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Plumbing Solutions for Household Water Lines

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Kelowna is a local plumbing company that gladly resolves a wide array of residential plumbing needs. Our friendly, uniformed service professionals have impressive training and experience in plumbing repair, replacement, maintenance, and installation solutions. Your house depends on a main water pipe to channel fresh, clean water to all your faucets, toilets, showers, and other essential fixtures and appliances. Our team gladly assists homeowners throughout Rutland, Glenmore, and Kelowna, BC with residential water line replacement and installation services. We always use some of the latest and most effective techniques the plumbing industry has produced. You can count on our seasoned service professionals to perform a water line installation or replacement, whether your house is brand-new or has stood on your block for decades. We invite you to get more information about our residential plumbing solutions and contact us to schedule service at your home.

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Residential Water Line Replacement & Installation

As time passes, your water line ages and can become more vulnerable to the effects of freezing and thawing. Furthermore, your water line may already have damage and wear caused by water pressure, mineral buildup, ground movement, or tree root intrusion. A damaged water line can result in many issues, including discolored water and a drop in water pressure. These problems might seem minor, but they may be red flags indicating that your water line problems may escalate and call for emergency replacement services. Scheduling a service visit with Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Kelowna to perform regular maintenance lets our service professionals inspect your pipes and advise you when you need a complete water line replacement. Fortunately, our company never attempts to talk you into committing to a service you don’t need for your plumbing system. Countless homeowners trust our local plumbing company because we have the necessary expertise and industry solutions to ensure water and waste flow smoothly for years to come.

Trenchless Water Line Pipe Replacement Saves Your Lawn

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Kelowna performs quick and efficient water line replacement and installations using trenchless pipe techniques. This highly effective approach is a premium solution to most water line problems, and we won’t need to tear up your lawn, driveway, or landscaping. This excellent alternative is less intrusive than traditional replacement techniques, and you can save time and stress as we work to replace your pipe while preserving your property. Our professional team is licensed and insured, and we’ll individually assess the water line running into your home to ensure we cover all your replacement needs. The following is a list of reasons your best pipe replacement option may be trenchless water line pipe replacement:

  • Your pipes run under your house or landscaping.
  • Pipes have damaged from multiple instances of ground freezing and thawing.
  • House or earth movement has broken or cracked your water pipes.
  • Your home requires a larger water line because of higher water demands.

Investing in the Pipe Pull™ Installation Technique

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Kelowna commonly uses the Pipe Pull™ installation technique to replace old water lines at Kelowna, Rutland, and Glenmore, BC homes. To perform this method, we create a minimal hole at the beginning and end of your pipe and essentially guide your new pipe in place using your damaged water line as we install it. You can rest easy knowing your newly installed pipe serving as your water line resists chemicals, complies with code, deflects roots, and doesn’t leak. Another substantial benefit of having us perform your water line replacement is the new pipe we install comes with a century-long lifespan. You typically won’t need to think about replacing your water line any time soon after we complete the job.

Count on Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Kelowna

Outstanding work quality and effective solutions are essential to maintaining any British Columbia household’s plumbing, and Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Kelowna proudly offers our exceptional expertise and unbeatable work quality. We’re known by Kelowna, Rutland, and Glenmore, BC residents to consistently provide excellent customer service and never compromise quality for convenience. You also relax knowing we guarantee every repair, replacement, and installation we complete at your home. Furthermore, all our services stay at the same price, so it doesn’t matter what time or day your plumbing needs professional attention. We also assure never charge you an overtime fee if our work takes longer than expected. Our insured and seasoned service professionals are trustworthy and know what they’re doing. Your home’s plumbing system will flow smoothly again with our quick and efficient solutions. Contact us today to schedule service or request an in-home estimate covering your job’s cost.

Keeping Homeowners Informed About Their Water Lines

As a seasoned local service provider, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Kelowna has ample experience assisting countless households with their residential plumbing. Our comprehensive expertise and service collection covers nearly all plumbing needs in Kelowna, BC, including residential water line replacements and installations. Homeowners need plumbing solutions from a trustworthy and highly skilled professional to keep their home’s water supply safe and reliable. Fortunately, our service professionals have all the necessary training and experience to ensure customers get the best possible results when replacing their existing water line or installing a new one. You can count on us for outstanding plumbing services in Kelowna, Rutland, Glenmore, and Lower Mission, BC. Contact us today for more information about our water line solutions and to schedule a service appointment.

Answers to Our Customers’ Popular Questions

One of the best weapons against significant water line issues and concerns is knowledge about this plumbing system feature and the services it needs to work optimally. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Kelowna is well-versed in the many questions we receive from homeowners about residential main water line replacements and installation. We gladly use our impressive expertise and diverse industry insight to provide honest answers and help households select the services their systems need. Below, we’ve answered some questions that customers ask us frequently. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for answers to other questions or further information about the ones below.

What Types of Water Pipes Are There?

Water line replacements and installations can’t commence without choosing the right type of pipe to place in the ground and supply your home with clean, safe water. Typically, water lines come in three general material choices, and Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Kelowna will gladly explain the pros and cons of each and advise you on which type fits your needs best. You can also turn to us for answers and solutions to problems like leaking pipes and plumbing repairs. We’ve described the three basic options below for your benefit:


Service professionals recognize copper piping as the gold standard for water lines. This option stands up against leaks, has a long lifespan, and doesn’t pollute the water running through it, making copper a reliable choice outside galvanized and plastic pipes.


As a superior choice to average plastic piping, manufacturers produce PEX from crosslinked polyethylene to make this pipe stronger and more flexible. PEX differs from copper pipes and their soldering method because plumbing specialists connect it using compression fittings and a clamping machine to adhere them.


Some households use CPVC piping for their water lines because of their lower cost. This rigid plastic pipe is connected using fittings that a professional will adhere together with glue.

Can I Buy My Own Copper Pipes?

Hardware stores tend to carry copper pipes for homeowners, but Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Kelowna advises against purchasing your own pipes from them for a water line replacement or installation. Instead, buy your copper pipes from a plumbing supplier. A hardware store’s products may technically be the same grade, but their quality won’t be as good as what you will get from a plumbing supplier.

What Are Plastic Water Pipes’ Disadvantages?

Compared to copper pipes, plastic plumbing products fall short because of many disadvantages. For instance, you’ll need to keep rats away from your home because they love to chew on plastic. This issue makes plastic pipes a poor choice in rural areas. Sizing issues are another concern with PEX and CPVC water pipes due to their smaller inner diameter. A five-eighths or three-quarter-inch PEX pipe may be necessary for a line requiring a half-inch copper pipe to ensure your home has the same water flow amount. Finally, even with PEX pipes being a stronger plastic choice, it’s still not nearly as damage-resistant as copper piping. In cases when a copper pipe simply bends, plastic pipes will probably break.

Contact Our Team for Answers to More Questions

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Kelowna’s expert team will gladly answer all your questions about residential water lines and any other features of your plumbing system. We’ll also give you valuable insight into the services we offer to keep your plumbing in top condition so it can work at its best. Your questions and concerns are important, and we strive to ensure your service experience stays transparent to give you peace of mind. With this in mind, we always explain the process before and during a water line replacement or installation and keep communication open between you and our service professionals. Contact us today to discuss your residential plumbing needs, request an accurate estimate, and schedule a service appointment at your home.

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