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10 Things To Ask Your Toronto Sewer Repair Company

Customers like yourself ask plumbers all sorts of questions.

When you ask your sewer repair company for a Toronto plumber, there are a few things to consider.

You'll want to ask about more than a plumber's qualifications, for starters.

But what else should you ask?

Read on to learn more about what plumbing repair questions you should ask to receive the best service possible.

10 Things To Ask Your Toronto Sewer Repair Company

When asking about your plumber's qualifications, your first priority is inquiring whether he or she is licensed. The best way to verify this is to consult a local sewer repair company like Mr. Rooter, who hires locally, certified professionals.

General Plumbing Questions

Your questions may be about repair or renovation. Or, you might have simple questions about the location of water features in your home. Either way, these are questions you need to ask.

Your Toronto sewer repair company should be able to answer any questions you have, such as:

  • What you should do after a natural disaster

  • How to determine plumbing service costs

  • The cost of a plumbing inspection

  • The difference between hard water and soft water

  • And when you need commercial or residential services

These questions are general to any homeowner, such as yourself, who may know about the plumbing in your house. Or, they are questions you might ask of a sewer company to make sure they are qualified.

1. What Makes You Qualified for This Renovation or Repair?

Although a plumber you hire from the sewer repair company should provide his or her qualifications, it is okay to inquire about specific repair or renovation experience. Doing so ensures that you will have a plumber who has the experiential knowledge, in addition to any legal certifications.

All plumbing contractors in Toronto are required to have their certification verified by a Master Plumber. Plumbing contractors repair plumbing installations and are screened by the Toronto Licensing Tribunal.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing hires licensed and qualified plumbers for all of your sewage and plumbing needs. We maintain compliance for our clients and employees with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. 2005 and the Ontario Human Rights Code.

2. Who Is Going to Pull the Permit?

You should ask your Toronto sewer repair company if they will submit permitting paperwork for plumbing home renovation or if you will have to.

There is a lot that goes into permitting, so you may have to pay your repair company if they submit permitting papers for you. If the plumber does so, this may save you a lot of time and frustration—if you are confused by the permit submission process.

Depending on the type of permit you apply for, such as a stand-alone plumbing and drain permit, your completed paperwork must follow standards set by Div. C, Part 3, Section 3.2 of the Ontario Building Code.

Any paperwork you're required to submit will cover renovations or repairs for:

  • Kitchen, bar, slop or other sinks

  • Dishwashers

  • Bathtubs and showers

  • Water closets

  • Washing machines or laundry tubs

  • Hot water tanks

  • Floor or hub drains

  • Vented traps

  • Drinking fountains

With a list as comprehensive as this, it will save you a lot of potential headache in determining the specifics of your permit application. Make sure to check with your plumber to save yourself lots of time and hassle.

3. Who Is Responsible for Preparation Work?

Depending on the type of plumbing renovation work you plan on for your home, you may have to do a few bits of preparatory work on your own.

You should also ask the plumber or sewer repair company what they need from you for preparing a repair or renovation space so you can move any large appliances (i.e., refrigerator, washing machine) out of the area which needs service.

Aside from making the area accessible, you should also inquire about the estimated length of time needed for repair or renovation. Asking about what you need to do for preparation will allow you to plan accordingly, such as finding a temporary place of residence if there are any major plumbing inconveniences.

4. Where Is My Water Shut-Off Valve?

You have potentially never had to shut off your water main at your home. Perhaps it has never been a necessity or city services have needed access to it, so you just have not had to bother shutting it off yourself.

It is essential to know yourwater main's shut-off valve location in case of emergencies or if your plan on taking a long holiday. You may need to know it's location if a pipe bursts or your plumber needs to repair a leak. If you can turn the water off before your local sewer repair company sends someone out, you could minimize damage.

5. Should I Turn My Water Off When I'm On Vacation?

You may not think of this the first few times you go on a vacation, and that is pretty normal. With how cold Toronto winters, if you plan on travelling during this season, it would be wise to know the best course of action.

Even if no one is home while you are away, a leaky faucet could be the least of your concerns. A small leak or another common plumbing issue could become a significant plumbing issue during a fast, hard freeze.

You could leave on holiday and return to a flooded home. That is definitely something you would not want to return home to.

The most affordable peace of mind you can acquire—and all you have to do is ask your plumber where your water shut-off valve is located.

Plumbing Repair Questions

There are a series of major and minor plumbing concerns you might have about your home. The following queries about plumbing repair services are just a few important examples to ask of your Toronto sewer repair company.

6. Why Do I Have Water Leaking from My Ceiling?

Water leaks are a more common plumbing emergency than you might think. Depending on where and when (e.g., the time of the year) the leak is occurring, your plumber might have a few different solutions.

When you ask a plumber a question about water leaking from your ceiling or anywhere else in your home, give as much detail as you can. If your plumber doesn't tell you to cut the water off at the main shut-off valve, you should do so. (And if you don't know where your water main shut-off valve is located

7. What Should I Expect During a Drain Cleaning?

If you have been experiencing backups in your drainage line or clogs which slow the drainage of your home's plumbing system, it might be time to call your Toronto sewer repair company, Mr. Rooter.

Then, you should ask your plumber about what to expect. Depending on the severity of your problem, you might need to determine a timetable for repair. If it is a minor drain issue, scheduling an appointment should be fine.

If you need a major drain cleaning, your pricing may vary. Before you have your drain cleaned, now is your opportunity to inquire about the cost.

Common Plumbing Issues You Should Ask About

Your common plumbing issues will vary based on the location of your home, the season of the year, and the age of your home. Although some of these may be problems you could try and fix yourself, it is far more sensible to hire a qualified Toronto sewer repair company like Mr. Rooter, to avoid any expensive mistakes.

8. What Makes My Water Bill So High?

You might not think this is something to ask your plumber about. Because there are so many possible causes of a higher than expected water bill, asking your plumber might help you narrow down the root of the issue and even help you become a more sustainable household in the process.

Your potential sources of a high water bill encompass:

  • A leaking toilet

  • Leaky faucets

  • Leaky irrigation in a lawn sprinkler system

  • A leaky water line or connection to the ground meter

  • Inefficient or outdated fixtures

  • Time of year

  • General water waste

Be sure to ask your Toronto sewer repair company for tips on reducing your water bill. They might have an ecological solution to your high water bill.

Asking your plumber for water conservation tips is not just good for your bank account, but also to conserve the world's resources and better protect our natural environment. Any good Toronto sewer repair company knows and appreciates this.

9. Why Do My Pipes Make Banging Noises When I Use Certain Appliances?

Whether your washing machine is making far more noise than usual or you just have noisy old pipes, it is a good idea to ask your plumber about the noise. He or she can provide tips or apply solutions to solve the problem directly.

Your noisy pipes may come from loose fixtures or the water being jetted around the pipes in your home from fixture to fixture. Asking your plumber about this is the best way to get rid of your noisy pipes.

10. Why Is There a Sewer Smell in My House?

You might think the sewer smell in your house is related to sulphuric water, but this may not be the case. Asking your plumber about potential causes will help determine the problem. The smell could be caused by:

  • Sewer trap plugs

  • Dried trap

  • City sewer

  • Cloudy water

All of these are causes that require the help of a professional Toronto sewer repair company. Do not hesitate to ask your plumber for help.

Your water might be cloudy for several reasons. Whether it's from air bubbles or dirt in your lines, or sulphur (which may cause a sewer smell in your house), asking your plumber about the sources of your cloudy water can help you solve the problem. They may have filter solutions or testing to make sure your water is safe to consume.

If it is a city issue, make sure you contact your local authorities for more information. They may refer you to simply wait or make you aware of any ongoing work they are conducting.

Contacting the city can also help you determine if it is specific to your home and if you need to call a plumber.

Who Should You Turn to For Quality Plumbing Services?

Our plumbers are qualified to answer your questions and help you in several ways. We have bonded and insured plumbing and drain specialists ready for your plumbing needs. We are locally owned and operated and a Neighbourly company with licensed experts. Our service is aimed at integrating trusted plumbers from your community.

The last thing we would want to is for customers like you to wonder when your plumber will arrive. Now, you shouldn't have to block out an entire day waiting on your plumber for any kind of service. Our uniformed professionals will meet you at scheduled appointment times, but are also available 24/7 for emergency service!

We offer in-home estimates and never charge you overtime with upfront flat-rate pricing. When you reach out to us, we give you a reliable quote based on our flat-rate pricing model. We use this model to provide reasonable and affordable services that you can trust.

We also guarantee our craft and parts quality as high-performance. We can fix clogged drains, general plumbing repairs, plumbing diagnosis, and inspection, as well as minor or major drain cleaning. If you need to consider financing for any home renovation or repair to your plumbing, we are more than willing to explore your options.

Check out our website or call (416) 699-8623 for more information, or to get your service quote started today.