The Benefits Of Installing A Backwater Valve in Regina, SK

A residential floor drain that could benefit from Regina backwater valve installation.
Maintaining a healthy plumbing system is often more than just maintenance and minor repairs. In some cases, it involves certain preventative measures that Regina homeowners aren’t even aware of. Routine inspections help to check your existing pipe condition, replace joints or fittings, and ensure that drains are clear. Preventative maintenance includes drain cleaning and pipe insulation services. But what else is there? Installing a backwater valve in Regina is one possible way to increase your system’s defenses.

Having healthy water flow in your home is essential, but it’s not always in your control to prevent sewage backups, water line breaks or weather-related flooding. Luckily, there are things you can do to reduce the effects and risks of backups affecting your home in Regina.

As your local Regina plumber, we perform every requested service reliably and efficiently, and we never fail to make suggestions that will benefit your plumbing system in the long run. The installation of a backwater valve is often overlooked because not many homeowners fully know the purpose of its use. Our team at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Regina will answer all the questions that you may have about a backwater valve’s functions and benefits, so you can decide if installation is right for you.

What Is A Backwater Valve?

A backwater valve—also known as a backwater prevention valve or sewer backup valve—is a small plumbing solution that helps prevent flooding disasters. It’s usually installed under your basement floor, attached to the sewer line. The key parts are the protective flap and cleanout. To prevent flooding, the flap has a one-way flow, which diverts flood water from your home directly to the sewer.

While it’s not mandatory according to the building code in every city, we recommend that you check with your municipality and a licensed plumber. In some places, the city and its main utility company might even offer financial assistance in installing a backwater valve as a subsidy program. Backflow prevention devices are gaining more popularity, even in the province of Saskatchewan.

How Does A Backwater Valve Work?

A backwater prevention device has a backflow mechanism that adheres to the law of gravity. It stops your sewer from overflowing and flooding your property from the basement up. Once your pipes begin to clog, it will detect it and close its flap to prevent flooding in your home.

Note: During this event, you won’t be able to access your water supply or flush away any wastewater.

Common Types of Backflow Prevention Devices:

Some of the more common Regina backwater prevention devices include:

Check Valve

This is the common type that has a flap or a ball that blocks water from entering your home during a sewer backup or heavy rainfall. It requires a fair bit of maintenance and monitoring.

Gate Valve

This is a more reliable option as it has a flapper that you can manually open or close. It’s more expensive and more common in industrial applications.

Combination Valve

The combination type has a chamber and a gate filled with air. If it detects a backup, the gate will automatically close. As the most expensive of the three, it’s the least likely to malfunction and provides a high level of protection.

What Are The Benefits of Installing A Backwater Valve in Regina?

Preventative measures are good to have, especially when we live in areas where unexpected weather conditions can take a toll. You can never be prepared enough without a backwater valve. Regina, SK property owners typically want to take the best precautions to protect themselves and their homes. Perhaps learning more about a backwater valve’s benefits will encourage you to think about installing one.

  1. Flood Control

It’s designed to prevent flooding in your home, whether it’s a sewer backup or a heavy downpour where rainwater finds its way into your basement via public sewer backflow. Flood control is one of the best traits of a backwater valve. Regina, SK receives a significant amount of rain every year, and flood warnings are common in the early summer. With this type of protection, you won’t have to worry about backflow in your basement.

  1. Backs Up Sump Pumps

Chances are you think that having a sump pump is sufficient and will protect you from potential flooding. Unfortunately, they’re not always reliable without extra support; the surrounding mechanics could fail without you noticing. Having backwater prevention will give you more peace of mind that unwanted water will be diverted from your home.

  1. Unaffected by City Sewer Problems

Although we trust the city to take care of the municipal sewer line, you never know when they will encounter sewage backup problems on their end. Having backwater prevention that serves as a stopper and protects your home from sludge and other unpleasant waste will give you the peace of mind that you need.

Do I Need Regina Backwater Valve Installation?

We have mentioned that it is not mandatory in every city, however, it’s worth contacting your municipality about it and seeing if their corresponding utility company provides consultation and installation services to further educate homeowners about the benefits of having a backwater valve in Regina. Professional plumbers will explain to you why they believe it’s essential for safety reasons. If you don’t like external forces taking a toll on your property and want to do everything in your power to avoid the complications of sewage backflow, then you may want to consider calling a local, licensed plumber for installation..

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