What to Do When You’re Dealing with a Flooded Basement in Regina, SK

Water flowing under the door of a flooded basement in Regina, SK
We know it's inevitable to picture the worst-case scenario whenever you hear about a basement flood, from floating objects to contaminated water and other high-risk safety hazards. It's important to understand that a flood could also start slowly with puddles forming in an area and gradually grow into something more drastic. However, there are two types of basement floods you have to worry about; the first is weather-related, such as heavy rainfall, and if you live near Wascana Lake, you'll be even more susceptible to having a flooded basement. The second scenario boils down to your plumbing system, from a burst pipe to a sewer backup. Of course, these unpleasant issues require professional attention and inspection to understand why that is happening.

As your local Regina plumber, we make sure that your plumbing is in decent working order so that when disaster strikes, you are fully protected with minimal to no damage. Protecting your family and private property in Regina should be your top priority, and that's why your expert team at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Regina is geared up for the preventative maintenance and repair services you need. We're here to help you control your home's pipework and how to effectively prevent a flooded basement.

What Causes A Flooded Basement in Regina?

Like many parts of Canada, Regina suffers from heavy rainfall periods around May and June when flooding is common. In fact, it got so bad in recent years that the municipality decided to bring forward provincial disaster assistance programs to help Regina residents recover from severe basement floods, which include damages caused by sewer backups and tree root penetration. While no full compensation is offered, and the city does not cover insurable losses, you still have to apply and wait for their approval to help restore your basement’s “pre-disaster condition.”

Before you rely fully on your municipality, we always recommend our clients take matters into their own hands since you are the one that cares the most about your home. Besides, not all property damage in Regina is covered by your home insurance company. And a lot of your annual sunk cost saved for scheduled home maintenance services like drain cleaning and minor plumbing repairs is not enough to cover basement flood damage.

Before we dive into a 101 guide on what to do, let’s examine in detail what causes a flooded basement. This way, you will know what preventative measures to take and how to prevent a flooded basement in the future.


Seepage is related to a rising water table and can enter your basement through unnoticed cracks and basement windows. Most of that liquid is possibly from snowmelt or the rain that failed to follow the designated drainage areas like the storm sewers. It’s important to know that you’re responsible for a well-performing exterior drainage system, which includes healthy gutters and downspouts that safely redirect stormwater away from your Regina home. If that excess water goes down flow paths that lead straight to your home’s foundation, you’ll have a big problem. Your Regina plumber is happy to inspect your basement walls and any pipework that is installed there, including your concrete slab. Additionally, it helps to hire a foundation specialist to examine your foundation and confirm that the home settling process won’t cause any problems down the road.

Failing Perimeter

Every Regina property should have a perimeter drain (also known as a weeping tile or French drain) installed around the house’s perimeter. During heavy rains and snowmelt, the perimeter drain collects the water and directs it further away into a pit or even the storm sewer laterals just so it won’t affect your foundation. Perimeter drains are primarily made of corrugated plastic or PVC with small weep holes in charge of directing water away from your foundation. Over time your weeping tile becomes clogged with sediments, soil, and other substances, or it wears out. When it fails, the groundwater level will rise and find its way into your basement via foundation cracks or your sump pump, if you have one.

Failing Sump Pump

A sump pump system is great to have if you want to prevent the risk of basement flooding. That said, it requires a fair amount of maintenance and attention. Designed to detect rising water levels in advance, your sump pump collects water from your weeping tiles or any accumulated moisture in your basement. Once the sensor valve detects a certain tile water level, it begins to pump and force excess water through a discharge pipe. Malfunctions often occur due to switch issues where the sensor either doesn’t sense the pressure of rising water or the float is obstructed or clogged.

Sewer Backup

This leads us to the most unpleasant type of flooded basement in Regina—a sewer backup. Your home’s sanitary sewer lateral is connected to the city sewer located underneath your street. Besides clogged drain issues, we recommend paying attention to your floor drain and cleanout pipe. Locate them and check for signs of a backup. Your cleanout is closely connected to your sewer lateral pipe, and if it’s draining, you have a sewer backup and need to call your Regina plumber for an emergency plumbing service. During that time, you should not flush your toilet, as you could worsen the situation by adding more pressure to your sewer line. In the worst case, sewage could flow into your home via the floor drain, spreading wastewater throughout your basement floor.

Burst Pipe

Are you experiencing a sudden drop of water pressure when in the shower although no one else has the tap running? Perhaps you’ve experienced water hammers and didn’t think it was a big deal. In fact, they are the main culprits for pipe bursts besides frozen pipes. Foundation-related issues include slab leaks which can occur when the pipework underneath your concrete slab has been installed poorly or severe soil shifting has taken place while your home is settling. Most signs of slab leaks have an insidious nature of coming forward. It may start with warm spots on the floor, warping and buckling, or you hear water flowing through the walls and floors. However, the most applicable pipe burst that leads to a flooded basement in Regina is a pipe collapse or rupture caused by culprits like corrosion.

Other Basement Flood Causes:

  • Leaking hot water tank
  • Leaking washing machine

What to Do When Your Basement is Flooding:

Having covered the causes and risks of flooding, we hope that you were able to gather useful details to help you prepare your exterior drainage system as well as your interior plumbing. But what steps are necessary for you to take in the event of an actual basement flood?

Staying calm will definitely win you the jackpot here, as you need a clear focused head before you move on to the next crucial steps. Nothing is more important than ensuring your family’s safety and warning everyone to steer clear from the basement. Not only could that flood water be contaminated, your electrical wiring could also have been in contact with water. To ensure your family’s safety and minimize the need for costly repairs, follow these steps:

Turn Off Your Power

Before anyone gets an electrical shock, turn off your power as long as it’s in a safe, non-flooded area. Otherwise, call your utility company to remotely disconnect the power. Once you have ensured that the power is 100 percent off, you may approach the next step.

Wear Protective Gear

100 percent pure rubber boots and rubber gloves can protect you from potential electric shocks. Protective eyewear and a face mask will protect you from sewage water.

Turn Off Your Water

In the event of a burst pipe that’s continuously filling your basement floor, turn off your main shut-off valve for your water supply lines. It should either be outside or inside your home in a utility room. If water has reached a certain level where you can no longer see the basement floor, call your licensed Regina plumbers immediately to report this plumbing emergency.

If your floor becomes saturated with flood water due to rain seeping into your basement, the key will be to remove as much water as possible before it enables mold or causes other damage to your basement.

Important Note: In the event of a serious flash flood where your basement is quickly filling up, you are required to immediately evacuate your home.

Call Your Regina Plumber

If you believe the basement flood is caused by one of the following points, we named above, give Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Regina a call and describe your situation. Our qualified team of plumbing technicians will treat it as an emergency and be at your service right away. They will most likely give you instructions on what you can do before they arrive unless the situation is unclear and it’s safest to wait until our team arrives.

While You Wait

In the event of a leaking pipe, you could temporarily fix the leak area with plumbers' tape

or self-fusing silicone tape. You can expect your Regina plumber to replace that specific pipe section. The most important part of waiting is keeping your basement dry. Having dirty towels, a mop, and a bucket in place is the best way to prevent mold growth.

If you can, move away items like cardboard boxes or furniture that are soaked by putting them outside to dry. Damp boxes can quickly trigger bacterial growth, whereas unsealed furniture could fall victim to wood rot. By putting them outside, you’ll allow wet areas in your basement to dry faster. However, we do not recommend touching any electrical items yet until they have fully dried out. For this type of basement flood, it’s good to have a wet & dry vacuum to move small puddles.

Open doors and windows to ventilate the area and accelerate the drying process. Chances are still high that some areas might have suffered water damage and require a specialist’s attention to ensure that your home’s structural integrity isn’t compromised.

How To Prevent A Flooded Basement in Regina

As a property owner in Regina, there’s probably nothing more valuable to you than your home. Taking all the measures you can to prevent a flooded basement in Regina will definitely work in your favor. Some important preventative measures include:

  •  Install Backwater Valve: These devices are installed under your basement floor, and attached to your sewer lateral. Whether a sewer backup or a heavy downpour where rainwater finds its way into your basement via foundational cracks, a backwater valve has a flood control sensor that reacts when water reaches a certain level. The flap will close off the pipe and thus stop water from entering your home—both sewage and stormwater.
  • Install Automatic Shut-Off Valve: Sometimes the shut-off valves of supply lines are not in a safe area, especially if that includes a flooded basement in Regina. But what if these valves could automatically detect excess moisture throughout the house and shut off on their own?
  • Inspect Foundation, Perimeter Drain, and Windows: It’s hard to miss foundation cracks outside your home. These cracks are prone to extreme weather conditions and could wear out after a cold winter season. Having a specialist inspect and reseal them will ensure no water leaks through them. The same applies to your windows that aren’t properly sealed or the panes have deteriorated. Checking your perimeter drain for clogs and wear will also ensure that stormwater steers clear from your foundation.

Why Choose Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Regina?

As your first-choice plumbing company, we pride ourselves on our thorough inspection and maintenance services to help residents of Regina stay safe. Every Regina plumber on our team has passed their background checks and drug screens, bringing an average of ten years of experience in plumbing maintenance and repairs.

Ensuring your plumbing system is in top condition, we use advanced plumbing tools, such as our sewer video camera inspection to detect underground clogs and damage. To keep your piping system clean and free from clogs, we use our professional hydro jetting device to blast away sludge, mineral deposits, and other stubborn substances that settle on your pipe walls. To protect your basement from excess moisture, we also offer basement waterproofing services that will make your life easier.

While plumbing repair might not be all about emergencies, we also always make sure to stay available 24/7 for emergency situations in Regina and never add overtime charges for sudden situations. Plus, you can count on our guaranteed workmanship to get every job done fast and efficiently.

Basement Floods Can Be Avoided! Choose Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Regina!

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