Is your home’s plumbing ready for house guests? The holidays can put a serious strain on your plumbing system that it may not be prepared for. Your local Mr. Rooter® Plumbing is ready to handle any plumbing emergency, but wouldn’t it be better to prepare your pipes and drains ahead of time and avoid disaster altogether?

Every homeowner should know what plumbing issues to check for in anticipation of holiday gatherings. Before your guests arrive, check out our holiday preparation checklist. It’s full of simple tips to get your plumbing system ready for the holidays. Taking some basic precautions will get your drains running correctly, improve water pressure, and keep all your guests happy.

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How to Avoid Holiday Plumbing Problems

If you have guests staying for extended periods, you may need to take more extensive steps to ensure their stay is comfortable. For example, do you think your water heater will be able to provide everyone with hot daily showers? If you’re concerned about it, Mr. Rooter has a few suggestions. Read about those tips and many more on our holiday preparedness checklist.

Holiday Plumbing Preparedness Checklist

  • Ask guests not to put inappropriate items down the garburator, including:
    • Fats, grease, butter, and oils
    • Potato and cucumber peels
    • Bones
    • Fruit rinds, stems, and cores
  • Place a drain strainer over kitchen drains to keep food particles out of your pipes.
  • Provide a wastebasket in each bathroom for non-flushable items.
  • Place a drain strainer in each shower drain to catch hair before it can clog pipes.
  • Clean calcium deposits off faucets and shower heads.
  • To ensure maximum capacity of your water heater, utilize the drain valve of your water heater tank to flush accumulated sediment from the bottom of the tank.
  • To ensure limitless hot showers for all your guests, upgrade to a tankless water heater.
  • Inspect your toilets for leaking flappers and loose flush chains.
  • Keep a plunger next to each toilet in the house (just in case).
  • Get slow drains professionally cleaned before your guests arrive.

Call Mr. Rooter for All Your Plumbing Needs

The busy holiday season will be here before we know it, so don’t delay. If you need help with slow drains, leaking pipes, or any other holiday plumbing problems, call your local Mr. Rooter, You can also request a job estimate online.