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Furnace Repair in Regina

Professional Heating Inspection & Repair for Your Home

Our furnaces are fundamental to the comfort and livability of our homes, especially when Regina hits negative temperatures. Whether winter is right around the corner or it’s the middle of December, having your furnace inspected and repaired by a team of professionals is crucial to keeping your home as comfortable as can be.

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Regina, our team of service technicians extend their plumbing services to your home’s heating system, offering the same quality of inspections, maintenance, and repairs. If your furnace is showing signs of struggle, either it terms of uneven airflow, trouble igniting, or poor air quality, you can rely on our Regina furnace repair technicians to quickly locate the cause of your problems and deliver a guaranteed repair that fully restores your peace of mind.

How To Repair Your Furnace

While you may be looking at your options for DIY furnace repair, we always suggest turning to a professional to secure a long-lasting solution instead of a temporary fix. Due to our decades of combined experience delivering repairs of all types in Regina and the surrounding areas, you can rest assured knowing a member of our team will provide a solution that restores your furnace, as well as puts a stop to problems that could arise in the future.

Some of the common furnace problems we repair include:

  • Furnace won’t power on
  • Furnace only runs for a short amount of time
  • Furnace is causing poor air quality
  • Furnace is too noisy and causing disruptions
  • Furnace continues to run and does not stop
  • Furnace has uneven air flow

Some of these problems may cause you and your family a minor inconvenience, while some can cause your family discomfort by quickly causing your home’s temperatures to plummet in the peak of winter. At the first sign of any furnace trouble, reach out to our team for a quick repair in Regina!

Should I Repair or Replace My Furnace?

Whether you should repair or replace your furnace depends on a number of factors:

  • Frequency of Repairs – If you find your furnace requiring more service than normal, especially in terms of repairs, it may be time to consider a replacement unit! If this is your first repair, you still have some time with this unit.
  • Age of Furnace – How old is your furnace? Whether you inherited it from the previous owner or you just had it installed, knowing the age of your furnace can help in your decision making process. If your furnace is younger than 15 years, a repair may be all it needs to be restored.
  • Cost of Replacement – The cost of replacement can be a huge factor when deciding to replace or repair. Most of the time, repairs are a fraction of the cost of having a new unit installed. Our free estimates are great at helping you weigh your options in term of cost!

Once we locate the cause of your furnace problems, we’ll be sure to lay out all of your possible solutions along with upfront and honest pricing. Whether you need your furnace’s blower motor, ignitor, gas valve, humidifier, pressure switch, or something else repaired or replacement, our team won’t rest until the job is done right. From dedication to our customers to our extensive menu of services, there’s no question why we’re chosen over Regina heating repair companies time and time again.

Searching for the best furnace repair in Regina? You’ve found it. Dial (306) 205-1817 to request your free estimate!

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