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Possible Plumbing Issues Caused by Mild Winters

Mild Toronto winters have a tendency to be enjoyed by many. However, let's face it, when the temperatures are seasonally above average it is not normal and having mild weather comes at a cost to nature and possibly to your household plumbing as well.

Here are the Top Plumbing Issues Caused by Mild Winters:

Your Sump Pump

Ideally, sump pumps should be inspected and cleaned before winter arrives, however many of us get caught up with life's busy moments and thinking about the sump pump just doesn't enter our thoughts. Malfunctions can happen and winter, (no matter the temperature), is not the time you want to be having to deal with sump pump troubles. Often, when there is trouble it can lead to flood damage. During mild winters there tends to be more rain than snow. If the rain comes down in buckets, many homeowners end up having to spend money they did not expect to spend.

Garden Hoses

It may be hard to believe, but garden hoses that have not been removed from outdoor faucets can give you unexpected headaches. Ideally, autumn is the time to remove those hoses and to drain and close off all valves leading outside. Failure to do this means that water can freeze in the lines which could lead to major trouble. Throughout a mild Toronto winter, there is a constant fluctuation of temperatures causing this water to freeze and thaw, increasing the chances of damage. So, if it is a mild enough day get those lines drained, closed and bring the hose indoors.

Insulate Indoor Water Pipes

Ok, so insulating indoor water pipes may seem odd if the winter is mild yet this is a must-do for many reasons. Of course, the number one reason is to save money on hot water. When pipes are insulated heat loss is smaller. Insulating those pipes can also help should you lose heat for several hours or longer. Yes, even milder winters have cold days and should you lose heat on one of those days and it lasts a significant length of time then you run the risk of problems, including burst pipes.

Septic Backup

Many homeowners tend to take their septic system for granted – it’s there and it works. However, as much as we tend to ignore the septic system, we shouldn't. Septic systems need to be checked year round to avoid a messy backup.

Water Heaters

Water heaters should be inspected annually. During winter months, the hot water heater works overtime and sediment buildup can cause you grief. Having the tank flushed can help prevent this.

Mild winters can come with some plumbing problems just as cold winters. It's always best to be prepared ahead of time but many of us tend to forget. Hopefully, Toronto winters do not cause you any trouble, but should problems arise there is always Mr. Rooter Plumbing Toronto a phone call away.

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