Brampton Electric Water Heater Repair and Replacement

When was the last time you thanked your hot water heater? Our guess is never, though, as soon as you experience a shockingly cold or too-hot shower, that will certainly change once you get the right repair. Brampton electric water heater repair and replacement services are considerably sought-after in Ontario. Whether it’s the middle of summer or the dead of winter, homeowners count on reliable water heating for washing dishes and clothing, along with household cleaning and personal care.

You rely on your water heater daily throughout the year, and therefore, it suffers from more wear and tear than some other appliances in your home. As one that’s frequently running until all of a sudden, it’s not, having the number of a skilled Brampton plumber in their back pockets is something all locals should seek. Finding a reliable plumber hasn’t always been an easy feat for residents, but with Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Brampton ON, getting a range of your plumbing problems solved quickly is incredibly easy. All it takes is one call to our valued team.

Call today for speedy electric water heater repair in Brampton, and don’t forget to ask about our other popular services while on the line!

About Our Brampton Electric Water Heater Repair and Replacement Services

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Brampton, we aim to get to the root of the cause. That’s one of the reasons hiring an expert plumber is so important when it comes to electric water heater repair, replacement, and installation. Our skilled technicians know exactly how to identify the issue at hand and solve it on the spot to keep you and your family warm, comfortable, and clean.

Brampton Electric Water Heater Repair Services

From the hot water tank and the heat exchangers to the thermostat and the electronic ignition, numerous things can go wrong with your electric hot water heater. During your repair service, a licensed technician will thoroughly inspect the heater to locate the source of the problem, whether it's the built-in recirculation pump or the hot water source. Using expert tools, knowledge, and supplies, we’ll resolve the issue in a single visit and get your electric tank water heater back up and running so you can again get your hot water on demand.

Brampton Electric Water Heater Replacement Services

If your current water heater is older than 7-10 years, you’ll likely need a replacement. Tanks can corrode, pipes can crack, and valves loosen with age. If you’re experiencing more than one problem with your old tank water heater (i.e., rusty water coming out and lowered thermal efficiency), we’ll recommend that you get a new one. If you have a newer unit that needs replacement parts, we’ll swap them out instead of replacing the entire unit.

Brampton Electric Water Heater Installation Services

Whether you’re switching over from a gas water heater or a tankless water heater, we’ll help you replace your old or broken water heater with a new electric unit. Brampton residents will benefit from these energy efficient units. After your expert installation, we’ll ensure the unit is working correctly and heating water effectively before giving you a walkthrough of its features.

Looking for conventional gas unit repair or tankless water heater installation? Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Brampton does not service all types of water heaters. We offer services exclusively for electric water heaters. We do not service gas heaters or tankless water heater types.

Why Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing For Electric Water Heater Repair in Brampton?

When in need of an electric water heater repair in Brampton, you need it fast. Running on cold water alone is never pleasant, but choosing a company that provides temporary fixes is even less. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Brampton, our mission is to provide you with long-lasting solutions to your plumbing problems. Though we appreciate the business, we don’t want our customers to have to keep calling us for the same problems.

In fact, we’re so confident in the quality of reliable service we provide that we back all of our work and services with a Done Right Promise. Offering 24/7 emergency service calls and a team of reliable, and insured plumbers, Brampton locals love our upfront, flat-rate pricing, so there are never any surprises. We invite you to learn more about our popular services by calling our valued customer care team today.

Learn More About Our Brampton Electric Water Heater Services By Checking Out These FAQs:

What Are the Warning Signs My Electric Water Heater Needs to be Serviced?

Chances are you’re here reading about electric water heater repair because you’ve noticed something odd going on with your unit. You should always be on the lookout for these signs:

  • You quickly run out of hot water / cold showers
  • The water temperature rises very slowly
  • Foul-tasting water
  • There is low water pressure in your shower or taps
  • Odd noises are coming from the tank
  • You see rusty or discoloured water
  • Puddles form around the base of the unit
  • Your energy costs are rising/lowered energy efficiency

Do Electric Water Heaters Need Regular Service?

Brampton has hard water, and for that reason, your electric water tank needs to be serviced once a year—at least. This service is one that’s better left to expert technicians to ensure it’s done correctly. During your servicing appointment, we don’t just flush your heater, we’ll also inspect the system, electrical wires, pipes, and more to ensure they’re all working properly.

Need to Recover Your Hot Water Supply With Brampton Electric Water Heater Services? Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing Today!

When the water from your taps keeps burning your hands or your tub won’t heat up no matter how long you run it, you need to seek our electric water heater services if you’re at all interested in keeping your energy bills low. The longer you run water, the more you end up paying, and if your water tank isn’t heating up efficiently, you could also be burning a metaphorical hole through your wallet.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Brampton offers preventive maintenance service and 24-hour emergency service to take care of all of your electric hot water tank needs in Brampton and surrounding areas. Rely on your local Brampton plumbers to be there when you need them most. 

Whether you call us for drain repair, clogged drains, drain cleaning, and sewer system backups, our team of plumbing professionals will swoop in with fast, effective, and long-lasting solutions. Give our dedicated customer service reps a call today to find out more about how we can help.

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