Surrey Water Heater Installation

Although all of us wish we could have natural mountain hot springs in our backyards, a steaming hot shower will do. But for some of us, it takes forever for the water to get piping hot, significantly if the person before you just tapped it all out rather quickly. And so, it’s about time for a Surrey water heater installation.

Your certified, licensed, and fully insured Surrey plumber from Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Surrey is well-equipped to restore your unit to pristine condition via an installation service. If your current hot water tank installation is about to taper out and is barely chugging along, not only are you devoid of the hot stuff, but you’re also going to see skyrocketing utility bills and eventual water damage to your Surrey home’s surroundings. Problems like a leaky tank are often due to sediment build-up or a faulty mechanism. And so by default, even if you don’t mind cold showers, you’ll still need a repair for energy efficiency and further costly casualties. It’s best not to be complacent and ask for a brand unit to replace the old one, so you can get back to being lax. Our top-notch workmanship and courteous customer satisfaction rates speak for themselves, so let our plumber get cranking out hot water today.

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A plumber from Mr. Rooter Plumbing adjusting a hot water tank during a water heater installation in Surrey, BC.

Superior Surrey Water Heater Installation Services

If your unit is still churning out hot liquid sporadically, as a homeowner you may incorrectly assume that your unit is recharging itself. The true verdict is that your unit is deteriorating and could be about to go kaput, as a properly functioning unit will be prompt and deliver hassle-free hot water immediately as you turn on the tap. After an initial inspection and diagnosis, our expert Surrey plumber will recommend the best unit based on fuel type, availability and cost, size, and energy efficiency.

Our Verified Installation Process: Gas Water Heater Installation

Surrey, BC property owners can rest assured that our installation process will only take a few hours to complete as our professional plumber is adept at fastening pipes, aligning proper connections, and securing valves to the heater.

Here is how we conduct a Surrey water heater installation service:

  1. Out with the Old: First, we’ll remove your old unit by turning off all supply valves and completely drain any liquid. We typically do this by turning off your cold water valve that is located atop your heater, and also, we’ll turn off the gas valve and circuit breaker to stop the electric source to your heater. Next, our Surrey plumber will double-check to see if the pilot light has gone out to make sure no more gas remains within the unit. After this, we’ll attach a hose to the drainage pipe and allow water to flow into the drain. Following this, we detach the vent shaft atop the heater and remove any other connections with a pipe wrench and tube cutter. As a common courtesy, we will haul away and trash your old unit at a proper disposal facility.

  2. All About Prep: We’ll place a brand-new unit on a raised block, so we can coordinate it with water and gas pipes and rotate the tank in place.

  3. Valves Please: We will install a new temperature and pressure relief valve in an appropriate hole, which is a slender vertical pipe that relieves excess heat and pressure in the hot water heater tank so that it doesn't burst or overheat. We will tighten it securely with a pipe wrench. As a bonus, you can request a copper valve be put in as it’s prone to less corrosion and keeps water flow clean with its antibacterial properties.

  4. Copper Adaptations: We will add a couple of new copper adapters atop the heater that is approximately six inches in length and use a pipe wrench to secure them tightly. If your Surrey home doesn’t have a water softener system, we recommend adding a plastic lining to the top of the intake valve to improve water quality.

  5. Attach Water Lines: Next, we join copper pipes from atop of the unit to the water pipes extending from the ceiling or wall. We meld them together using copper couplings. If for whatever reason, they don’t align, we will attach elbow joints to the copper pipes to get them to completely link together.

  6. Attach Vent Shaft: We reconnect the vent shaft over the draft hood atop your heater and tighten it using screws and ensure the vent is at least one foot above the hood to give some breathing room for better ventilation.

  7. Reconnect Gas Valve: Before we attach the gas line to the gas valve, we will coat the ends of the pipe with joint compound and only screw one side into the gas valve. We will carefully align the gas valve to the tank and connect it to the gas supply. Next, we’ll add plastic coverings to anchor the gas valve and gas intake.

  8. Refill water: We’ll refill the tank by turning on the water supply at the main shutoff valve, thereby allowing the cold water valve to remain open.

  9. Pilot Test: Next, during our Surrey water heater installation, we’ll do a sample test by turning on a faucet in the closest room to listen for your new Surrey water heater installation device to turn on, and if it’s all good, we’ll proceed to do a final inspection.

  10. Inspection: We will review every joint on your unit to ensure there are no leaks, and if there is a case we smell gas we will immediately turn off the gas valve and faucet. But we will wait at least a few hours before we refuse the connection as we don’t want to unleash poisonous gas into your house in Surrey.

  11. Let’s Light It Up: We will ignite the pilot light, which is usually found at the bottom of the heater and behind a panel based on your unit’s instruction manual, and set it to at least 49°C.

New Surrey Water Heater Installation Maintenance

Now that you are a proud owner of a brand-new, energy efficient hot water heater, you are best advised to practice proper upkeep, including scheduling routine maintenance. If you opt for a tank-style unit, flush out and remove sediments with a professional drain cleaning service. Our skilled Surrey plumber will clean around the sacrificial anode to prevent corrosion and preserve the lifespan of your tank. It’s also ideal to check relief valves annually to ensure extra temperature and pressure levels don’t rise too significantly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Surrey Water Heater Installation

What Are Some Red Flags My Hot Water Tank Is Broken?

Depending on the level of damage, our Surrey water heater repair services may be able to replace parts, such as replacing the anode rod, drain valve, or piping. But, of course, there are many other factors to consider before deciding whether repair or replacement is the best option.

Common warning signs that you need service, include:

  • Inconsistent supply of hot water
  • System is old
  • Puddles around tank
  • Strange noises like rumbling, popping, drumming, and hissing sounds
  • Rusty water
  • Metallic odour coming out of hot water

Do Types Of Brand Matter For Surrey Water Heater Installation?

Yes–all water heater units have different features, from quality and longevity to warranty (depending on where you purchased them). Even units from the same brand can differ significantly. Typically, water heaters from your local home hardware store are quite different from those provided by a plumbing supply distributor.

What Type Of Surrey Water Heater Installation Never Runs Out Of Hot Water?

We recommend a tankless water heater installation as it doesn’t have a limited capacity but instead works off of your requested demand and heats water to your convenience whenever you require it, and never runs out. Though a tankless heater may not be your right installation choice for everyone because it can only heat up so much water at a time. If you run several appliances at the same time and want to take a hot shower, you may encounter temperature fluctuations. Furthermore, a tankless water heater installation comes with a high upfront cost.

Don’t Get Ice Beamed During Your Next Shower: Get Surrey Water Heater Installation Services!

Your trustworthy team members from Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Surrey are elated to help you set up a hot water heater installation. Surrey, BC residents can rest assured we will save you any pain of wrangling in a new unit. Whether you're in nearby Delta, Richmond, or White Rock, we’d be delighted to stop by for your replacement. Reach out to us and ask our friendly customer service representatives about booking a consultation, so you can indulge in hotness once more.

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