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Residential Drain Cleaning in Sudbury, ON

Fast, Thorough Drain Cleaner Services

One of the many benefits of drain cleaning is that it can clear stubborn clogs deep within your pipes. While chemical drain cleaners and a plunger may be able to fix a clogged sink or toilet, some drain problems are bigger. If you notice clogged drains more often, you may benefit from professional drain cleaning services. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Sudbury, we offer residential drain cleaning in Sudbury, ON. Our drain cleaning services include hydro jetting and a safe, eco-friendly enzymatic drain cleaner. If you notice signs, you need drain cleaning, call our live answering service anytime, night or day. You can also request an in-home estimate online through our website.

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Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

The sooner you recognize the signs you need drain cleaning and call a professional, the faster you and your family can get back to your normal routine. If you experience any of these common plumbing problems in your home, call us to schedule drain cleaning services:

  • You have more than one clogged drain or a clogged toilet combined with a slow sink drain.
  • There is standing water over one or more drains in your home.
  • Water is backing up into your toilet, sink, bathtub, or shower.
  • Your drains smell like rotting food, mold, or sewage.
  • You are finding insects or flies in your kitchen.
  • Your pipes or drains are making odd sounds you haven’t heard before.
  • You've tried using a chemical drain cleaner and plunger but can't fix the problem.

Benefits of Drain Cleaning From Our Service Professionals

When you call our service professionals for residential drain cleaning, you'll get fast, reliable service from courteous, experienced technicians. Our drain cleaning services solve even the most stubborn clogged drains and can prevent drain cleaning needs in the future. By combining hydro jetting services with our powerful enzymatic drain cleaner, we'll eliminate years of built-up sludge in your pipes. We can clear the following types of clogged drains:

  • Clogged Kitchen Drains - If you have a clogged kitchen sink or disposal, we can combine hydro jetting, drain rooter services, and our enzymatic drain cleaner to clear your drains. You’ll quickly be able to use your kitchen plumbing again.
  • Clogged Toilet Drains - We can use a drain rooter or auger to clear tough clogs from toilets. We can also use our hydro jetting services and drain rooter to get hair, soap scum, and other products out of a clogged bathtub drain or clogged shower drain.
  • Clogged Utility Room Drains - A clogged utility room drain increases your risk of flooding and water damage. Our clogged drain cleaning services will remove dirt, hair, trash, leaves, and other debris.
  • Clogged Sewer Drains - A clogged sewer drain can lead to a sewer system backup. Avoid the hassle and expense by scheduling regular sewer line cleaning.

Prevent Drain Cleaning Expenses

Taking care of your plumbing and drains can prevent drain cleaning expenses. Our Advantage Plan makes it easy to schedule plumbing maintenance like drain cleaning services, plumbing inspections, and plumbing repairs. You can also schedule preventive plumbing maintenance to reduce your risk of future plumbing issues. Follow these tips to reduce your risk of clogged drains and the need for drain cleaning:

  • Don’t let large pieces of food go down the drain, particularly: fruit and vegetable rinds, skins, pits, or seeds; coffee grounds; eggshells; fats; oils; grease; chicken skin.
  • Be careful about what you flush down the toilet. Don't flush wipes, paper towels, facial tissues, dental floss, cigarettes, condoms, tampons, cardboard, or other trash.
  • Use a drain catcher on your shower or tub to keep hair from going down the drain.
  • Get plumbing problems fixed right away before they get worse.
  • Schedule preventive plumbing maintenance, like plumbing inspections, to lower your risk of future problems.
  • Don’t plant trees, shrubs, or bushes near your sewer line.

Call to Schedule Residential Drain Cleaning in Sudbury, ON

If you have clogged drains you can’t clear yourself, call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Sudbury for residential drain cleaning in Sudbury, ON. We'll send a service professional to your home for a plumbing inspection. Once we determine the location and cause of your plumbing problem, we'll walk you through the solutions. We want our customers to fully understand what they're paying for, so we're always upfront and transparent about our services and their cost. To learn more about the benefits of drain cleaning, call our 24/7 live answering service, or schedule an in-home job estimate.

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