A sewer system backup can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. A leaking or otherwise improperly functioning sewer pipe can mean damage to your property and can bring about potential health hazards for your family. Luckily, Mr. Rooter is here to offer complete Regina sewer services to get your plumbing system and your life back on track.

Mr. Rooter is on-call 24/7 to handle your Regina sewer service needs. Our team of highly skilled plumbers can repair your sewer line efficiently and quickly to minimize any damage caused. We’ll work fast to diagnose the cause of your sewer problems, and recommend the repairs or maintenance techniques necessary to properly correct the issue.

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There are several causes of sewer system backups and damage; one of the most common causes is tree root intrusions. Even trees that are seemingly far away from your home can have far-reaching roots that slip into tiny separations, holes, or cracks in your sewer pipe. Once the root reaches water, it begins to grow rapidly, making any holes or cracks larger, and clogging your whole sewer system – which can lead to a burst pipe.

When Should You Call for Regina Sewer Service?

If you discover sewage backing up into your bathtub or toilet, have slow-running tub drains, or experience a gurgling toilet, you may require the help of Regina sewer service experts. Additionally, if you smell a strong sewer odor outside your home or near drains, you should seek help. Mr. Rooter offers a number of efficient sewer cleaning methods to solve your sewer drain problem or backup and prevent further problems in the future.

Depending on your unique situation, we may use one of the following methods of drain cleaning and repair:

  • Drain Cleaning: We’ll punch through tree root clogs to clear the line and get the drain functioning properly. Then, we will investigate the damage and recommend a repair solution
  • Hydrojetting: Mr. Rooter will use pressurized water jets to eliminate debris, tree roots, and grease buildup in your sewer line.
  • Pipe Lining: This permanent solution lines your entire sewer pipe with a “sleeve” to repair and seal it, fixing any leakage. This method eliminates the need to dig trenches or disturb your property.
  • Pipe Bursting: This is another permanent repair that uses hydraulics to break apart your old sewer line and install a new PVC pipe at the same time.
  • Maintenance: Mr. Rooter can offer ongoing drain cleaning and inspection services to avoid future blockages and damage.

If you are in need of Regina sewer services or believe you may be dealing with a sewer line backup, book an appointment with the plumbing professionals at Mr. Rooter today!

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