Why Is My Toilet Leaking in Mississauga?

Have you noticed a pool of water on your bathroom floor? If your toilet is leaking water, we all know this is a major inconvenience, causing hundreds of dollars in water damage if it seeps into your baseboards and carpets, not to mention your monthly water utility bill can skyrocket. Keep reading to find out the common reasons for a leaking toilet. You can count on our team at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mississauga whenever you're dealing with a toilet leak. We have emergency plumbing services available to you, so we can address your leaks promptly and prevent further damage to your home.

Call us today to schedule emergency services with our skilled plumbers in Mississauga, and keep reading to find out some warning signs to look out for when your toilet is leaking water.

Toilet Tank Issues Causing Leaking

Toilet tank issues causing leaking can be a frustrating and costly problem for homeowners. Here are some common reasons for toilet tank leaks, including loose water supply lines, malfunctioning flush valves, and broken fill valves.

Loose Water Supply Line

One of the primary components within the toilet tank that can cause leaks is the supply line. The supply line is responsible for bringing water into the toilet tank for each flush. If the supply line is loose, damaged, or faulty, it can result in water leaking into the toilet bowl or onto the floor. Regularly inspecting the supply line for any signs of wear and tear, such as cracks or corrosion, can help prevent leaks from occurring.

Broken Overflow Tube and Flush Valve

The flush valve and overflow tube are two more components within the toilet tank that can contribute to leaks. The flush valve is designed to release water from the tank into the toilet bowl as you flush, while the overflow tube helps prevent the tank from overflowing. If the flush valve is not sealing properly or the overflow tube is damaged or clogged, water can leak out of the tank and onto the floor. Regularly checking and maintaining these components can help prevent leaks and ensure proper toilet function.

Broken Fill Valve

The toilet fill valve is often referred to as the ball cock. It is another critical component within the toilet tank that can cause leaks if not functioning correctly. The fill valve is designed to refill the tank with water after each flush. If the fill valve is worn out, clogged, or improperly adjusted, it can result in water continuously running into the tank and overflowing. This constant water flow can not only waste water but also lead to damage to the toilet and surrounding area.

Broken Toilet Flapper

Finally, the toilet flapper is a small but essential component within the toilet tank that can cause leaks if not working properly. The flapper is there to seal the opening at the bottom of the tank and allow water to flow into the toilet bowl during a flush. If the flapper is warped, damaged, or covered in mineral deposits, it may not create a proper seal, leading to water leakage. It is best to get expert assistance when your toilet flapper is not working properly, as you may need a replacement flapper.

Toilet Base Issues Causing Leaking

Toilet bowl issues causing leaking can be a frustrating and messy problem for homeowners to deal with. When water is leaking around the base of the toilet, it is essential to identify the underlying issue and avoid further damage to your bathroom. Several common issues with the toilet bowl can lead to leaks, including loose bolts, a broken toilet seal, misaligned water supply valves and drain pipes, and a cracked bowl.

Closet Flange Cracks

The toilet flange, also known as a floor closet flange or plastic closet flange, is a crucial component that connects the toilet to the drainpipe. If the toilet flange is cracked, broken, or improperly installed, it can lead to leaks around the base of the toilet and into the subfloor, putting your property at risk of extensive water damage.

Loose Tee Bolts

A leaky toilet may lead to several issues, such as loose tee bolts. If you notice water leaking around the base of your toilet, loose flange bolts could be a telltale sign. Over time, these bolts holding the toilet to the floor can become loose, causing the wax ring to not form a watertight seal.

Broken Toilet Seal

The wax ring in a toilet plays a crucial role in maintaining a watertight seal between the fixture and the wastewater pipe. Unfortunately, over time, this wax ring can deteriorate, leading to leaks and potential water damage. The good news is that fixing the bowl gasket is a relatively simple and affordable task with our toilet repair in Mississauga.

Cracked Bowl

A cracked bowl in your toilet may appear insignificant at first glance, but the repercussions of neglecting this issue can be quite severe. Disregarding subtle indicators such as silent leaks or hairline cracks may result in substantial bowl damage if not promptly addressed. In some cases, the best course of action may involve the entire replacement of the bowl to ensure the long-term functionality and integrity of your toilet.

Toilet Leaking? Call Our Professional Plumbers For Toilet Repairs

When dealing with a leaking toilet in your home or business, it is imperative to call upon the expertise of professional plumbers. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mississauga, our skilled service professionals are prepared to assist you with any toilet leaking repairs you may require. Our team is here to promptly and professionally repair the issue, preventing further damage and the need for costly repairs to the entire toilet unit. Trust Mr. Rooter Plumbing for all your toilet repair needs, including fixing toilet bowls, the toilet base, wax seals, and toilet valves.

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