Ottawa Hydro Jetting Explained by Professional Plumbers

Home drain running smoothly due to rendered hydro jetting services in residential homeDid you know that you can restore your home or business' pipes so that they look and work like they're new? Time is one of your plumbing's biggest enemies because it allows soap scum, limescale, minerals and other materials to build up inside water and sewer lines. As this buildup grows, it works together with external factors, like tree roots, and regular wear inside of lines—like rust—to attack your pipes. It can even cause emergencies if it's not cleared away with Ottawa hydro jetting.

HydroScrub jetting is a technique your local Ottawa plumber at Mr. Rooter Plumbing uses to blast away buildup from deep inside your wastewater disposal lines. Whether you have clogged drains now or you just want preventive maintenance to avoid future drain clogs, Ottawa hydro jetting is one of our most effective drain cleaning methods. It's a standard service that many experienced plumbers now use in place of traditional rodding techniques to clear out difficult clogs and restore flow. It's more common now because it's a superior quality solution with a wide range of benefits that result in sparkling pipes and lasting, restorative protection from future plumbing issues.

Is Ottawa Hydro Jetting Worth It?

Do you want drainage that works like it was just installed this morning? Do you have a seriously bad clog that's causing frustrating water backups? Mr. Rooter's HydroScrub technique quickly resolves emergency plumbing situations and restores pipes to their original glory. Our specialized hydro jet equipment is powerful enough to annihilate everything inside of your drain lines—even tree roots—without doing any damage to your drainage or sewer lines themselves. The only situation where it's not an excellent option is when pipes are extremely old or already severely damaged.

Our outstanding drain cleaning service leaves you with a better plumbing system. Plus, it protects you from clogged drains and prevents repairs from being needed in the future. It's a perfect plumbing experience with a safe, clean process and long-lasting results.

How Does Hydro Jet Service Work?

Hydro jet equipment utilizes a long hose with a special head that shoots out high-pressure water in two directions. The main jet of water in the front blasts away debris. This creates a path for the hose to continue travelling through. At the back of a hydro jet's head, there are multiple additional high-pressure streams that target your pipe's walls and blast away debris as it travels forward.

The level of pressure can be adjusted based on your sewer pipe material and the age of your system, but it can reach levels as high as 4000 psi. HydroScrub jetting is even powerful enough to push out heavy materials and large obstructions.

The results of this method are completely clear drain lines. Where rodding techniques can only cut holes through obstructions, Ottawa hydro jetting obliterates years of material buildup, leaving pristine pipes in its wake. Our expert plumbers perform a two-step process when you choose us for HydroScrub solutions.

Our Hydroscrub® Drain Cleaning Methods:

  • Video Camera Inspection: Using a flexible camera, we can perform a full inspection of your lines before and after we've flushed everything out. This allows us to evaluate your problems before we begin, to confirm that hydro jetting is the right solution for you. It also helps us confirm that your lines have been completely cleared afterwards.
  • Water Pressure Cleaning: This is the process where we use our advanced equipment to destroy bad clogs and buildup. There won't be a molecule of foreign material left behind. Afterwards, you'll benefit from an unprecedented level of cleanliness and protection from any type of clog that might have developed later.

During the process of your video inspection, we might find other areas of concern that were unknown to you or hidden by excess material, like a leaky pipe. That means we can also recommend necessary repairs to prevent broken pipes and a wide range of other potential disasters.

What are the Benefits of Ottawa Hydro Jetting?

This process has more benefits than basic drain cleaning methods like rodding or snaking. You might be able to get rid of blockage with augers or plumbing snakes, but not even simple services from professional plumbers will leave you with the high level of performance that HydroScrub jetting provides. If you prefer these more favourable means in battling any severity of clog, you should request advanced solutions from your local plumbers.

  1. Chemical Free & Environmentally Friendly Cleaning: Our jetting techniques don't use harsh chemicals or create excess waste. That means that they're better for restoring lines than store-bought chemicals like Drano, which damage water and waste systems.

  2. Reduced Repair Costs: The extra protection you receive from future problems means that you won't have to spend as much maintaining your home with repairs as its drainage lines get older. It also means that you'll be better protected from issues like broken sewer mains that can be caused by blockage.

  3. Quick Solutions: This process doesn't take long at all. It's much more simple and effective than other manual techniques, which means that it can be completed much more quickly. Plus, if you have a serious sewer clog, it can be cleared without invasive digging.

  4. Increased Efficiency: The positive effects of unobstructed flow can't be understated. When waste systems are clear of debris, they're able to serve you better. This increased efficiency not only means that you'll be more satisfied with your daily waste needs, but you also might see your water bills start to drop as your system performs its job more easily.

  5. Lasting Results: As you know, time can be a destructive factor on your drainage. With this service, you won't have to worry about high-cost plumbing repairs in your future. Aging effects related to built-up materials will all disappear, and they'll stay gone for quite a while. It's like resetting the clock on your pipes.

Do You Need Professional Plumbers for Ottawa Hydro Jetting Service?

Whether you have commercial plumbing needs or residential issues, don't settle for standard solutions like plumbing snakes and plungers. Our licensed plumbing experts at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ottawa can provide advanced, effective cleaning with hydro jet service, plus they can also help you with a wide variety of effective plumbing repairs in Ottawa and nearby areas such as Russell and Stittsville.

If you need superior quality services from local, licensed plumbers, call us.