaning no damage to your yard. Your experienced Ottawa plumber will feed a cone-shaped head through your existing main sewer line to destroy the pipe with hydraulics and immediately replace it with a new one. This process is more expensive and requires more time than relining.

Other Trenchless Methods:

As modern construction and plumbing technology are advancing fast, new methods are continuously developed to make repairs more cost-effective and personalized for individual issues. Your Ottawa plumber is always informed about the latest technologies.

  • Horizontal directional drilling: Commonly referred to as HDD, this process involves the drilling of a tunnel underground.
  • Thermoformed lining: a method that uses heated PVC
  • Spiral-wound lining: A method similar to pipe lining
  • Chemical grouting: also known as permeation grouting
  • Spray-on: This technique uses a rotating spray head
  • Micro tunneling: This is used for smaller lines, typically no more than 5 feet in diameter.
  • Mechanical spot repair: A rehabilitation technique that uses polyurethane gaskets and grout to repair cracks and breaks.

If the damage is too far gone, traditional excavation methods must be used, requiring your lawn to be dug up.

Preventive Maintenance:

Although preventative maintenance won’t always prevent the need for Ottawa's main sewer line repair, it will help minimize potential problems. Regular inspections and drain cleaning services will vastly reduce the number of build-ups and reduce the number of cracks, clogs, and bursts that could occur.

While plumbing snakes and augers are useful household tools, your Ottawa plumbers use hydro jetting devices to effectively blast away grime build-up. This will increase your plumbing’s shelf life, promote their health and reduce the number of blockages you’ll experience in your drains.

How Long Does a Main Sewer Line Last?

The life expectancy of your main sewer line will depend largely on the pipe material and how well you maintain it. Orangeburg pipes in older homes are only supposed to last around 50 years, cast iron lasts between 75-100 years, clay and cement pipes can last up to 100 years, and a PVC sewer pipe can last over 40 years.

The number of harmful substances, such as fats and grease going down your drain, will also affect your sewer's lifespan. These substances build up over time, decreasing efficiency and eventually causing blockages that could lead to severe clogs and leaks. Don't wait until main sewer line repair is your last resort; instead, act early by hiring our plumbing professionals for a plumbing diagnosis and inspection.

How to Prevent Needing Main Sewer Line Repair in Ottawa, ON

If you’re frustrated with the number of times you’ve had to pay for plumbing repairs this year, we recommend learning how you can protect your sewage lines from damage and problems. Repair costs become expensive over time. Sewer leaks and blockages caused by grease build-up are inconvenient problems that affect your household.

Get Main Sewer Line Inspections Once a Year:

Having licensed plumbers performing video inspections on your sewer drains annually will allow them to spot any problems and perform preventative maintenance cleaning. Services like drain cleaning or sewer cleaning will remove any grime build-ups along your pipes and make sure everything is flowing properly, meaning no clogged drains.

Use Your Main Sewer System Responsibly:

Household drains are only meant to dispose of human waste and toilet paper, any other materials may be harmful. Using your main sewer system properly will save you future repairs and visits from our licensed plumbers. This means being careful of what’s going down your drains and limiting the amount of fat, oil, and grease that finds its way into your pipes.

Remove Trees that are at Risk of Damaging the Main Sewer Line:

If you have a leaking pipe, repairing the pipe itself will sometimes solve the tree problem. Sometimes, the roots may find their way back or to a different, less secure area of your main sewer lateral. If you’re worried about this becoming a recurring problem, moving the tree is a reliable solution to prevent future Ottawa main sewer line repairs. If you have clay pipes, you should pay extra attention to the location of your trees relative to piping because they are highly susceptible to invasive roots.

Why Choose Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ottawa?

There’s a reason why our team of expert plumbers is trusted throughout Ottawa. Each of our plumbing professionals has years of industry experience and is highly trained, hardworking, and exceptionally courteous. We have experience using various different repair methods to provide Ottawa main sewer line repair for our happy clients.

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Who Should You Call for Main Sewer Line Repair in Ottawa, ON?

If you suspect you may need Ottawa's main sewer line repair, it’s important that you call a professional plumbing technician right away. The issue is often deep within your plumbing system and will require careful attention and tools for repair. Conventional methods like a plunger or drain snake won’t serve any wonders here.

When looking for a skilled, licensed plumber, look no further than Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ottawa. There’s a reason we’re a local plumbing company favorite with tons of positive customer reviews. Our plumbing experts use video camera inspection and state-of-the-art equipment, meaning a lower average cost and excellent workmanship you can count on. We offer many other plumbing services, for everything from water heater installations to dealing with frozen pipes.

We proudly serve Ottawa and nearby communities, such as Nepean, Kanata, and Gatineau. Whether it’s taking a preventative measure, dealing with clogged drains, or pipe repairs, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment today or contact us through our website.