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Bring Your Septic Bed Back To Life

Tips & Tricks to Revitalizing Your Septic Bed

This week’s Guest Blogger is Ken McBride, Operations Manager at Mr. Rooter Plumbing York/Durham Region.

Summer nights bring with them the fresh fragrance of the gardens in full bloom mingled with that wholesome smell of cut grass. Ahhh, country living…a lifestyle you chose for peace, tranquility and fresh air.

But wait! What is that awful pungent odour just out the back door? Is there a farm close by spreading manure or maybe it’s the cattle farm over the ridge? As you peer across the yard at dusk you notice the luster of the greenest grass over the septic bed. Just then a slight wind comes up and you stop as the sheen ripples…Oh no! It is a sopping flood and you realize that what wafted in your area on that gentle summer breeze is the pungent odour of your own household waste. It smells like rotten eggs and it overpowers all the other wonderful fragrances that brought you outside in the first place. As you quickly rush in to close the windows and doors, becoming, once again, a prisoner of the four walls that held you captive all last winter, you fear the worst…replacing the septic system.

Septic Drainage Issues in Toronto, Ontario

Septic drainage issues are one of the very few drawbacks of country living. When your septic bed stops working properly your septic tile bed may be choked with biomat (a heavy black sludge) that does not allow seepage in the ground. This can result in outdoor ground floods consisting of a foul-smelling, black effluent. This is a definite indication that your septic has lost its ability to drain through the ground. Although pumping out the septic tank is recommended, over time it is not the answer. While pumping will empty the tank, it will not clear the tile runs and putting off rectifying this situation will ultimately cause sewage backup into your home.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing has a remedy that can assist with your septic bed drainage issues without the high cost of replacing your septic. It’s called Terralift, an innovative procedure with a unique piece of equipment designed to bring your tile bed back to life. There are only a very few of these rare and unique machines in use in southern Ontario and Mr. Rooter Plumbing owns one of them.

Our trained plumbing technicians will locate your tile bed and, with our cameras and locating equipment, mark out each run, excavate the end of the runs and flush out all the boimat that is choking off your tile bed seepage. Once the runs are clean and clear we will terra lift the tile bed to create proper seepage again. Every three feet throughout the whole bed area, we inject a 6-8 foot syringe into the ground and release small beads into the voided area where the Terra releases air into the ground thus restoring proper drainage.

The Mr. Rooter Plumbing septic Terra lift procedure can be used in most septic system applications and is especially effective in the late spring until the frost sets in.

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Whether rural rustic, country charm or grand estate, a country lifestyle is usually chosen for its solitude, natural beauty and clear, fresh air. Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing Toronto to keep it that way.

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