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Drain pipe health isn't something you normally think about until one of them stops working. That’s when you understand what plumbing issues are really about. If you’re tired of asking yourself, “Where does this foul odour come from?” then you may be interested in how regular maintenance services like a routine Surrey drain cleaning can greatly reduce the number of times you have to deal with future drainage issues.

If you don’t want to stand in a pool of hot water when you shower or have a sink full of standing water when you brush your teeth, a professional plumber will deliver the effective solution you need.

Your local Surrey Plumber from Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Surrey BC can provide a comprehensive drain cleaning service that will make sure your pipes are free from clogs. Our drainage services help save time, money, and headaches throughout the year and give you greater peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll be less likely to need major plumbing repairs or drainage services in the future.

All drainage pipes naturally get coated with debris as time goes on. No matter what you do, that grime will slowly build up, eventually leading to clogs in your plumbing system. Getting that grime removed with Surrey drain cleaning services will get the water flowing regularly again and keep clogged drains out of your mind for good. When left untreated, clogged drains in Surrey can lead to bigger problems that require more time, effort, and money to fix.

About Our Professional Drain Cleaning in Surrey, BC

Luckily for you, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Surrey BC has all the tools you need to fix your drain repair issues in the safest and easiest ways possible. Starting with a diagnostic inspection, our plumbers can let you know ahead of time what kind of service they recommend for the problem.

Diagnostic Inspection

Our licensed plumbers use advanced video camera technology to perform a non-invasive inspection of your pipes. This keeps your lawn and drywall safe from destruction. We are then able to provide an analysis of the problem and our expert recommendation. This video inspection process can also catch potential problems that may arise down the road before they get serious, keeping your pipes healthy and free from other sources of damage.

Preventative Drain Cleaning and Protection

Neglected pipes can be lined with years of build-up from hair, grease, fats, and rust, causing dangerous blockage and damaging your pipes. While other companies may use toxic, harsh chemicals in their drain cleaner to clean your pipes, we use a more environmentally friendly approach.

Toxic chemicals have been known to cause damage to the insides of the pipes, eroding them from the inside out. Our drain cleaning methods utilize a combination of high-pressure HydroScrubⓇ water jetting equipment and environmentally friendly enzymes (Enzymatic Drain Care™), which will have your pipes as clean as they were the day they were installed. Regular drain cleaning has been proven to help reduce plumbing problems throughout the year.

Clearing Clogged Drains

What if your drain is already becoming clogged or is fully clogged? Have no fear, our skilled team can unclog any tough clogs that you’re not able to clear on your own and help you find out why they keep coming back. If you have large obstructions inside your waste system, removing them is essential for getting wastewater down effectively.

Different sized obstructions require different solutions, for example, a powered drain auger can make short work of hard blockages caused by debris that may have been accidentally flushed or dropped in the drain. Our inspection methods will give you more insight into how big the blockage is and how it should be dealt with.

Why Choose Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Surrey?

Why choose us for Surrey drain cleaning? All of our licensed plumbers are fully insured. You can depend on us for quality drain service that leaves lasting results, keeping drain cleaning technician visits to a minimum. Our residential plumbing experts are committed to providing the best possible service, and long lasting solutions, for every appointment.

Upfront Flat Rate Pricing

Drain cleaning can be a stressful experience if you don’t know what it will cost you until the end. When you choose our team, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll provide an honest, upfront estimate for our services. Our plumbers are always as transparent as possible, letting you know ahead of time about any potential additional repair costs, and keeping you in control of the decisions, saving you the stress of waiting for an unknown bill.

24/7 Service, Never an Overtime Charge

We know plumbing emergencies don’t only happen during regular business hours. That’s why we’re available 24/7 for you. Plus, we never charge an overtime fee, meaning the service will be the exact same price no matter what day or time you need us. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Surrey BC is here to meet your needs whenever you need emergency plumbing service.

Local, Uniformed Professionals

When you call on Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Surrey BC, you can count on getting an expert, local, licensed plumber who will be in their uniform, be honest with pricing, and provide guaranteed workmanship and labor. We’ve built a reputation for excellence, honesty, and commitment to our craft, we make sure to uphold these values in every service we provide with our quality workmanship.

Frequently Asked Questions About Drain Cleaning in Surrey, BC

What Are The Warning Signs That I Need a Surrey Drain Cleaning Service?

If you’re like most people in Surrey, you like to leave drain cleaning warning signs until they become a problem you’re forced to deal with. However, identifying and addressing these issues before they get worse will save you a headache in the long run, helping you avoid costly repairs and leading to fewer plumbing problems overall.

Common Surrey Drain Cleaning Warning Signs:

  • Slow-moving drains that take forever to get standing water out
  • Repeat clogs that just keep coming back
  • Multiple fixtures—such as toilets, sinks, showers, or bathtubs—clogging at the same time
  • Foul odors that smell like rot, mildew, or sewage coming from drains
  • Strange sounds from plumbing fixtures, such as gurgling or bubbling come from your toilet or drain openings.

If you’re seeing any of these warning signs, it might be time to look into drain cleaning services that will stop those problems before they get more serious.

What Causes the Need for Drain Cleaning in Surrey, BC?

Drain problems in Surrey are often caused by old plumbing systems or materials and liquids that aren’t supposed to be going down drain pipes. Over time, animal fats, oils, grease and other debris will build up, even with a garbage disposal in your sink drain, creating blockage and acting as a magnet for other substances going down your drainage pipes. To keep plumber visits—and stubborn clogs—to a minimum, we recommend making sure only wastewater is going down your drains. Regular cleaning and maintenance will keep your drains free from buildups that occur from grime and other substances that are commonly flushed in Surrey homes.

What's the Difference Between “Soft Blockage” and “Hard Blockage”?

Plumbing blockage has two different causes: large debris and objects and natural build-up. Hard blockage is caused by large debris, which can be anything that may have found its way into your pipes from kitchen or bathroom drains. Ever dropped something in the sink that you didn’t mean to? Q-tips, toys, and empty toilet paper rolls can all get lodged inside pipes, creating drain line buildup that can prevent water from flowing by. Retrieving these objects is a simple fix for our expert plumbers.

Soft blockage grows naturally over time. Everything that goes down your drain leaves behind something in your pipes. Soap scum and small pieces of food are just some examples of sources of debris that join together to form a soft blockage, which keeps growing until it eventually blocks anything from getting by. These soft blockages show why getting preventative drain cleaning is so important for your pipes.

How Often Should You Get Surrey Drain Cleaning Services??

Before answering this question, it’s important to take into consideration how well you treat your pipes. If the only thing going down your pipes is wastewater, professional cleaning every couple of years is a great preventative maintenance step. If you’re an average homeowner and occasionally flush harmful materials, whether by accident or on purpose, annual service for routine drain maintenance is recommended to get lasting protection from future plumbing issues and catch future issues early.

If you have an older plumbing system, or you have people in the household who may be less diligent about what they put down the drain, you may need more frequent support from plumbing professionals.

Will Baking Soda and Vinegar or Drano Unclog My Drain?

Home remedies such as baking soda and vinegar or cola aren’t very effective at unblocking clogged drains. While baking soda and vinegar might make a nice volcano in an enclosed space, your pipes aren’t enclosed, and the mixture will fizzle harmlessly for a few moments while the gas escapes. Cola is even worse, as the sticky sugar will just add to your clog.

While harsh chemical drain cleaners like Drano may look like the solution for clogged drains, we don’t recommend them for two main reasons. Firstly, if you overuse them, they can eventually damage your pipes by eating them away from the inside, and the lines will eventually need to be replaced, costing a lot of money. Secondly, chemical cleaners eventually make their way into water sources near Surrey, where they cause environmental harm with their toxicity.

Luckily, our HydroScrub® jetting service solves both these problems. Our pressurized water is the most effective substance at removing blockages, while also being 100% environmentally friendly. This gives you peace of mind knowing your pipes will be blasted clean and free from clogs with fully effective, environmentally friendly solutions.

What Keeps Clogging My Drains?

Common Surrey Drain Repair Culprits Include:

  • Food scraps, especially debris like eggshells and coffee grounds can turn into a sand-like substance, causing problems for your kitchen drains.
  • Tissues, paper towels, "flushable" wipes, newspaper, and excessive toilet paper.
  • Small items accidentally dropped down your sink or flushed down your toilet, such as small toys, bottle caps, razor blades, and fabric items such as socks.
  • Hygiene products that were flushed down the toilet.
  • Heavy rains cause soil to shift, damaging buried sewer lines.
  • Vibrations from earth tremors or heavy construction nearby cause shifting soil.
  • Tree roots constricting the pipes

If none of the above culprits apply to you, it may be worth having a professional investigate the issue and see why your drain clogs keep reoccurring.

What Will Happen If I Don’t Get Routine Drain Cleaning in Surrey, BC?

If you ignore your drain, more serious problems can arise down the road. Firstly, you’ll probably notice minor things such as bubbling or gurgling drains or toilets. Then you could see fixtures that won’t drain properly, eventually clogging completely. You may even notice water rising from floor drains in the basement, which is a big indication that sewer line repair is needed. Since each system has a main sewer pipe that takes away all the waste from your house, if this becomes blocked, it can have major adverse effects across every other fixture. Drain cleaning isn’t the most fun to deal with, but can save you money in the long run.

Next, more serious problems will occur, such as unfixable clogged drains, sewage backups or foul odors and sewer gas wafting up out of waste lines. Finally, lawn flooding, sinkholes, and foundation cracks can happen, causing serious foundational damage and costing significantly more than it would’ve to fix the blockage at the first stage.

Slow Drains and Foul Odours Be Gone – Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing for Surrey Drain Cleaning

Have a problem with your drain you’ve been meaning to deal with, or are you curious about preventative cleaning? Make an appointment with Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Surrey BC. Our friendly, professional team will make sure you get the quality service you deserve. Our plumbing service experts have years of experience solving plumbing problems with Surrey drain repair and cleaning services.

Give us a call and get started today. We proudly serve Surrey and many nearby areas, such as White Rock, Richmond, and Delta.

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