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Different Ways Canadian Weather Affects Plumbing

Your plumbing system is a complex maze of pipes, fixtures and equipment that makes it possible for you to bathe, wash clothes and dishes, cook, drink water and use the bathroom whenever you like. Anytime this system is damaged or out of balance, it affects your household in some way. Our Toronto weather can affect your plumbing all on its own, with four distinct seasons and temperature extremes in parts of the country.

How Canadian Weather Affects Plumbing:

Hot Weather Issues

Hot weather is usually welcomed with open arms by most Canadians, but there are some plumbing problems that are specific to hot weather. Things like UV damage to exposed pipes, sewer line backups and flooded basements from heavy rainfall and the presence of mold from water leaks are all potential hot weather problems found in Canadian summers.

As all Canadians know, the summer temperatures can really sore, and when they do, a simple leak can transform into a haven for mold spores. They will multiply quickly unless the situation brought under control, so any small leak in the summer must be addressed quickly. Tree roots growing into your pipes during the warmer weather can also cause problems, especially if the pipes have been weakened from the frigid winter temperatures.

Cold Weather Issues

Frozen pipes are the main cold weather plumbing issue Canadians face, but it is a big one. When the temperatures drop and pipes freeze, the water inside can also freeze, causing it to expand and the pipe to burst. Wrapping pipes with foam insulation can prevent them from freezing, and if you routinely see frigid overnight winter temperatures in your area, wrapping the pipes may be a wise choice. Shutting off the valves that connect to your backyard hose or faucets in an unheated garage will also help to prevent water from freezing in pipes.

Look to Professionals for Help

There’s no doubt that wildly fluctuating temperatures in many Canadian towns and cities contribute to weakened pipes and other plumbing issues. If you want to stay on top of any plumbing problem and keep your system running smoothly all year long, it’s important to align yourself with a dependable plumbing team that has experience in all seasons. The weather that Canadian homes face over the course of a given year certainly isn’t boring, but it does have the potential to wreak havoc on a plumbing system, if you don’t take the appropriate action.

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