5 Signs You Need Water Line Repairs in Regina, SK

Leaky supply pipe in need of water line repair service.
There are two pipes in every Regina plumbing system that are more important than every other pipe and fixture: your main sewer line and your water line. Without those two essential plumbing lines, none of your other plumbing fixtures will work. That’s why water line repair service is so important.

Sewer lines are responsible for taking waste away. Water lines bring fresh, clean water in. Without a working supply, your plumbing — and your entire life — will come to a slow stop. Few people in Regina think about how much water they really use every day — until their supply is suddenly cut off. Just flushing your toilet can use as much as three gallons!

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Regina has a team of experienced plumbers that provide repair services for a wide variety of problems — including water line repairs and replacement. Our licensed plumbers are always available, but we can only help people in Regina if they know when to call us. Learning about all the signs you need repairs will help you get help when you need it.

1. Discoloration

The brownish discoloration is a common plumbing problem in Regina — especially in older homes. Traditional iron and steel pipes are susceptible to corrosion. As rust builds up inside them, it also enters the liquid that travels through them, resulting in brown-reddish discoloration.

Another potential cause of discoloration is undetected damage to underground pipes. Small holes and cracks are opportunities for soil, dirt, and other outdoor materials to enter the liquid inside, which often results in discoloration.

2. Low Water Pressure

Low pressure has many possible causes in Regina, but undetected leaks and damage are common culprits. You should investigate any sudden drops in pressure. It's possible the issue may be related to problems with the city sewer systems, so you should start by looking at Regina's municipal alerts. If you don't find information indicating a city issue, then your next best step is calling a local plumber — especially if your water has completely shut off.

3. Unusual Puddles

Damage to underground pipes often results in isolated flooding and puddles in areas above them. If that damage is sitting below your lawn or yard, you might see small patches of soggy grass. You should also look for any unusual and significant growth. If your entire lawn is lush, that's great! If that growth is restricted to small patches — and areas above a buried pipe — you may need an appointment for pipe repair service.

4. Unusually High Bills

High utility bills that can't be explained by a sudden interest in long showers or other instances of increased use are signs of undetected issues with your plumbing systems. Monthly bills that don't reflect your actual usage are often a sign of leaks in your main supply line.

Check your meter if you're suspicious of your monthly charges. Does it keep spinning constantly, even when nobody in your property is using anything? That's a sign of a leak. If you don't get water line repairs, the costs of that wasted water will just keep getting higher.

5. Foundation Cracks

In extreme cases, damage to hidden pipes results in a slab leak: a leak below your foundation slab. If the earth sitting under your slab shifts and weakens as a result of that leak, your entire home will shift. That shifting will create cracks that travel up walls and across ceilings from the weakened areas of your foundation.

What Should You Expect from Water Line Repairs in Regina, SK?

Hidden damage is one of the reasons many people call local plumbing companies in Regina. Most property owners in Regina dread hearing that they need repairs for their buried pipes because the cost of repairing ruined landscaping sometimes exceeds actual repair costs. We have a solution that saves people from costly repairs.

Our trenchless repair technology allows us to complete non-invasive water line repair and replacement services that provide amazing results while minimizing effects on other parts of your property. With techniques like pipe lining and pipe bursting, we can completely restore your flow without causing unnecessary stress — and unnecessary damage.

Those trenchless solutions are available for both water lines and underground sewer pipes. As your local expert plumbers, we pride ourselves on providing amazing, advanced solutions for whatever problems affect our friends and neighbors in Regina.

Do You Need Water Line Repairs in Regina, SK?

The team of skilled plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Regina can help! As your locally owned plumbing service provider, we proudly provide guaranteed, safe, worry-free service for all nearby communities — even surrounding areas like White City and Wauchope. Our 24/7 emergency service is always available!

If you need a convenient appointment or immediate assistance, call or request an appointment online. We're here to help with everything from water line repairs to routine drain cleaning.