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The Benefits of Trenchless Water Line Replacement Service in Ottawa

Homeowners must pay close attention to their water systems. Water lines are essential, so it's crucial to know when they need maintenance.

Common signs of a disruption in your water line include:

  • Water discoloration or odour
  • Low water pressure throughout your home
  • Soggy spots or water pools on your lawn

Don't panic thinking about the costs and time involved in a water line replacement. Instead, turn to trenchless technologies. More and more people are choosing trenchless water repair. Trenchless water line replacement offers homeowners exceptional benefits.

Let's explore how homeowners benefit from trenchless plumbing repairs and replacements.

1. Trenchless Eliminates Property Damage

Trenchless plumbing is a noninvasive method of repairing or replacing damaged pipelines. The process allows plumbers to access, repair, or replace entire water lines while causing negligible property damage.

Technicians use advanced technology and equipment to reduce the need for excavation. For homeowners, that means plumbing lines are repaired without destroying their yards.

Trenchless water line replacement starts with a sewer camera inspection. Waterproof cameras are attached to rods. A plumber lowers the device into the sewer line through a small entry point.

Once it's below the ground, the camera crawls through the pipeline. As it moves, the camera sends high-quality video footage to the operator. Technicians review the videos to determine where the problems are located and what pipes need to be replaced.

As a bonus, sewer camera inspections can also reveal silent leaks or pipe problems that homeowners might not have been aware of.

When the camera reveals where the damaged pipes are, the plumber will wave a locating device on the ground-level until it picks up the signal. The tech sprays the area with paint, so they know exactly where to enter the pipeline.

Trenchless water line replacement should result in only two holes. One hole is created where the water line begins, and the second is where the water line ends. Many homeowners prefer this compared to traditional methods that involve digging up an entire property to access the waterline.

2. Going Trenchless Means Fast Solutions

Technology makes the world move faster. Thanks to trenchless equipment, plumbers can complete water line repairs faster than ever.

Traditional methods require three to five days to complete water line replacements. Trenchless sewer services, however, can be done in 24 hours or less.

Traditionally, replacing water lines has been a burden. Families have had to shut off water systems, and relocate their households during the maintenance. But trenchless technologies get the job done as quickly as possible, eliminating much of the hassle involved in pipe repairs.

The sewer camera inspection reveals the exact location of the damaged pipes. Once the plumbers know where to go, they quickly replace the broken pipes.

In most cases, technicians use cured-in-place (CIPP) repairs to fix the damaged water line. This allows plumbers to replace pipes without digging or removing any pipes. CIPP can be used in water, gas, and chemical pipelines.

Plumbers insert an epoxy lining into the damaged pipe. The liner's resin cures and attaches to the pipe's interior. Once the liner dries, it creates a durable new vessel within the existing pipeline.

Performing CIPP on small plumbing systems can take one or two hours. Larger pipelines may take longer. Most trenchless water line replacements are completed within one day. If you require service on your domestic water lines make sure to double check with your plumber if relining domestic water lines is an option.

3. Trenchless Repairs Are Affordable

Trenchless repairs take less time, require fewer materials, and require less labour. Therefore, trenchless water line services are more affordable than traditional methods.

Trenchless technologies eliminate the need for excavation, reducing the number of tools and hours required to complete the project. New technology, like camera inspections, allows techs to quickly locate the damaged pipe and make speedy repairs.

Time is money in plumbing. Homeowners pay for the labour they receive. The quicker the job, the lower the final cost.

4. Trenchless Technologies Create Strong Pipes

Trenchless water line services are designed to be long-lasting. The replacement pipes are durable. They can improve water flow and decrease your risk of clogs, corrosion, leaks, and tree root invasion.

As long as they are well-cared-for, the new pipes should last up to 50 years. Trenchless pipe bursting replaces pipes through a specialized bursting head. The end result is a stronger water line with a greater flow capacity.

5. Trenchless Is Environmentally-Friendly

Trenchless plumbing methods are eco-friendly solutions. They have a positive impact on the environment and minimize damage to surrounding land.

Digging large trenches to reach underground plumbing systems isn't ideal for mother nature. It destroys lawns and natural habitats. Deep trenches can bring harmful toxins to the surface and release them into the air.

But as the name suggests, trenchless methods keep the ground intact.

Most trenchless pipe lining solutions are made using recycled materials. The epoxy resin used in cured-in-place-piping is silicone. Once it is cured into a pipeline, the layer becomes polymerized and safe for the environment.

6. Trenchless Technologies Can Access Anywhere

Another added benefit of trenchless water line replacement is that plumbers can reach areas that were difficult to get to before.

Sewer and water lines that run below buildings are impossible to reach by digging. Plumbers must dig around buildings and install a new sewer line. But new trenchless technologies make pipe replacement in these types of areas possible.

Trenchless pipe bursting allows plumbers to replace hard-to-access underground plumbing systems. Pipe bursting uses machines to split open existing pipes via a bursting head. Once the underground pipes are open, a new pipeline can be inserted.

Technicians insert a large cone-shaped bursting head into the existing pipeline. As it's pushed down, the pipe splits. When the bursting head is pulled through the pipeline, it creates a cavity for the replacement pipes. The new pipes are immediately inserted.

Trenchless pipe bursting required minimal excavation because existing pipes aren't removed. The process is ideal for reconstructing existing pipelines in hard-to-reach areas. As a bonus, the new pipes are very durable and increase water line capacity.

7. Trenchless Repairs Enhance Water Quality

Lead pipes are dangerous because they expose your family to lead water and lead poisoning.

Exposure to high levels of lead can cause weakness, fatigue, anemia, and kidney damage. Children and pregnant women are the most vulnerable to the effects of lead in water. Using water with high lead levels can damage a developing baby's nervous system.

Builders weren't aware of the dangers of lead years ago. That being said, many older Canadian homes were built using lead pipes.

Replacing water lines through trenchless methods can eliminate the need for lead pipes and create safer drinking water in homes. Homeowners often report cleaner and better-tasting water when they undergo water line replacement as replacement pipes from trenchless pipe bursting techniques are not lead-based.

If your water is safe but your pipes need replacing, trenchless repair is the best solution. Digging into the ground to reach your property's water supply increases the risk of contamination. Trenchless methods involve minimal digging, needing only 2 incisions. The plumbers use specialized equipment to install new pipes with much less damage to the surrounding area. Trenchless plumbing leads to safer home maintenance.

8. Trenchless Plumbing Is a Safe Option

Finally, trenchless water line replacement is a safe process. It gives both property owners and plumbers peace of mind.

Trenches are deep. Water lines can be located six to 10 feet under the ground. Traditional methods of pipe replacement require excavating deep cavities into the earth. The process can easily lead to injuries and safety concerns.

Trenchless methods are less tedious, strenuous, and difficult compared to traditional methods. As long as the technicians performing the repairs are well-trained, trenchless procedures keep everyone safe.

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If you want clean, safe, and healthy water, then make sure your plumbing system is in tip-top shape.

Trenchless water line replacement is fast, effective, and affordable. It's a safe and environmentally-friendly option. Trenchless technologies allow plumbers to reach pipes deep below the earth and make the appropriate repairs. Best off all, trenchless water line replacements leave property owners with a long-lasting and powerful plumbing system.

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