Clogged Drains in Waterloo, Ontario

Waterloo, Ontario, is a mix of modern innovation and small-town charm. It has beautiful parks, museums, and sports complexes for residents who love their teams. This family-friendly city has lots of things to do.

Furthermore, Waterloo boasts a varied gastronomic landscape, ranging from high-end dining options such as The Crazy Canuck to the laid-back atmosphere of Proof Kitchen + Lounge, highlighting the finest of Waterloo's culinary offerings.

Nonetheless, coming back home to blocked drains can quickly spoil a wonderful day in Waterloo. Thankfully, the services offered by Mr. Rooter Plumbing ensure that addressing these clogs becomes a hassle-free endeavor.

Causes of Clogged Drains

Hair can turn into an inconvenience when it forms an unruly mass in your shower drain. Despite your best efforts, hair finds its way into shower drains, resulting in a clogged drain.

Even if you clean your shower walls well, you might forget to clean the drain. Accumulated soap scum in the drain can gradually create a stubborn and troublesome clog.

In the kitchen, certain food waste like potato peels or bacon grease might mistakenly find its way down the sink. Nonetheless, the majority of waste disposal units have difficulty dealing with starchy and oily waste, hence it's recommended to throw such rubbish in the bin to avoid possible drainage problems.

Preventative Measures

Preventing a clog is easier and cheaper than removing one. If you haven’t yet, install hair catchers in each of your shower and bathtub drains. These useful items prevent hair from clogging your pipes. Remember to remove and clean the hair catchers regularly.

You should also run the hot water every time you use your garbage disposal. This makes it easier for the disposal to break up food before it goes down the drain. If you need help with drain cleaning, Mr Rooter is here to help!

Additionally, you should never put grease, eggshells, bread, rice, pasta, or potato peels down the drain. These foods can gum up your disposal’s blades. To dispose of them safely, put them in the trash. To get rid of cooking grease, pour it into a jar or can, seal it, and dispose of it in the garbage.

DIY Solutions

Your kitchen pantry can help unclog and fix slow drains with natural solutions that work well. Combining baking soda and vinegar creates a fizzy reaction that effectively tackles clogs.

To give this solution a try, blend one cup of baking soda with an equal portion of white vinegar. Pour the mixture down the drain, seal the drain tightly, and allow around 10 minutes for the solution to work its magic. Once time's up, run hot water to flush away the dissolved clog.

If you don't have vinegar, you can use baking soda with lemon juice, salt, or cream of tartar instead. They work well as substitutes. Borax is also a reliable cleaner for drains.

For more stubborn clogs, employing a plunger or snake might be necessary. Plungers aren't solely for toilets; they work wonders for sink clogs too.

Snakes, on the other hand, excel at removing hair clogs. The technique involves guiding the snake down the drain until reaching the clog, attempting to snag it with the wire tip, and then carefully extracting it.

Chemical vs. Natural Remedies

Drain cleaners with chemicals harm fish and ducks, and are dangerous for the environment. Their detrimental effects also impact humans, as inhaling their emissions can lead to sickness.

Furthermore, plumbers discourage the use of these products due to the inherent risks they present. If a plumber has to reach your pipes to remove a blockage, any leftover drain cleaner can leak out, presenting significant injury hazards to them.

Choosing natural solutions like baking soda, lemon juice, and enzyme-based cleaning products is a safer and more eco-friendly option, strongly advised to evade the risks linked with chemical drain cleaners.

When To Seek Professional Help

It’s possible to remove small clogs yourself, but if you’ve been struggling with the plunger for hours with no results, give our plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing a call.

We recommend calling for professional drain cleaning if:

Your house has multiple backed-up drains.

Water is overflowing from your sink or shower onto the floor.

Your garbage disposal makes a grinding noise, and the water won’t drain.

You see the soil in the water in your sink or shower, which points to tree root intrusion.

When you call Mr. Rooter Plumbing, our expert plumbers will work hard to fix your clogged drains fast. To make an appointment for clogged drain repair, call.

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