Repair or Replace? — The Essential Toilet Guide

Residential toilet in need of toilet repair or replacement service
Are you struggling with a malfunctioning toilet in your home or business? Even though you use one often, toilets might still be a bit mysterious if you don't have professional training and certification to fix plumbing fixtures. That porcelain invention simply works when you need it to—you don't have to think about it beyond that. Unless there's an issue triggering a bothersome bathroom experience.

Talking toilets take up all your time with their tales of tribulation, but unless you speak their language, it might not be easy to understand what they need. Sometimes, plumbing fixtures need simple repairs that take less than an hour to complete. Those situations are great. If you're lucky, you don't even need to call a professional plumber.

Unfortunately, there's a darker side to your bathroom plumbing fixtures. Menacing malfunctions demand more than simple bathroom repairs. An inexperienced homeowner or business owner won't be able to communicate with plumbing when it reaches that point. You might be able to see what's wrong, but that doesn't mean you know how to fix it.

It sometimes feels like property owners require an inexhaustible amount of knowledge about so many different things, but that's not true—not about your plumbing anyway. A reliable, trustworthy professional can give expert advice about the problems in your pipes. The licensed plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mississauga ON are your friendly, knowledgeable plumbing experts. If you have toilet issues that are prompting you to ask that one common home repair question—repair or replace?—we're here to help with insight and advice so that you can make an informed decision about your plumbing.

When Are Repairs the Right Choice?

You don't always need to replace an entire fixture to solve a problem. In fact, there are many instances where repairs are a superior option for commode conundrums. Bubbling, rocking, and running are signals from your system that something is wrong, but not something serious enough that you necessarily require replacement.

Toilet replacement isn't always the best option. Seals can be fixed. It's easy to clear a clog. If your toilet won't flush, the solution might be as simple as reattaching its chain. If you're ever unsure whether repairs will work, or if you don't have the time, tools, or knowledge to take care of it yourself, professional plumbers will always be happy to help.

Repairs Fix:

  • Running Toilets: A new flapper valve or flush handle might be all that's necessary.
  • Rocking: It's possible to add plastic shims underneath and repair wax seals.
  • Cracked Seats: A quick swap is an easy project (but you might want lubricant or a drill for those corroded bolts).
  • Loose seats: Adding rubber bushings and seat stabilizers is a simple, effective repair.
  • Bubbling: This usually indicates a ventilation problem that can be repaired, but it's often best to leave these jobs to skilled plumbers.
  • Poor Flushing: There are many standard repairs that can fix this problem.
  • Severe Clogs: These are caused by something in your fixtures. Repairs and maintenance are better solutions than replacements.

When Should You Get Toilet Replacement Services?

Remember that toilet replacement services aren't always the best choice. If your current toilet is new and your pesky problem can be easily repaired, that's probably the better option. Conversely, if you’re using an older fixture that demands constant attention from professional plumbers, then repairs might not be the most cost-effective decision. In addition to the constant need for repairs, there are several additional situations when you should replace your current toilet with something new.

1. You Want An Upgrade

This scenario is the simplest and most obvious. If you're thinking about a new low-flush toilet or better commercial toilets, then obviously replacement is a better choice for you. This doesn't just apply to higher-efficiency replacements. You might also want an elongated bowl or round-front bowl instead of your current installation. Obviously, there aren't many aesthetic options for commode styles, but that's also a potential consideration.

1.5 Save Water & Money

This still falls under the category of an upgrade, but it's an additional benefit of replacement that many people don't think about. Many older options use 11-19 liters of water per flush. More efficient alternatives often use less than 7 liters. That reduced water use doesn't just benefit the environment; you can decrease your utility costs by replacing the entire fixture.

2. Frequent Clogs

It might be easy to clear a clog, but that doesn't mean you want to do it every day. Every so often? No worries. Three times per day? Now that's what you might call bad blockage. This kind of situation can often be solved with professional drain cleaning services, but if your bathroom fixture is having constant issues, replacement is another option.

3. Porcelain Cracks

Visible cracks are not just ugly imperfections. Hairline cracks in your porcelain bowl are serious threats to structural integrity that might cause major water damage if left unaddressed. A crack is also a source for active leaks, which not only contribute to isolated water damage but also negatively impact your monthly water bills.

4. Visible Scratches

Superficial scratches are an annoying issue because they make porcelain more difficult to clean. Visual scratches are like traps for grime that increase the amount of time and effort required to keep everything sparkling.

Professional Plumbers Can Help You Decide

Leaky toilets don't always need to be removed. A fresh seal might be enough to fix that fault. It's not always easy for people to determine whether a broken toilet will benefit from repairs, but the years of experience that an industry expert has makes it clearer than freshwater. A well-trained plumber with years of experience and professional certification can quickly determine if you need a simple valve replacement, or help getting rid of your entire toilet.

If you have more questions or want to make an appointment for plumbing repairs, call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mississauga ON. We're happy to help!