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Is Your Home at Risk for Flood?

Your Toronto Home and Flooding Risk

No one wants or deserves a flood. If you’ve ever experienced one, or know someone that has, you are aware that it is a life altering, destructive experience.

The Insurance Industry of Canada has stated that, “flood has overtaken fire as the highest claim catastrophic event” and insurance underwriters are taking steps to help their policyholders understand the need to reduce the risk of in home flooding.

We don’t often think about it when we lock our doors to go out for the day, but a running toilet, overflowing sink or burst washing machine or dishwasher hose can cause thousands of dollars in a few short hours. We had a customer that actually went out for dinner and upon returning found his living room ceiling had come down. The toilet in his upstairs bathroom had been running the whole time and overflowed leaving him with over $80,000 in damages and weeks of cleanup and restoration.

What to Look for in Your Toronto Home

You should also be aware of dripping taps, leaking pipes under sinks and other possible equipment failure. If you put off repairing them or use a “temporary fix” you run the risk of unexpected flooding. – You also need to be very aware of putting anything down your drains that can cause a blockage and backup. You also need to be very aware of putting anything down your drains that can cause a blockage and backup. Items like children’s toys, hygiene products or even that thick and comforting toilet tissue that doesn’t dissolve quickly can clog your whole system. A regular inspection of all your indoor plumbing fixtures and hoses can help to minimize your risk. A professional plumber can tell you and even show you where your hoses are wearing or in danger of eruption. If you know that you have a toilet or leaking pipe – get it fixed as soon as possible by a qualified plumbing technician and of course it goes without saying that if something gets flushed down the toilet – call a plumber to get it out.

Stay tuned to our blog as next time we’ll talk about outside causes of in-home flood.

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Take a look at this map from the Government of Canada on flood-prone locations. If you live in one of the areas where flood is likely then you really need to take seriously our changing climate and your vulnerability.

Water, whether it seeps slowly or gushes into your home can be caused by heavy rainfall, rapidly melting snow, or spring thaw or even a failing outside plumbing fixture.

A crack or leak in your home’s foundation or basement walls, windows or doors, poor lot grading or drainage, failed weeping tile system (foundation drains), overflowing eavestroughs, cracked, blocked or broken eaves troughs or leaking/plugged downspouts, a blockage between your home and the main sewer in the street, wastewater backup in the sewer system (or a combination of wastewater and rainwater from the sewer system) are all reasons that you may be at risk for home flooding.

A crack or leak in your home’s foundation or basement walls can be easily taken care of by waterproofing specialists. Caulking or replacing windows, even one at a time, and simply regularly cleaning out your eaves troughs will help to keep the water out.

Large trees in the yard are wonderful but in older homes can indicate roots in your main drain. An annual drain camera inspection, especially in an established neighbourhood, will let you see if you have roots growing your drains and whether they can be cut or if they are causing damage to the drain itself. If the drain is damaged, it’s only going to get worse. Have no fear though, there is technology available that allows us to replace either part of all of your drain “without” tearing up all that beautiful established landscaping that gives your property such great curb appeal.

Next time on the Mr. Rooter Blog learn how a backwater valve works, what it really does and how effective it is!

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