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Learn 5 Common Reasons that People Call Plumbing Companies in Regina

Your local Regina plumbers can help with much more than just fixing a burst pipe — although that definitely falls within their expertise. Did you know that the name “rooter” comes from tree roots? Some plumbing professionals used to call themselves rooters because they were just as skilled with removing tree roots from buried pipes as they were with repairing faucets and other fixtures.

The list of professional services that a skilled plumber can provide is nearly as long as all the pipes running through your home put together! You should certainly call certified plumbers for help if water is seeping through a soggy stain in your ceiling, but there are many other problems that people in Regina solve by calling quality plumbers.

The team of local plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Regina are your local, courteous, plumbing professionals. With our wide range of expertise and many years of experience, there are few plumbing problems — if any — that we can't solve. We aren't just your average plumber. All you need to benefit from contacting Regina's plumbing companies is knowledge about the many problems their quality plumbers can solve.

1. Drain Clogs

Is there anything more frustrating than a sink full of dirty water that won't go away or a toilet that overflows constantly? There might be, but those drainage problems are also high on the list of annoyances in Regina. Clogged drains are a common problem, and the service professionals that work at local companies know they only become more common over time.

With the right tools and information, you can deal with issues like a clogged toilet on your own, but some blockage is simply too stubborn — or too deep — for conventional solutions. That's where companies like Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Regina can help. Our powerful equipment is even strong enough to cut away tree roots deep inside your pipes!

If your drain blockage issues have progressed past the point of irregularity into the zone of constant conundrum, you might benefit from an appointment for professional drain cleaning services with one of your local companies. Blockage from soap scum, minerals, and other debris builds up naturally. Without regular cleaning, that disgusting debris will cause frequent backups — and it could result in serious damage too.

2. Leaky Pipes & Fixtures

Leaks might not be quite as common as clogs, but the service professionals that work for Regina's plumbing companies deal with them fairly often as well. Even a little leak is a big problem. A hole as small as 1/8", which is barely as big as the tip of a pen, can cost as much as fifty dollars per day in additional fees for wasted water — and that doesn't even include the associated cost of repairing all that water damage!

Whether you have a damaged pipe, a running toilet leak, or just a dripping faucet, getting timely repairs from one of Regina's plumbing companies is extremely important. You don't have to be a licensed plumber to know that when it comes to waste and water issues, time is money. In most cases, the longer you wait to get professional help, the more you'll end up paying for those problems.

3. Gurgling Toilets

Many people in Regina assume that their toilets and drains are supposed to make noise, but that's not true. In fact, your pipes, drains, and fixtures should all be relatively silent. If you hear any unusual noises coming from your drains, that's a good reason to call one of the local plumbing companies in Regina.

Problematic Sounds Include:

  • Gurgling

  • Whistling

  • Banging

  • Humming

  • Hissing

  • Whining

  • Rattling

4. Worn-Out Hot Water Heaters

Your water heater has a limited lifespan. Sadly plumbing fixtures don't last forever, and most water heaters last for about ten to fifteen years before they fail completely. If you've already had your existing unit for several years, you might start seeing the signs of age soon.

Tankless water heaters last a little longer, but they still need regular maintenance to meet that longer lifespan. If you're experiencing frustration from your current hot water heater, or you have an older unit that needs frequent repairs, one of the plumbing companies in Regina can restore your peace of mind — and your hot water.

5. Bathroom Updates

Repairs and maintenance aren't the only reason to call your local plumbing companies. Your Regina plumber would also love to help with installation and replacement services to help you create the best bathroom. If you've got one of those older toilets that uses eleven litres per flush, we can replace it — and much more!

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