The Signs You May Need Sump Pump Installation

The Signs You May Need Sump Pump Installation

Canada is experiencing a steady rate of growth in the housing construction sector that's unparalleled compared to the last 25 years. But even as the percentage of homeownership grows steadily, many homeowners are oblivious to how vulnerable their homes might be to below-ground wetness.

How often do you undertake random assessments of your home's basement? While most property owners have installed sump pumps in their houses, very few pay attention to the tale signs of a problem in such systems.

Do not wait until it floods to act. You need to look for a sump pump installation Whitby service to address the situation immediately. If you notice any of these signs, then it may be time to call in the experts.

1. Your Basement Has Flooded in the Past

Most of the drainage systems in Canada were designed for a 50-or 100-year storm. However, today the rains keep coming in shorter spans. With these new developments, flooding may gradually become more prevalent in Durham and other areas.

If your basement is notorious for flooding even after the slightest rains, then you may need a sump pump sooner. The reality of the changing weather patterns in Canada is that we’re experiencing more torrential rainfall occurring within shorter periods. Further, the number of homes built in areas that have extraordinary below-the-ground wetness has increased.

You cannot take chances with such statistics. It would help to install a sump pump to mitigate the effects of flooding. If your home has flooded before, it may happen again. It's likely that groundwater seems to be getting its way through your home’s foundation cracks and ending up on the surface.

Such a scenario presents genuine concerns for any homeowner. But with sump pump installation in Whitby, you only need to call in the experts and flooding will be a thing of the past.

2. Your Home Is in a Low Lying Area

Realtors advise that the best time to prospect for a home is during extremely wet seasons. You can easily decide on the suitability of the area, depending on the level of flooding. Nevertheless, if for whatever reason you end up in a flat area, there are precautions you must be willing to take.

For good measure, most of the houses built in low-lying or flat areas must make specific considerations that include a greater focus on the foundation. Your home's architectural design is essential because it determines how susceptible you're to floods.

But more importantly, most homes in the low-lying area require a sump pump as a matter of priority. The installation of a sump pump in such areas acts as a necessary precaution even during stormy weather. You need to verify that the house you are about to buy has a sump pump before closing the deal.

If you are building your home from scratch, you may also need to consider the cost of installing a sump pump in your budget. The problem with most homeowners is that they don't feel the need to install a sump pump as a matter of priority. But if your home is in a low-lying area, then your resolve to fix this critical system ought to override most other home installations.

3. Depending on the Average Amount of Precipitation

Canada’s mean annual temperature is currently double the global warming rate. By the year 2016, this rate had increased by 1.7 degrees. Such dynamics in weather and climatic changes reflect the uncertainties you may have as a homeowner.

With such changing climatic conditions, water bodies are likely to experience higher precipitation over the next decade. The consequence will be a higher likelihood of snowstorms and more rainfall. The building or buying of a home in most the areas around Canada now presents numerous uncertainties.

Either way, Canadians still need to buy homes as the population soars. Your surest action under such circumstances is to install a sump pump. The possibility of water finding its way into your home is high, given the changing rate of precipitation.

But with a sump pump, you have a higher chance of dealing with the water in real time. While our plumbing experts can assist you in times of emergency flooding, you would be better off taking preventive measures. You only need to contact our local specialists in Durham and commence the process of installation.

4. If Your Sump Pump Has Outlived Estimated Lifespan

A well-installed sump pump can serve you for 5-15 years. During this time, the sump pump system works optimally. But with time, the recurrent running begins to have a toll on the system.

As your sump pump approaches a decade of service, it has sucked up thousands of liters of water. Such consistency in operation eventually affects the functionality of the sump pump. You need to keep your count in check.

Beyond the 15th-year mark, even if the system is still operating optimally, it would help to consider a replacement. You don't want to be caught by surprise by a sudden shutdown of the sump pump system. It would be essential to consider calling in an expert after the first 15 years to advise on a possible overhaul of the entire system.

The life expectancy of your Sump Pump is subject to other factors. For instance, pumps that are used more frequently tend to experience wear and tear sooner. The length that your pump covers when discharging the water also matters. But more importantly, the quality of the pump is an essential consideration in the determination of your sump pump's life expectancy.

5. Excess Noise when Running

There are a sizable number of homes where the sump pump already exists. If your home falls within this category, then you are on the right track. Nonetheless, sump pumps, just like all other systems, eventually begin to show signs of failure.

A noisy sump pump is one such sign you should never ignore. Pumps ordinarily make noise in the course of operation. But you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to detect unusual or irregular noise from the pump. If there has been constant rattling, grinding, or a gurgling sound coming from your sump pump, then be warned.

Most of these thuds occur when the sump pump’s motor begins to experience intermittent failure. You need to call in your local plumbing expert to assess the situation. Depending on the extent of damage to the motor, the specialist will advise you accordingly.

Our seasoned experts guarantee you a workmanship and parts warranty. So whether you decide to replace the motor without overhauling the sump pump system, or you go for a new installation, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Whitby-Oshawa has the solution for you.

5. No Water in the Sump Pit

As long as your sump pump is installed correctly, there should be water piling up inside the sump pit. In case you realize that despite the sump pump running, there’s little or no water in the pit, there may be a problem. Most of these cases occur if the sump pump system is not installed correctly.

A majority of homeowners assume that having an effective basement drainage system is enough to address the issue of flooding. However, from an expert point of view, the sump pump system and the basement drainage structure should work in tandem. Consequently, if you are noticing normal drainage from the basement system, yet the sump pit is empty, you may need to consider calling in an expert.

If the sump pump was not installed correctly, our specialist will uninstall and begin the process of installation. It would be unfair for you if your home faced the risk of flooding despite having a sump pump just because someone did a shoddy job. Our uniformed professionals guarantee you exceptional customer service to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

6. The Sump Pump Runs all the Time

You don't need to have the sump pump running all the time. Otherwise, you may have to deal with mind-boggling power bills. But often, you'll notice an unusual pattern where the sump pump continues to run when it should be off. Such concerns may be a result of the dysfunctional relationship between the switch and the float arm.

If your sump pump has an ineffective float, you risk having the system running continuously. This not only affects your power bill, but it also has an impact on your sump pump’s lifespan.

The bad news is that you may not understand the mechanisms behind the sump pump from a layman's point of view. But the good news is that our skilled plumbers know their way around the system. If your sump pump is unable to handle the water load coming from your basement due to float switch concerns, then it would help to consider replacing the entire system.

The problem with faulty float switches is that such concerns are likely to recur after the first repair. You would rather incur the cost of an overhaul to remedy this concern. Such a decision would make more sense, primarily if your system has been operating for a while.

7. You Need Sump Pump Installation, Whitby ON If You Notice Excessive Vibrations

Sump pumps, just like all other water pumps, tend to vibrate when running. The combination of the various elements within the system often leads to this vibration. But there are normal and abnormal vibrations. You only need to pay attention when the pump is running.

If you do, you'll probably notice that there's significant wobbling when the pump is running. Such vibrations may be the result of bent or damaged impellers. Impellers within a sump pump system exist to reduce the risk of wear and tear on the shaft. But often, the impellers face the risk of bending.

Impellers draw things in, meaning that in some cases, such force may cause them to bend. If such bending occurs, then the system begins to wobble as the stress around the shaft builds. Re-bending a shaft is next to impossible on almost all types of sump pumps.

If you have noted such consistent wobbling in your pump lately, it may be time to consider an overhaul. Our upfront flat rate charges are friendly to ensure that you are back on feet soon after installing a new sump pump.

8. Installed By the Builder

Did you find an already installed sump pump system in your current home? Chances are the builder installed this system during the foundation stages of the house building. Most individuals who buy new or revamped homes tend to face this challenge.

The likelihood that the builder did the drainage system and the sump pump is high in such cases. Now, such situations are not an exemption but a norm in most new homes. Not all contractors are plumbers, meaning there may be specific considerations that a plumbing specialist may put in place, which a contractor may ignore.

If you aren't sure of the approach adopted when installing the sump pump, then it would be essential to consider inspection from a qualified team of plumbers. Water contributes to the highest number of cases of damage to property and household items in Canada.

You only need to call in our experts who will conduct a thorough assessment of the Whitby sump pump installation in your home to avert the risk of losses. During the review, the professionals will offer you a more precise context on whether the current sump pump can withstand the anticipated flow of water.

Such an assessment would also shed light on the quality of the sump pump installed and its life expectancy. The inspection is useful in confirming whether you need to consider installing a sump pump system afresh.

You Can’t Afford To Have Sleepless Nights Worrying About Potential Flooding

Whitby-Oshawa Homeowners have a lot on their minds when it comes to home improvements. But often, your priority may be obscured by that urgent desire to refurbish or remodel the kitchen instead of securing the basement. Before you spend another dime on any other part of the house, you need to pose and consider these signs of a bad sump pump system.

Once you assess the state of your basement, you will be able to decide if these signs apply to your home. If they do, you are in luck because the sump pump installation Whitby services are fast and effective with Mr. Rooter.

Are you in need of a professional Whitby sump pump installation or service? For an exceptional experience call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Whitby-Oshawa or visit our contact us page. Our sump pump installation experts are happy to answer all your questions and are eager to show you the Mr. Rooter difference!